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Top 10 Things That’ve Been Going on with Disney Networks in the Past 5 or 6 Years That Seem a bit Fishy

Entries about stuff left unresolved shall be saved for a list of their own.
One of these days it would be nice if all the fishiness from the past 5 or 6 years can be cleared up, problem is that those associated with Disney Networks never seem to respond to any messages sent out to them.
What's Being Talked about on this list are things that've been so not like Disney Networks in recent times.
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    1Live Action Shows Having a Crossover in Any Form for 4 Years in a Row
    The network even shot down crossover ideas that cast members of shows had hopes of.
    And it was nice of the crossovers in the 2000s to reveal Hannah Montana fans from other shows.
    It was a nice opportunity to have revealed that Emma Ross is an Austin Moon fan in the crossover from 2012.
    We never did get to see if there's any Liv Rooney fans from other shows, nor did we get to see if there's any Bizaardvark fans from other shows. There couldn't even be a point of KC having a mission at the location of another Disney Channel show.
    I understand that not every show has to crossover, but over the years there've been HUGE Missed Opportunities.
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  • 2I Didn’t Do It and Best Friends Whenever Having Only 2 Seasons
    Those shows didn't even have anything done to make up for not having a 3rd season.
    Having only 2 seasons resulted in the finales not being made in a way to accompany such.
    To think that live action DC Shows that aren't spinoffs having only 1 or 2 seasons would be a thing of the past.
  • 3Seasons of Shows Being Over and Done With
    This can be especially fishy when a season has like only 12 or 13 or even 15 episodes, so not like Disney Channel with live action shows. Same said when each episode of a season premieres all it's episodes a week a part from each other.
    All seasons GLC, SIU, ANT Farm, Jessie, AandA and DWAB had nearly a year's worth of new episodes.
  • 4Many Months Waiting for the Next Season of a Show after Season Finale
    We did not have much a wait between each season of GLC, SIU, ANT Farm, Jessie, AandA and DWAB.
  • 5Not Being Told of When New Episodes Will Continue Once a Show Takes Time off from Airing New Episodes
    This has happened a lot in recent times to the point where even the show creators don't know when new episodes will continue.
  • 6Years Where a Lineup of Christmas and Halloween Episodes is Minute
    On the bright side, all live action DC shows are expected to have atleast one Halloween and Christmas so at some point in their runtime, unless it's a show of a certain theme.
  • 7No Show that Premiered Between Liv and Maddie and Raven's Home Having a 4th Season
    Fortunately enough shows that have 3 seasons still can end things in the way you'd expect by being made in a way to accompany such.
    To think that shows with a good amount of popularity would be guaranteed to have such. One of these days it would be nice to learn what the requirements are for live action DC Shows to get given a 4th season, and as to how shows like Andi Mack didn't meet the requirements.
  • 8Whenever the Airings of New Episodes are More then Once a Week
    Of which can relate to seasons of a show having a runtime that can lead it to being over snd done with.
  • 9A Number of Things about Bunk'd Season 3
    We never even found out why the Ross Kids started attending Camp Kikiwaka following the events of Jessie to start with. Better yet the events of Jessie never had been mentioned at any point in Bunk'd.
    Premiering over a whole year after season 2 ended, the intro being shortened to the point of main cast member names not accompanying their characters, not giving an explanation as to what happened to the absent characters.
  • 10Season 2 Episodes of Bizaardvark Filmed after Jake Paul's Departure Airing Out of Order
    Only once was Dirk mentioned in season 3, why he left Vuuugle though never was revealed.
    It was announced that season 2 had 5 episodes left to film after Jake Paul left the cast, though that didn't stop him from being in the intro until the end of season 2. Basically the season 2 episodes aired out of order.
  • 11After Stoney Westmoreland Left the Cast of Andi Mack, Disney Made Things Look Like he was Never Part of the Show by not Having any Episodes his Character had Been Part of on Disney
    Except for the Bizaardvark episode that had a guest appearance by his brother Logan Paul that is.
    Stuff with Disney Channel Alumni that went you know what like Miley Cyrus are still watchable no problem, as are the Bizaardvark episodes from when Jake Paul was a main cast member.
    Just because something happens to an actor doesn't mean anything they've been a part of over the years shouldn't be watchable, even if that said actor lost his/her mind.
    The plus symbol wouldn't show with the streaming service that I'm referring to.
  • 12The Lack of Themed Weekends in Recent Years
    By themed weekends, I'm referring to the times Disney Channel had Whodunnit Weekend, Freaky Freakend, Flash Forward Weekend, What the What Weekend, and Out of This World Weekend.
  • 13Whenever a Season has Fewer Episodes that we were Told it Would Have
  • 14How Credits Have Been with Recent Disney Channel Original Movies
    As for how credits do turn out in the recent DCOMs, they've been really short to the point where a song that may play is cut short, and possible teasers to sequels are now before rather then after the credits start.
    They haven't been showing credits that recap events of the movie lately, same said for ones that show blooper reels and show stuff that takes place after the film's final scene.
  • 15Same Number of Disney Channel Original Movies for a Set Amount of Years
    Whilst there is no set goal with how many DCOMs that there are to be per year, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020 all had the same number of such, being 2.
  • 16Leaving the Fate of Coop and Cami Ask the World Unknown after More then a Year after Season 2 Ended in August 2020
    Now the same thing happened with Just Roll With It and Bunk'd 2.0.
    Even to this day, the fate of Coop and Cami Ask the World is unknown, but the fact that cast members from it are still partaking in DC Events is a sign.
    Season 2 premiered in October 2019, but surprisingly enough none of the episodes were Halloween themed.
    Of course there's no such thing as a live action DC Show to not air it's final episode before being confirmed as such, nor is there such thing as a live action DC show to be completely without a Halloween or Christmas themed episode.
  • 17Despite Miniseries Only Being Destined to Have 1 Season, They Can Tease Another That May Never Come to Be
    Secrets of Sulphur Springs is confirmed to have a 2nd season, even though Fast Layne did not.
  • 18Only 4 Episodes of KC Undercover Season 3 Weren't Multi-Parted
    Basically season 3 was the season filmed at the same time Zendaya started bringing her career to a theatrical level, all to the point where she'd stop partaking in Disney Channel Events.
    All of which premiered in January 2018.
  • 19Things with the Australian Disney Channel on it's Last Year Before Closing Down
    It happened at the same time Disney XD programming merged due to the sister network ceasing to exist in Australia.
    During that time the network lost having commercial breaks, synopsises we're talking about the series whole rather then the episode's plot, and the network's annual movie night disappeared completely.
  • 20There Being Nearly 4 Years in a Row of Shows Without Intros with Clips from Episodes
    Intros that show clips from episodes even get to be different in each season.
    Not that I'm against any of the opposite sort of intros, but nearly 4 years in a row without an intro like that?

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