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Top 10 South Park Canadian Characters

"Sit & watch with fellow GEHS, FWEINDS, & BUDDAYS! Welcome to, and today, we'll be counting down OUR picks for the Top 10 Canadian Characters in South Park. For THIS video, we will be looking at which Canadians from the hit cartoon series makes our heads flop in laughter. For more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to
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    1Ike Broflovski
    He's Canadian and an adopted member of Kyle Broflovski's family. Ike also happens to be brave, adventurous, and ADORABLE! It couldn't be South Park without the cutest character in the series.

  • 2Phillip
    Like his partner in crime, Terrance, Phillip is a flatulent "formerly" young man who farts with glee. He also happens to have a knack for Shakespear.

  • 3Terrance
    The first of the duo, Terrance is a fart-happy entertainer who had relations with MANY women while being father to just as many. Makes you wonder how these stories will affect his AND Phillip's marraige life with the Queef Sisters...

  • 4Scott the Dick
    Scott is indeed a Dick. He's annoyed, offended, and easily riled by Terrance & Phillip, whom he constantly damns while "wishing cancer" upon them. Recently, his status was upgraded to "Giant Dick" after stepping in Radiation.

  • 5Ugly Bob
    To us, he looks like any other Canadian, but from a Canadian's point of view, he's got a face not even a mother would love! Ugly Bob is constantly mocked by Terrance & Phillip while others shriek in agony at the sight, even Celine Dion commented her disdain of him.

  • 6Canadian President/Donald Trump
    The parody of our current meme-icon. The Canadian President is an obnoxious and spoiled former ruler of Canada, whose presidential role AND Trump's was predicted and described perfectly by Charlotte's father. Luckily, the Canadian President's tyranny was halted by Mr. Garrison, who would ironically become the Trump of the South Park universe.

  • 7Stephen Abootman
    Stephen Abootman was the head of the World Canadian Bureau (WGA), and will be damned before he lets us forget. His quest to have Canadians respected more involved pleading for "Mo Monay", Death Threats, and the entire Canadian community going on strike. It's clear he has no idea what he's doing, so clear that the end result was his own people sendi

  • 8Prince & Princess of Canada
    There is no love between these two. Probable the last time they were close together, he took an arm and-...anyway, the Princess is a kind-hearted soul worth Ike's heroic rescue while the Prince is a scheming and murderous maniac.

  • 9Charlotte
    It was temporary, but Charlotte's presence in South Park was more than welcome, especially for Butters, who she began dating. It was until Garrison ran for president where she and Butters broke up, and on a video chat to. We can still remember Charlotte's father's story of the elections, i guess we SHOULD'VE paid attention, huh?

  • 10Kathrine and Katie Queef
    These two sisters ushered in the funny-bone in all women, and threatened the males TO said bone. But when Terrance and Phillip tried to assassinate them, they are shocked to find out the sisters are die-hard fans of their work! This spark of realization brought the 4 together, and the Queef Sisters earned Terrance & Phillip's hearts under wedding b

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