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Top 10 New Characters that should be in G.I. Joe 3 installment to portray them or who should portray as

Who would you like see in G.I. Joe 3? And who do you think should portray Joes and Cobras?
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    1Shipwreck - Who could play him with a parrot as better?

  • 2Cross Country - Who should play him?

  • 3Serpenter - Who should play a cobra la villain?

  • 4Sgt. Slaughter - Who could play him as better?

  • 5Dusty - As this character should be perfectly fits to be played by Hayden Christensen
    At least, Star Wars & Jumper Co star Hayden Christensen should be Dusty as a perfect role to play. Dusty is an desert trooper of G.I. Joe members. We Wanted To See How Dusty could be understanding the deserts and start in a battle with the Joes to defeat Cobra members. Hayden Christensen would be perfect role to play Dusty.

  • 6Mutt and Junkyard - Could Luke Evans play this character with a K 9 dog as a good fit?

  • 7Wild Weasel - Should Lee Pace be a Cobra villain as this character?

  • 8Ace - Who do you guys think should play this character as good?

  • 9Tomax and Xamot - Who should be the twins of Cobra?

  • 10Blowtorch - Thinking about Sebastian Stan should portray him as great or another character

  • 11Beach Head - Tobey Maguire might be this mask character.

  • 12Major Bludd - Who should play a villain?
    I was thinking about an actor Jason Isaacs from Black Hawk Down and Harry Potter Franchise should be a great choice to play Major Bludd to be a charge of Cobra.

  • 13Airtight - Which male actor do you want to play this character?

  • 14Flash - Could Jared Leto play this character?

  • 15Mainframe - Which actor should be this character?

  • 16Zarana - Which actress should play her?

  • 17Torch - Who could be better as this villain?

  • 18Airborne

  • 19Bazooka - Who?

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