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Top 10 Mini-Series

Only one season. No anthology shows. Just one limited one of episodes.
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    1Band of Brothers
    It's a very good series from HBO, has memorable characters (which is based on a true story), and it has a great story to it.
    YES. THIS.

  • 2Sherlock suggested bykyle_hodge
    Not a mini series
    No, it is not a mini series
    I'm not sure half of the people making these suggestions know what a mini-series is.
    miniseries don't go beyond one season
    + 8 comment(s)

  • 3The Pacific suggested bybonoo94

  • 4Roots
    Great Series.

  • 5Fargo suggested byTrevor Altier
    No cable LOL Netflix and HULU. Besides it should be stated so by year.
    I'll take it you haven't watched much TV the last 6 months
    Movie not a series

  • 6Lonesome Dove suggested byTheSuperHunterrr

  • 7John Adams

  • 8The Decalogue

  • 9Berlin Alexanderplatz
    Berlin Alexanderplatz and The Decalogue need to be on this list

  • 10Pride and Prejudice
    Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.

  • 11I, Claudius
    Superb performances from all the cast.
    Ummm... move this to the top. Thanks.

  • 12From the Earth to the Moon

  • 13Angels in America

  • 14The Kingdom

  • 15IT suggested byEmma Martin

  • 16Tin Man suggested byNom de Plume
    A twist on Wizard of Oz. It was an amazing mini series

  • 17V suggested byBennieG1986
    The original series not the remake
    This was a very rare case of good sci-fi on network television. That didn't happen often back then.

  • 18Generation Kill suggested byWillyBrandt
    An amazing miniseries that portrays the morally ambiguous side of war. Plus it's funny to boot, and it's easy to get attached to the characters!

  • 19American Horror Story suggested bypedrodaguerra
    Yep and Freak Show starts soon for the 4th Season.
    Ok so are we to take this as a WHOLE for a mini or season as an arc?
    at the emmy's it's put down as a mini series so when they call out the names of the mini series american horror story is called out sorry
    Not a mini series
    + 4 comment(s)

  • 20Hatfields & Mccoys suggested byGhostman1234
    Its not a movie, its a mini-series
    This is a movie

  • 21Afro Samurai
    Great style and a pleasure to watch

  • 22The Bible suggested byAwesome One

  • 23Alice suggested byNom de Plume
    It was a good one.
    Not La Reine one the one in 2009 in SyFy
    Is this the series based off Patrick Sencal's "La Reine rouge"? Though, it is a mini series, I guess it's more of a web-series.
    Alice in Wonderland Redone. It was an odd twist on the classic tale but extremely well done.

  • 24The 10th Kingdom suggested byCourtney Page
    Very entertaining spin on classic fairy tales. also, WOLF!

  • 25Spartacus suggested byArthur Russell

  • 26Luther suggested byChelz04
    Did really nobody see Luther, man you mist somthing great.

  • 27The Pillars of Earth suggested byIsaac Vargas
    good series, but fell depressingly short of the book

  • 28Bonnie and Clyde suggested byJordan Collins

  • 29Vikings suggested by07arussell

  • 30Into the West suggested bysebastian577

  • 31birds of prey suggested by

  • 32True Detective suggested bywolterad
    Not a mini-series, they're making season 2 right now.

  • 33House of Saddam suggested bysebastian577

  • 34Dune suggested byPete McCartney
    It was an excellent version of an excellent book (the first one in the series).

  • 35Stephen King's Rose Red suggested bykavanagh08

  • 36the stand suggested byJake Roth

  • 37America the story of us suggested byJordan Collins

  • 38The hatfield and mccoys suggested byJordan Collins

  • 39The men who built America suggested byJordan Collins

  • 40Shogun (1980) suggested byMonsieur GD

  • 41stephen kings it suggested bychristian cardoza

  • 42The Corner suggested bylcm21

  • 43In The Flesh suggested byTHeImpostor7
    Its not a miniseries though, its an on-going series
    this series is a masterpiece. srsly, give it a try

  • 44Behind The Canndelabra suggested byLeah Adoni
    This is a movie

  • 45Lost Room suggested byMitko Mitev

  • 46Jekyll suggested byCRAZYross13

  • 47Death Note suggested byJakken_Dean

  • 48Shaka Zulu suggested byumidontno040394

  • 49Holocaust suggested byDVD123

  • 50Battlestar Galactica (2003) suggested byEvan Wigham

  • 51Unsere Mtter, Unsere Vter suggested byMariska Verwiel

  • 52The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1981) suggested bynutso42

  • 53Children Of Dune suggested byBjorn Mantis Pederson

  • 54Political Animals suggested byFallenInsaniity

  • 55Hitler: The Rise of Evil suggested byAbdulrhman Bin Ahmed

  • 56Titanic suggested byAbdulrhman Bin Ahmed
    The ITV One?

  • 57Mildred Pierce (2011 version) suggested byLouise Hjulmann Andersen

  • 58House of Cards (UK Version) suggested byNapier93

  • 59Salem's Lot suggested byjwiking62

  • 60Marvel's The Black Panther suggested byDenzel Bridges

  • 61Neverland suggested byGaryCliff

  • 62MErlin suggested byKimberly Elle

  • 6324 Live Another Day suggested byMariogamefreak1
    They probably wil make a few more seasons
    Pride and Prejudice (A&E)

  • 64The Winds of War suggested byLeo Logan

  • 65War and Remembrance suggested byLeo Logan

  • 66Teme suggested byJuan Pedro

  • 67The White Queens suggested byJuan Pedro

  • 68Dancing on the Edge suggested byJuan Pedro

  • 69Creature suggested byBennieG1986

  • 70Fresno ( 1986 ) suggested byyoss

  • 71Taken suggested byDanny Watts

  • 72black miror suggested bytamargozlan

  • 73RWBY suggested byAndhika Putra
    Don't get me wrong I love RWBY (as well as Red vs. Blue), but is it really a mini series. It is an internet series. Not sure if it is really a mini series though

  • 74Birdsong suggested byCRAZYross13

  • 75The Take (2009) suggested byRudolf Sikorsky

  • 76Fallen suggested byelenishere

  • 77Halo Forward Unto Dawn suggested byDaniel Ackerman

  • 78Titanic: Blood and Steel suggested byAndré Zammit

  • 79Treasure Island suggested byAndré Zammit

  • 80Moby Dick suggested byAndré Zammit

  • 81Pan-Am suggested byAndré Zammit

  • 82Crisis - NBC suggested byNom de Plume

  • 83The Kennedys suggested byDVD123

  • 84Mildred Pierce suggested byDVD123

  • 85Pride and Prejudice (A&E) suggested byKrausecv

  • 86Fall of Eagles suggested byGlasgow99

  • 87Jesus of Nazareth (1977) suggested byDavid Pousak

  • 88Wild Palms suggested byWalmartSinner

  • 89star wars clone wars suggested byMicah Pheonix

  • 90Pokemon Origins suggested byKarma

  • 91Flash Forward suggested bytsavi1804

  • 92The Top of the Lake suggested bytsavi1804

  • 93Stephen King films suggested byScottie Corley

  • 94Utopia suggested byJuan Meño Romero González

  • 95The Thorn Birds suggested byKristin Finley

  • 96Conspiracy 365 suggested byWarrior09

  • 97The Wrong Mans suggested byWarrior09

  • 98Mr & Mrs Murder suggested byWarrior09

  • 99The Fixer suggested byWarrior09

  • 100Top of the Lake suggested bytsavi1804

  • 101An Idiot Abroad. suggested bywagsamoht98

  • 102The Newsroom suggested byWarrior09

  • 103The Slap suggested byWarrior09

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