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Top 10 Gravity Falls Mysteries

I think it is best to wait until the end of this season for this video...
This list has Spoilers, folks.
anything already solved up to the current time is out
Only Mysteries which are unsolved so far
"What will happens next" doesn't count
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    1What is Bill Cipher up to?
    Solved. Out
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  • 2How do all the monsters come to Gravity Falls
  • 3The circle in the very short scene at the end of the opening
    Solved. Out.
    The Bill Cipher Wheel
  • 4Where Does The Portal Lead To? suggested byHascerflef
  • 5Will Dipper And Mabel End Up Like Stanley and Stanford? suggested byHascerflef
    should change it to the future of dipper and mabel
    No. They won't
  • 6Is Robbie a zombie? suggested byWilliam Leão
    Yeah. Out
    No disproved
  • 7The exact meaning of the tapestry in the Northwest Mansion at the end of the episode "Northwest Mansion Noir"
    Solved. Out.
  • 8The relationship between Time Baby and Bill Cipher
    Solved. Out.
  • 9Bill Ciphers appearence on some places like the $-12 bill
  • 10How did the Author get the knowledge about Bill Cipher?
    Solved, so out.
  • 11What happend that Stan's Twin Brother got lost in the other dimension?
    Okay, that's no solved, so out.
  • 12The article "Stan Pines Dead"
    Yeah, that's out, too.
    SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He faked a car accident, to kill off his real name.
  • 13Bill Cipher's Weakness suggested byHascerflef
    Solved. Out.
  • 14What do all the characters mean when they say "The Appacolypse is Coming" ? suggested bySlushy523
  • 15How does the Author nows so much about Gravity Falls?
    Yeah. Out.
    Knowledge given to him after bing tricked by Bill Cipher
  • 16"Buy gold" suggested byWilliam Leão
    Good question. Why would are people told to buy gold for the apocalypse? Does gold mean anything for Weirdmaggeddon?
  • 17What is Dipper's real name? suggested byyettobebroken
  • 18What has Stanford Pines been up to for thirty years inside the portal? suggested byAli Gracida
  • 19Is Wendy on Bill Cypher's wheel? suggested bythat.person
    Yes. Solved. Out.
  • 20Did the UFO create of attract the gravity falls monsters suggested byandrewlittin@gmail.c
  • 21How are other people not seeing the creatures? suggested byBraydonTheGreat
    So out
    Thats because of the Society of the Blind Eye.They are erazing their memories.
  • 22What kind of enemies had Stanford Pines made? suggested byAli Gracida
  • 23is bill the last of his kind suggested byBatMan2
    Where do you have this sh*t from?
    No his dimension is decaying and the only way to save it is to merge it with ours
  • 24What's with different characters having different numbers of fingers? suggested bySamantha Savage
  • 25What is the source of magic in gravity falls? suggested byDBear26
  • 26Where Does Robbie get the mind control CD to make Wendy love him? suggested bySamantha Savage
  • 27What Is Bill suggested byRachel Mockett
    A powerful interdimensional Demon. Solved. Out.
  • 28who is the author PSHYCHE i know the author is Stanford suggested byIbrahima Bah
    "who is the author PSHYCHE" what does that supposed to mean?
  • 29Stan's secret room (Season 1) suggested bySpotlessmind
    Solved. Out
  • 30Did the UFO cause the magic in Gravity Falls? suggested bySamantha Savage
  • 31Why is everyone scared of Bear-O? suggested byDaniel Attrell
  • 32Is the shapeshifter in "Into the Bunker" an alien? suggested bySamantha Savage
  • 33What is the guy who only shows one side of his body? (Dipper's guide to the unexplained) suggested bySamantha Savage
  • 34What does the Bill Cipher Wheel mean? suggested byRicardo Reyes
  • 35Blendin's Cameo in the Season 1 finale suggested byturtlelovernick@gmai

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