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Top 10 Cartoon Worlds We Would Love To Live In

50 1
Suggested by WHoopes311

Anything Disney

32 7
Nicholas Toyas
Nicholas Toyas 2 years ago Report
I would like to live in The Owl House to train to become a witch by learning all different kinds of magic and hang out with Eda and her pailsman Owlbert, Lilith, Hooty, King, Edric, Emira, Willow and her pailsman Clover, Gus and his pailsman, Amity and her pailsman Ghost and Luz in The Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm!
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Top 10 Cartoon Worlds We Would Love To Live In

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Henry Patterson
Suggested by Henry Patterson

Avatar: the Last Airbender universe

25 5
Manu K 5 years ago Report
Hell yeah a world divided in Nations according to elements.
0 0
Suggested by zendaddy621

New New York - Futurama

25 8
Suggested by Stacy Picard Mcdowell

Equestria - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

31 15
Stacy Picard Mcdowell 5 years ago Report
This place is probably the best cartoon world you would ever want to live in, it has great friendly people, or in this case, creatures, like ponies, zebras, dragons, hippogriffs, and a draconequus who is also the god of Chaos, you honestly would rather live here than a the Land of Ooo.
8 0
Suggested by RazorRex

Bikini Bottom - Spongebob Squarepants

25 9
WHoopes311 5 years ago Report
What if we were fish in it? Or get a dome that is a breathing apparatus for us like Sandy does?
1 0
Suggested by WHoopes311


26 11
Alex Fever
Alex Fever 5 years ago Report
That would be awesome!
1 0
Suggested by WHoopes311

Hillwood City - Hey Arnold!

21 9
Suggested by WHoopes311

Pokemon World

24 13
jhwoe6 5 years ago Report
that anime not cartoon
1 0
Suggested by Gsmcgeath

Beach City- Steven Universe

19 8
Suggested by JamesLabraFox

Bedrock - The Flintstones

15 7

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