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Top 10 Cartoon Characters people used to hate but now Like

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    1Aquaman-Super Friends, changed thanks to Justice League & Batman The Brave and the Bold

  • 2Daphne-Scooby Doo Franchise

  • 3Spyke-X-Men: Evolution
    was changed from an underdeveloped Totally Radical Token Black Guy with powers that were unintentionally similar to an existing X-Man to a maturing badass hero for the downtrodden Morlocks with cartilage armor and the ability to light his spikes on fire.

  • 4Owen-Total Drama

  • 5Ahsoka Tano-Star Wars The Clone Wars

  • 6Tom 4-Toonami

  • 7White Tiger-Ultimate Spider Man
    White Tiger, big time. Most fans saw her as the most obnoxious character after Nova for most of the show, but-Kraven the Hunter-gives her a very large Character Development, revealing her origin, and shows her actually expressing affection for Peter.

  • 8Gwen Tennyson-Ben 10
    Gwen in the original series was hated by some due to being somehow better than Ben at everything he can do in spite of Ben's experience, and her bickering with him getting grating.

  • 9Meg Griffin-Family Guy

  • 10Asami Sato-The Legend Of Korra
    However, as the incredibly socially awkward Mako started to be more dismissive of her along with her father being an Equalist and tried to kill her, she became one of the more beloved characters.
    while others resent that she gets almost no character development or plot relevance compared to Mako and Bolin and is made redundant by Varrick (possibly because Word of God stated she was not originally meant to last past Book 1) and that as a result her role basically amounts to that of a Satellite Love Interest.
    Back in season 1, people hated her because of shipping issues and the initial thought she'd be evil.
    Who hated her?

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