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Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes

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    1Once more with feeling suggested byIlana Corey
    A character study in the form of a musical episode, this episode features memorable songs, great choreography, surprising singing voices, and above all, a great load of character developments and reveals
    The 'Musical Episode' is now a staple of TV shows, but no one has been able to even come close to OMWF in terms of pageantry and brilliance. The reason for a musical episode is grounded in the show's mythology and it fit perfectly in a series that was already so good with breaking and mixing genres. All original songs, all pertaining to the charact
    The time taken to write this episode, learn the songs and dances, as well as film it took only two weeks and, yet, it has shown itself to be the most brilliant musical episode that has ever hit the screen. Just pure perfection.
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  • 2Hush
    Brilliant episode which shows that Joss Whedon is able to put an episode together perfectly without the need of dialogue. With addition to this, this episode alone was nominated for an emmy.
    An inventive episode due to 27 minutes of the episode being absent of dialogue, yet the main cast manage to be funny and dramatic at the same time. Plus Tara's first appearance.
  • 3The body suggested byIlana Corey
    Featuring one of the most unsettling yet realistic depictions of death and grieving on American television, "The Body" doesn't have a message about the afterlife or anything cliched like that. However, the episode signifies the force maturing of lead character Buffy, her sister, and their friends. Despite never winning any major awards, this episod
    very sad episode
  • 4The Gift suggested byShinitenshi
  • 5Tabula Rasa suggested byCCCP-Fish
    i knew there was a reason i hated you!
    Oh God, I'm English
    The Scoobies screaming
    randy giles!
  • 6The Wish suggested byfudgecrackers
  • 7Doppelgangland suggested bylukemoviefan
  • 8Chosen
    An epic way to end the series, but oh how we wish it never did
  • 9Seeing Red suggested byShinitenshi
    This episode got very dark very fast.
  • 10Passion suggested byefraglorificus
    Giles finding Jenny's body is one of the most heartbreaking and hauntingly beautiful moments of TV history.
    Buffy realizing that Angel was gone and never coming back
  • 11becoming part 2 suggested byMatt Paxman
    Buffy had to kill the person she loved most of all, the worst part is that he got his soul back at the last minute
  • 12Restless suggested byBraydenmaine
    The Cheese Man! all the foreshadowing!
  • 13Normal Again suggested byAnonymous
    We get to see a more raw side of Buffy, we get to see a part of her past that nobody should have to go through
  • 14Fool for Love suggested bylukemoviefan
  • 15Innocence suggested byfreefaller003
    Angel got turned back into Angelus.
  • 16Conversations with dead people suggested byIlana Corey
  • 17Earshot suggested byIlana Corey
  • 18Graduation pts 1 suggested byIlana Corey
  • 19Something Blue suggested byEvan Brucia
    How? What? How? Three excellent questions
  • 20Lovers Walk suggested byEmmaRaber
  • 21The Prom suggested byLeviticus311
  • 22School Hard suggested byHazard487
    Brilliant episode featuring the introduction of, quite possibly the best vampire that has ever hit the screen, Spike.
  • 23Band Candy suggested byMelody Clark
    So funny!
  • 24The Zeppo suggested byfudgecrackers
  • 25The Body
  • 26Halloween suggested byangelillohsm
  • 27Lie to Me suggested byLeviticus311
  • 28Who Are You suggested byfreefaller003
  • 29Prophecy Girl suggested byfreefaller003
  • 30Becoming suggested bygreyjoy
  • 31grave suggested byangelillohsm
  • 32Dead Things suggested byMelody Clark
  • 33Welcome to the Hellmouth suggested byPaul Robinson
  • 34Angel suggested byMelody Clark
  • 35Pangs suggested byCCCP-Fish
  • 36Bad Girls suggested bySuperAir88
  • 37The Pack suggested byMelody Clark
    Favourite and most memorable episode of season 1 has to be "The Pack".
  • 38Beer, Bad suggested byKaren Fahel
  • 39Killed by Death suggested bySuperAir88
    Der Kindestod
  • 40Bargaining suggested byHinnah
    This brilliantly put together episode shows the resurrection of Buffy 157 days post-death. The magic to bring her back alone was the most trialling thing Willow had to do in her life time, which completely drains her. After resurrection, Buffy experiences complete disorientation and alienation as she comes to term of where she is and we see her fal
  • 41Lies my parents Told me suggested byTqueen21
  • 42Selfless suggested bySt86ey
    Anyas backstory of how she became a vengeance demon. Season 7 Episode 5
  • 43Intervention suggested byMelody Clark
  • 44When she was bad suggested byMatt French
  • 45Primeval suggested byMelody Clark
  • 46Superstar
  • 47Fear, Itself suggested byMutant Enemy
  • 48Faith kills the deputy mayor Balthazar is so funny and memorable suggested bySuperAir88
  • 49Hell's Bells suggested byeternalypissed
  • 50Beneath You suggested bysen_treehugger

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