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Top 10 Actors Who Played Multiple Characters In the Same Show

Excluding voice actors from animated TV shows.
sketch comedy shows dont count
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    1Lisa Kudrow, Friends (Phoebe Buffay, Ursula Buffay)
  • 2Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black (Sarah Manning, Cosima, Alison, etc)
  • 3Sherman Hemsley - Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Judge Carl Robertson and George Jefferson) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 4David Schwimmer - Friends (Ross Geller and Russ) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 5Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries (Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, Tatia, Amara)
  • 6Patton Oswalt, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Billy, Eric, Sam Koenig)
  • 7Neil Patrick Harris - HIMYM (Barney Stinson and Dr. John Stangel) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 8Jeffrey Tambor, Arrested Development (George Bluth Sr., Oscar Bluth)
  • 9Hugh Laurie - Blackadder II (Simon 'Farters' Partridge and Mad Prince Ludwig) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 10Brent Spiner - Star Trek: The Next Generation (Data, Lore, Dr. Noonien Soong) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 11Ali Larter, Heroes (Niki Sanders, Jessica Sanders, Tracy Strauss)
  • 12Bea Arthur - Golden Girls (Dorothy Zbornak and Dorothy's Grandmother Eleanor Grisanti) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 13Jessica Lange - American Horror Story (Constance Langdon, Sister Jude Martin, Fiona Goode, and Elsa Mars suggested bydrewbrown
  • 14Robin Williams - Mork & Mindy (Mork and himself) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 15William Shatner - Star Trek (Captain Kirk, evil duplicate Kirk, Mirror Universe Kirk, Garth of Izar, android duplicate Kirk) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 16Melissa Joan Hart - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina Spellman, Katrina, Cyrano Sabrina) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 17Jerry Orbach - Law & Order (Lennie Briscoe, DA Frank Lehrman) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 18Jeffery Tambor - Three's Company (rich man, crazy dentist, psychiatrist, lead character in spin-off, The Ropers) suggested bydrewbrown
    I'm sorry that last comment was a mistake.
    Raven Symone - That's So Raven (Raven Baxter, Auntie Faye, Cousin Delroy, and Baby G)
    He also played a psychiatrist mistaken for a mental patient on that show...
  • 19Kevin James - Everybody Loves Raymond (Kevin Daniels, Doug Heffernan) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 20Black Adder, always a different family member (Rowan Atkinson) suggested byMikeyP
  • 21Raven-Symone - That's So Raven (Raven Baxter/ Baby G/Delroy/ Auntie Faye) suggested bymac121mr0
  • 22Josh Radnor - HIMYM (Ted Mosby and The Calligrapher) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 23Sarah Paulson - American Horror Story (Lana Winters, Cordelia Foxx, conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler, Sally McKenna, Billie Dean Howard) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 24Alyson Hannigan - How I Met Your Mother (Lily Aldrin, Stripper Lily/Jasmine, White Flower) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 25Fran Drescher - The Nanny (Fran Fine, Bobbi Fleckman, Fran Drescher) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 26Mark Lenard - Star Trek (Romulan Commander, Spock's Vulcan father Sarek, Klingon Captain) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 27Paul Wesley - The Vampire Diaries (Stefan, Silas, Tom) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 28Garret Dillahunt, Deadwood (Jack McCall, Francis Wolcott)
  • 29Martin Lawrence- Martin (Sheneneh Jenkins, Edna "Mama" Payne, Ol' Otis, etc.) suggested byRaymond Leduc
  • 30Dove Cameron - Liv and Maddie (Liv and Maddie Rooney) suggested byJenna Rizzo
  • 31Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap (Sam Beckett and John Beckett) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 32Jessica Alba - Dark Angel (Max & Alexandra) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 33Frances Conroy - American Horror Story (Moira O'Hara, Myrtle Snow, Gloria Mott) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 34Taissa Farmiga - American Horror Story (Violet Harmon, Zoe Benson) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 35Alison Sweeney - Days of our Lives (Samantha Brady, Colleen Brady, and Adrienne Johnson) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 36Larry Storch - F Troop (Cpl. Randolph Agarn, Pancho Agarnado, Granny Agarn, Gaylord Agarn, Carmen Agarnado, Lucky Pierre Agarniere, Dimitri Agarnoff) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 37Dean Stockwell - Quantum Leap (Al Calavicci, The Devil) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 38Patton Oswalt - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Billy, Eric, and Sam Koenig) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 39Ted McGinley - Married...With Children (Jefferson D'Arcy, Norman Jablonsky) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 40Finola Hughes - All My Children AND General Hosptial (Anna Devane, Alex Devane Marick, Dr. Liesel Obrecht) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 41Patty Duke - The Patty Duke Show (Cathy and Patty Lane) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 42Nina Dobrev - The Vampire Diaries (Katherine Pierce, Elena Gilbert, Tatia, Amara, Silas) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 43Dennis Franz - Hill Street Blues (Sal Benedetto, Norman Buntz) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 44Michael O'Keefe - Law & Order (six different guest roles). suggested bydrewbrown
  • 45Tatiana Maslany - Orphan Black (Sarah Manning, Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, and other clone "sisters") suggested bydrewbrown
  • 46Harry Morgan - M*A*S*H* (Cl. Potter, Bartford Steele) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 47Justin Theroux - Sex and the City (Vaughn, Jared) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 48Tom Welling - Smallville (Clark Kent and Bizarro) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 49Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana suggested bydrewbrown
    that the same person
  • 50Yael Grobglas, Jane the Virgin (Petra Solano, Anezka)
  • 51Freema Agyeman - Doctor Who (Adeola Oshodi and Martha Jones) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 52Peter Capaldi - Doctor Who (Twelfth Doctor and Lucius Caecilius Iucus) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 53Anna Torv - Fringe (Olivia Dunham, Alternate Olivia Dunham, and William Bell) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 54John Finnegan - Columbo (eight different characters) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 55Jack Garner - The Rockford Files (brother of the star played 20 bit parts until playing the recurring Captain Monroe) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 56Terry O'Quinn - The X Files (Lt. Tillman, Shadow Man) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 57All The Simpsons cast suggested byGodslayer79
    "Excluding voice actors from animated TV shows."
  • 58Arthur Lowe - Dad's Army (Capt. George Mainwaring / Barry Mainwaring) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 59Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy and the First suggested byniccox11
  • 60Everyone - The Flash suggested bylortrotk
  • 61Tobias Menzies, Outlander (Frank Randall, Captain Jack Randall)
  • 62Jensen Ackles, Dark Angel (Ben, Alec)
  • 63Wayne Alexander, Babylon 5 (Lorien, Drakh, Drazi)
  • 64harry morgan(gen.steele col.potter) suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
  • 65sorrell booke dukes of Hazzard (j.d. hogg abraham lincoln hogg suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
  • 66Kelson Henderson, Power Rangers (Boom, Phineas, Norg, Mig, Flit, and a few minor roles) suggested byDaveVsTheWorld
  • 67Peter Serafinowicz (various characters on his own show) suggested byPePsIadZ
  • 68Michael O'Keefe - Law & Order (six different guest roles) suggested bydrewbrown
  • 69Chris Lilley (Phil Olivetti, Ja'mie King, Rick Wong, the Sims brothers, Pat Mullins, etc.) suggested byEmmanuel Dunk

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