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Top 5 Seven Deadly Sins Fights

They’re Sinfully Good

This modern shounen fantasy-fest has managed to earn itself quite the following thanks to its lighthearted approach to the genre, along with a multitude of ridiculously awesome battles. In terms of scale, scope and spectacle, they don’t get better than this!

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#5: King vs. Helbram

The one that brought the out a whole heap of emotion. After Helbram reveals himself to not only be a member of the Fairy race, but also King’s former bestie, the stage is set of a bitter reunion as the psychotic pixie goes on a rampage, nearly killing Diane in the process. Friend or not, that noise doesn’t fly with Harlequin. Despite the heartbreak of having to put his friend down for a second time, the Grizzly Sin of Sloth does what he has to, finally freeing Helbram from his tormented existence. 

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#4: Meliodas vs. Ban

When two Sins throw down, it’s certainly a sight to see, with this little showdown being the wildest of examples. No surprise it involves the Captain and everyone’s favourite thief. As the fighting festival gets underway, Meliodas and Ban find themselves engaging in a friendly yet oh so brutal bout. While Ban certainly manages to get some good hits in, his greed just can’t compete with Meliodas’ untapped power, which results in him being sent flying into a mountain.

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#3: Meliodas vs. The Ten Commandments

Family disputes are always ugly affairs, though it’s fair to say that the demon clan take things to new extremes. After recovering the full extent of his power, the Captain of the Sins takes on his own comrades in a battle royal of epic proportions. While he does manage to overcome a couple of the lesser Commandments like Drole and Gloxinia, Meliodas soon finds himself overwhelmed when the others arrive to join the party. He may have put up one hell of a fight, but not even his immense strength is enough to stop Estarossa from piercing each of his of demonic hearts…

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#2: Escanor vs. Estarossa

Now this is it what you call a clash of titans. The Commandment of Love may be unbelievably strong, able to counter all physical attacks and even incapacitate those who feel hatred towards him, but that’s still nothing compared to the sheer manliness of the Lion Sin of Pride. Despite suffering some severe wounds, no amount of punishment is enough to slow down Escanor, whose unwavering belief in his own strength manages to engulf the demon in flame. And that’s no exaggeration as he literally throws a miniature sun into Estarossa’s face!

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#1: Everyone vs. Hendrickson

Every great fantasy needs its climactic battle between good and evil, and for the Seven Deadly Sins, this was it! After absorbing the power of the Gray Demon, Hendrickson achieves a new form that even the Sins struggle to compete against. However, thanks to Elizabeth awakening her innate power of healing, the Sins and the rest of the redeemed Holy Knights are able to gather themselves and launch a final assault. Even with all his new demonic tricks, Hendrickson is no match for everyone’s combined might channelled through Meliodas’ trump card; the Revenge Counter. This fight is so awesome that’s downright sinful.

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