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These Hidden Jokes in Kids Movies Will Ruin Your Childhood

The Joke’s on Us Apparently

Have you ever re-watched a movie that you adored as a child just to discover a number of punchlines and references that went completely unnoticed to your younger self? Well, for this list, we’ll be looking at the most adult-oriented jokes in kids movies that, in hindsight, seem totally inappropriate and we’re guessing went right over your head as a kid. Proceed with caution as the upcoming hidden jokes may shift your perception of some beloved childhood films.

#5: Sucked to Death

“The Brave Little Toaster” (1987)

This 1987 animated film had some heavy moments that likely left a lasting impression on you as a young child. The scene in the spare parts shop is horrific and the song “Worthless” comes paired with some similarly upsetting imagery. The clown … was pure nightmare fuel. But nothing quite compares to the suicide of the air conditioner. While his explosive final moments are likely what stuck with you, he also says something rather provocative to the vacuum cleaner before making his exit. When Kirby confronts the aggressive appliance, the AC asks if Kirby is going to “suck [him] to death”. That’s an uncomfortable choice of words.

#4: The Chef with a Tiny Little . . . Something

“Ratatouille” (2007)

Another Pixar film, another joke that soars over the heads of younger viewers, while raising the eyebrows of their parents. When the bumbling and culinarily-challenged Linguini tries to come clean with Colette, he struggles to explain his situation with Remi the cooking rat. By his own admission, he’s not good with words, but boy does he ever misspeak here. He admits he has a “disturbing” secret, a “tiny little” . . . Before he can say “chef” Colette has already glanced straight down at his crotch. Owch. At least as embarrassing as the moment is, it’s not as gross as what Chef Skinner seems to be suggesting with this line about intimacy and vegetables.

#3: Diaper Humor

“The Rugrats Movie” (1998)

In a list of all the places we didn’t expect to come across a circumcision joke, the 1998 Rugrats movie would be pretty high up there. But there it is nonetheless. In this musical number, a newborn baby is disappointed and outraged that he’s had his umbilical cord cut . . . but another newborn in the room looks down his own diaper and tells the first baby to consider himself fortunate. There’s nothing subtle about this reference, and we can’t help but wonder what kids made of it when they watched the scene.

#2: Nice Headlights

“Cars” (2006)

Alright, we can see how this was a tempting joke to make . . . even though it’s totally inappropriate. After a big race, rookie Lightning McQueen is bathing in the attention of the fans and cameras, when two gushing young girl cars burst through the crowd and introduce themselves as Mia and Tia. They’re his biggest fans, so what do they do? Pop up their headlights – and FLASH him. Get it? The arrogant McQueen is in heaven . . . but we’re guessing this one might have elicited more groans from the parents than laughs.

#1: Buzz Experiences Involuntary Wing Spring

“Toy Story 2” (1999)

There are lot of ways to show that characters in a kids’ movie are attracted to one another. After all, romance and attraction are perfectly natural. But this scene from the second Toy Story movie is more than a little brazen. When Buzz meets Jessie the Cowgirl, it’s clear that he’s into her, especially from the way he freezes when she puts her hand on his chest. But when he sees her in action, it proves too much and he “gets sprung” as shown by his wings popping out. It’s a strangely common trope in kids movies, also seen in “The Little Rascals” and arguably dating all the way back to 1942’s “Bambi”.

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