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Top 5 Fallout Quests You Never Found

Leave No Radioactive Stone Unturned! 

The Fallout franchise hasn’t exactly had it easy as of late. On the one hand, you’ve got the continuing controversial quagmire that is Fallout 76, which by this point is set to become one of the year’s most infamous entries. Then you’ve got The Outer Worlds; a sci-fi FPS from the original creators of Fallout, which doesn’t only look like it could be the ultimate spiritual successor, but also seems to be taking shots at Bethesda’s flagship series. All in all, things are looking bad over in the Capital Wasteland. For all those Brotherhood of Steel members wishing for the glory days, you might want to try searching out these easy to miss missions!  

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Don’t forget your stimpaks!

#5: Kid in a Fridge
Fallout 4

People have survived the nuclear armageddon in all kinds of weird ways, but this takes the cake. Wandering around University Point, you might hear some cries for help. Follow the noise to an old fridge, and you’ll find something inside besides leftovers. A boy named Billy took shelter in the fridge when the bombs dropped, and after being turned into a Ghoul by the radiation, he found himself trapped inside for hundreds of years. It’s up to you to escort the kid back to his home, where his similarly Ghoulish parents await. Alternatively, you can instead sell him to some Gunners if you’re feeling extra evil today.  

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#4: How Little We Know
Fallout: New Vegas 

The New Vegas strip is home to a number of unsavory characters, some of which we’ll get to later. But even among the seedy denizens of the Strip, The Omertas are a force to be reckoned with. This extremely elaborate quest takes you deep inside the crime group’s dealings and offers multiple branching paths depending on your actions. But be careful! It’s extremely easy to lock off other quests depending on what decisions you make. And if you want to get rewarded with the shiny Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, get ready to jump through some serious hoops. But look at this thing, it’s clearly worth the hassle! 

#3: Our Little Secret
Fallout 3 

Stressful situations bring out the worst in people, or make them reveal their true colors. When it comes down to life or death, some people are willing to do some pretty despicable things to keep breathing. That brings us to the citizens of Andale, a quiet, seemingly idyllic little hamlet in the Capital Wasteland. They seem like nice folk on the surface, if maybe a bit too nice. But do a little snooping around and you’ll discover that the residents of the town are a little less “Leave it to Beaver” and a bit more “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” than they initially seemed. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. 

#2: Blood Ties
Fallout 3  

The Wasteland is full of some pretty scary creatures, from Ghouls and Super Mutants to terrifying Deathclaws. Did we really need to learn that there are vampires skulking about too? Ok, so these aren’t actual vampires, but they’re close enough. Find the settlement of Arefu in the Capital Wasteland and you’ll need to help the residents out with The Family, a group of cannibalistic humans who drink the blood of their fellow men. Of course, it’s all a trick by the group’s leader to help control their cannibalistic urges. Wipe the group out, help them attack the town, or broker a bizarre peace agreement between the two. 

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#1: Beyond the Beef
Fallout: New Vegas

Ok, that’s it, we’re putting our feet down. We know, the post-apocalyptic Wasteland is an awful place with precious little in the way of decent food. But for pete’s sake, stop eating people! Seriously! Cut it out! Explore New Vegas’s fancy Luxe Casino, and you’ll discover the dark secret of the sinister White Glove Society. The group were previously cannibals before turning away from their dark appetites. But one member wishes to return the group to its old ways. You can help him in this pursuit by offering up one of your companions. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you can expose the society of serve up a human meat substitute.

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