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Top 5 Things That Are Ruining Gaming For Everyone

Devil May Pay?

Fans of the DMC franchise are more than a little eager to see famed demon hunter Dante return to the small screen. While the years look to have done a number on him, the latest trailers for the series’ fifth canonical entry has revealed he’s still got that signature sass we’ve come to know and love. However, news of the game having some rather egregious microtransactions has members of the community up in arms. Along with these other distasteful trends, the inclusion of such blatant cash-grab schemes within AAA games has quickly risen to become the one thing that gamer’s despise the most, painting the entire industry in a bad light as a result.

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#5: Unfinished Games

Would you stream an album which wasn’t mixed properly? Or go see a movie which is horribly edited and unfinished? No? Then why do we continue to buy games which are released in an incomplete and buggy state? There are various reasons as to why games are shipped like this – modern games are complex, companies have deadlines to meet, and patches are easily distributed. But that’s the problem, as it allows publishers to follow the “buy now and we’ll fix it later” approach. Sure, buggy games have been around forever, but the fact that they are increasingly being released in an unfinished state is a harrowing omen for the future of the industry.

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#4: No More Risk Taking

If you want originality in your video games, look to the indie market, because you certainly won’t find it from the AAA companies. It’s extremely rare nowadays to see AAA companies take big-budgeted artistic risks, but we can understand why. It’s much easier to make the fifteenth “Call of Duty” than it is to spend $100 million on something that might fail and lose the company an enormous amount of money. But when October and November are filled with nothing but sequels and remasters, gamers are going to get angry that they’re being fed the same crap year after year.

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#3: Corporate Meddling

If the excessive and unnecessary amount of sequels weren’t enough for you, there’s numerous other ways in which corporations are meddling with video games. Aside from the indie market, it’s VERY apparent that these gaming companies are in the industry solely for the money. Things like pre-order incentives are nothing but a cash grab, and it seems as if every major release is given some form of downloadable content to squeeze even more money out of the game. If that wasn’t all, greedy moves, like Sony refusing to integrate cross-play, do nothing but ruin the fun and make the companies seem like heartless corporations. Which they are.

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#2: Toxicity

Despite all the corporate mumbo jumbo, there’s no denying that gamers themselves are to blame for some of the negative stigma surrounding video games. The gaming community can be known for being particularly toxic, and for a large variety of reasons. Besides the childish screaming and tantrums online, some players will actually go out of their way to grief other players or even deliberately throw a game for the most minor of reasons. And lets not forget the death threats and rampant sexism. While we understand that this is a vocal minority, they’re certainly not doing the gaming community any favours.

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#1: Microtransactions

Remember when you paid full price for a game and received the complete experience? Good times. Microtransactions are becoming a big problem within the industry, and everyone is starting to get sick of it. While harmless things like cosmetics are up to personal preference, an increasing amount of games are now utilizing microtransactions to completely alter the experience. Games like “Shadow of War” were attacked for using them to alleviate the grind, while others, like “Star Wars Battlefront II,” are using them to give paying players an advantage. We fear to see the future of gaming if crap like this continues.

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