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Top 5 Badass Woman In The MCU

They Are Not To Be Messed With

Filming on Captain Marvel has officially ended, meaning we’re one step closer to seeing what promises to be one of the MCU’s most powerful members. There’s certainly a lot of anticipation surrounding Carol Danver’s debut, we’re just hoping she can compete with the other female heroes on the block. After all, some of these characters are in a league of their own!

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#5: Melinda May / The Cavalry

Phil Coulson’s right-hand woman and an ace pilot, Melinda May is basically a one-woman army, which helped give her the nickname, the Cavalry. Whether she’s fighting thugs or her own evil twin, her fights are among the best Agents of SHIELD has to offer. Notoriously stoic and sarcastic, May’s still waters run deep and her devotion to her friends and teammates is unquestionable. Although we considered choosing May’s protégé Skye/Daisy Johnson, whose quake powers make her stronger than some Avengers, ultimately, we felt that the master outmatched the student in May’s case.

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#4: Gamora

Gamora was trained since childhood to be a powerful fighter. The one doing the training however was her adopted father, Thanos, who pitted her against her foster sister, Nebula, to make them stronger. Upon forming the ragtag group of criminals and outcasts known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora has become a much more heroic person, seeking to defeat her homicidal father and reaching out to her bitter sister. While all of the Guardians are formidable in battle, Gamora is arguably the most dangerous, since she’s the most focused, as she’s the perennial straight woman to the others’ antics. 

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#3: Shuri

There are a plethora of badass women in Black Panther, but instead of a more traditional one like Wakandan general Okoye, we elected to go with Shuri. King T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri is more than just a princess. Possessing a technical genius that rivals or exceeds Tony Stark’s, Shuri has designed some of Wakanda’s coolest gadgets, including Black Panther’s slick nanosuit. She’s also handy at using them herself, both remotely and directly. Best of all though, Shuri’s irreverent personality and sense of humor make her an absolute treat to watch.

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#2: Jessica Jones

New York’s hardest fighting and hardest drinking private investigator, Jessica Jones may be super, with both powerful strength and leaping abilities, but she struggles with the hero part. Jessica has personal issues aplenty and is not exactly a people person; frequently making self-destructive decisions. But, when the chips are down, Jessica still tries to do the right thing, and her attempts to confront her demons make her very relatable; as she manages to move forward, despite the impact her previous traumas have had on her.

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#1: Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, better known as Black Widow, has arguably been the most prominent female lead in the MCU thus far, despite lacking a solo movie, and it’s a spot she deserves. A former SHIELD agent, spy, and ex-assassin with a fascinating, if little-explored backstory, Black Widow is also an Avenger and manages to battle against the high level threats they face with a combination of her signature fighting style, firearms, and sometimes various gadgets. Black Widow is a badass through and through and one of our favorite women of the MCU.

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Be sure to check out the video below to see our picks for the Top 10 Marvel Superheroines.

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