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Three Ways To Ace HQ Trivia

It’s no secret that trivia games have always been a hit among people from all age groups, but this new app certainly makes it more interesting. HQ is a mobile application that allows users to participate in two trivia showdowns per day, at 3 PM EST and 9 PM EST (and 9 PM EST on weekends), with the added bonus of cash prizes. Although the pot is shared among upwards of hundreds of winners, and is usually no more than 20$ per person (although sometimes the prize is larger on special occasions), who wouldn’t want a few extra dollars in their pocket!? Or bragging rights forever?

Here are three tips for you to win at HQ, and keep on winning.

#3: Invite Friends

Like in any trivia game, your eligibility in the game depends on how many questions you answer correctly. So, if you get a question wrong, you’re out of the running for the cash. However, by referring friends to the app, you can actually score extra lives. Next time you get a question wrong, you’ll be able to redeem the extra life and continue playing for the cash prize. That’s what friends are for, right?

#2: Play With a Group to Better Your Chances

In every group of friends, there’s a brain, an artsy type, a scientist, and the person who has a stream of endless knowledge that never seems to be useful in any situation… but no more! Grab a group of friends with varied skill sets in order to better all of your chances. Since the game touches on various spheres of knowledge, it’ll be useful to have a good mix of people to play along with.

#1: Keep Watching After You’re Eliminated

While it’s tempting to throw your phone at the wall and scream into the abyss after you’ve lost a particularly challenging round of trivia, don’t fret! HQ has been known to give mystery boxes to its players, which sometimes contain free lives. This means you’ll be eligible to re-enter the game after you’ve lost. And hey, if you don’t get that extra life, it’ll at least give you a chance to work on your trivia chops!

What tips do you have to nail HQ? Let us know in the comments below!

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