Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena: Mysteries

It’s human nature to want to uncover the truth about everything. However, there have been a number of occurrences throughout history that have defied explanation. Or at least that have persistently been labeled as mysterious. From spontaneous human combustion and ghosts, to the lost world of Atlantis and Egypt’s pyramids, the mysteries are plentiful. Even Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle and the Loch Ness Monster have yet to be fully rationalized. Year after year, crop circles turn up and Big Foot sightings are reported. And don’t even get us started on the aliens. In this video, counts down the Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena.

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Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena

The world is full of mysteries, and some may never be explained. We count down the Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena.

#10 - Spontaneous Human Combustion

There’ve been hundreds of documented cases of humans seemingly spontaneously bursting into flames from within over the past 300 years. While something as innocent as a cigarette is often to blame, it’s difficult to explain how an entire body can be burned to ashes without harming the room around it.

#9 - Atlantis

Plato wrote about this advanced civilization over 2,600 years ago. Supposedly the legendary island sank into the ocean, and has remained hidden ever since. Whether or not Atlantis existed outside Plato’s imagination remains to be seen. However in recent years, researchers claim to have discovered its remains on the ocean floor following a giant tsunami.

#8 - Stonehenge

These great stones have stood in England for over four thousand years, and draw visitors with their impressive age, size, engineering techniques and unexplained purpose. Despite the site’s popularity, it’s unclear who built it, how or why. Whether it was erected as a burial ground, a place of worship or something more mysterious, we may never know.

#7 - Egyptian Pyramids

It’s well known that Egypt’s pyramids were built as pharaohs’ tombs. What is not as well known is how they were built. Advanced technology would have been required to move the 70-ton stones, and to achieve the exact measurements and alignment with the points of the compass. When in doubt, blame the aliens.

#6 - Crop Circles

These intricate designs cut into farmers’ fields have been claimed as the work of human pranksters with a few simple tools. However, theories remain that suggest something more mysterious is at work: perhaps strange weather phenomena, supernatural activity or even aliens are to thank for these odd patterns.

#5 - Ghosts

Spirits are thought to be the souls of the deceased that return to earth. Theories vary based on religion and culture, but belief in ghosts is widespread, and sightings have been common for centuries. The scientific community remains skeptical, and offers rational explanations for this paranormal occurrence.

#4 - Bermuda Triangle

Boats and airplanes have been inexplicably disappearing in this zone of the Northern Atlantic Ocean since the 1950s. The area is said to be no more dangerous than the rest of the ocean, but there are plenty of strange findings to fuel speculation. Whether it’s aliens, paranormal activity, time warps or simple bad weather that’s to blame, this is one mystery that’s yet to be explained.

#3 - Big Foot

Whether you call it Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or any other name, this half-man half-ape is said to wander the forests of the United States. Many have claimed to see Bigfoot, while others found his huge footprints. Most of these were proven as hoaxes, but some details of this story just can’t be rationalized.

#2 - Loch Ness Monster

This monster has been spotted many times since the sixth century, including the sightings in the 1930s that sparked the craze. A common theory about Nessie is that she is a surviving aquatic dinosaur. Whether she or not she exists, hopefuls camp out at this Scottish loch in the hopes of catching a glimpse.

#1 - UFOs

From Roswell to Area 51 and alien autopsies, extraterrestrials and UFOs have fascinated the masses for decades. It has yet to be proven that aliens have been to earth, or that they even exist. Despite this, many believe that aliens are to thank for many of the occurrences that appear on this list.

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