Family-Friendly Travel to New Orleans

Full of culture and unique attractions, New Orleans is a great travel destination for all kinds of people. Families can also benefit from the good times in the Big Easy by taking advantage of the many child-oriented destinations. For example, the Audubon Nature Institute is home to both a Zoo and an Insectarium, and these locations help teach children – and parents! – about the environment. Wednesday at the Square is an annual jazz festival that boasts good times and great food. And Storyland lets families live a fairy tale. In this video, takes a look at some of New Orleans’ most family-friendly attractions and activities.

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Family-Friendly Tourism in New Orleans, Louisiana

From museums and parks, to zoos and other activities, this southern U.S. city is a great destination for all ages.

Audubon Zoo

The Audubon Zoo houses over two thousand animals. Many of these creatures are rare, unique and beautiful and include flamingos, zebras, giraffes as well as peacocks. Opening in 1914, the zoo has since expanded and modernized, and today is popular for locals as well as tourists. In fact, it is considered one of the best zoos in the nation.

Audubon Insectarium

The Audubon Insectarium houses a number of creepy-crawly creatures. The largest free-standing museum in the country, the Insectarium is home to nine hundred thousand species of bugs, and gives visitors the chance to observe them up close. Daring visitors can even brave the unique food at the museum. A chef will show guests how to cook with insects, and give them the opportunity to taste the recipes, if they dare.

Wednesday at the Square Jazz Festival

Taking place on Lafayette Square, the Wednesday at the Square festival is just one of the city’s many vibrant and colorful events. Running for 12 weeks in spring, each year this concert series showcases a line-up of great jazz acts. This venue is a great one as it rarely gets too crowded. Visitors can drink and dance in the open air at this bustling affair that is appropriate for all ages. It is also popular for its snacks, as the food fare at this fest is provided by some of the city’s most loved restaurants.


Found in New Orleans’ huge City Park, Storyland is an amusement park that features fairy tales as its theme. This playground is fun for children of all ages, and includes scenes from a number of famous stories that will feed the imagination.

Known for its good times and great atmosphere, New Orleans is one city that’s a great fit for families.

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