Top 10 Pirate Movies

They’re beloved stories of swashbuckling and adventure, and always bring to life our deepest childhood fantasies of sailing under the skull and crossbones. A popular genre, these entertaining films are known for featuring a spectacular booty, as well as a captain that is a bad boy with a heart of gold. It is also one of the few genres in which the authorities play the villains. And while the scurvy hero may not always get the treasure, he always gets the girl, with the help of their unforgettable companions, colourful costumes and epic ship battles. Join as we count down the Top 10 Pirate Movies ever made.

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Top 10 Pirate Movies

They’re beloved stories of swashbuckling and adventure. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Pirate movies ever made.

Number 10: Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

Starting off our list is the tale of a shipwrecked family that comes to make themselves a new home on a deserted island. Learning how to fend for themselves, they create a fantastic tree house, before a group of pirates invade their shores.

Number 9: The Black Swan (1942)

Centred on the notorious pirate captain Henry Morgan, this film pioneered the type of story the pirate genre is famous for. Here, the captain kidnaps a woman, falls in love with her, and must soon decide to either settle down, or continue to scour the seven seas for booty with his loyal band of sea dogs.

Number 8: Hook (1991)

The sequel to Peter Pan, this Spielberg film re-introduced a new generation to the tale of the vile captain Hook and the leader of the lost boys. Centered on the pirate’s lust for vengeance against his mortal enemy, who left Neverland to pursue a normal life, Hook returns to kidnap Peter’s children. A corporate lawyer without memories of his fantastic adventures, Pan must rediscover his true identity, learn to fly, and take on the pirates once again.

Number 7: Captain Blood (1935)

Marking the debut of the Early Hollywood star Errol Flynn, this pirate tale is centred on an Irish doctor, who leads a group of prisoners out of captivity. Together, they capture a Spanish ship and become the most feared group of pirates in the Caribbean.

Number 6: The Goonies (1985)

A group of kids stumble upon the map of famed “one-Eyed” Willy’s lost fortune. In order to save their community from being turned into a golf course, they venture off in search of the hidden treasure. However, the gang is soon pursued by a family of dangerous thieves who will stop at nothing to claim it for their own.

Number 5: Nate And Hayes (1983)

A pirate that has never flown the skull and crossbones, Tommy Lee Jones plays the part of Bully Hayes, a charming captain with morals that only seeks pleasure and profit. However, a rival pirate soon takes upon himself to sally his good name with bloodshed and slavery. This prompts Hayes to give chase to an island full of cannibals, and confront the terrifying premiere British Naval ship made from steel.

Number 4: The Princess Bride (1987)

In this beloved love story filled with fantasy, adventure and revenge; a young servant turned Dread Pirate must quest with newfound allies to save his long-lost love from a ruthless prince.

Number 3: Peter Pan (1953)

Based on L.M Barrie’s play about a boy who refuses to grow up, Disney’s 1953 cartoon adaptation is the most memorable version to explore the wonder of Neverland. In this film, the evil Captain Hook seeks vengeance for having had his hand cut off and fed to a tick-tocking crocodile.

Number 2: Treasure Island (1950)

With over 50 film and television versions created of Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless novel, this pirate tale easily makes our Top 10s short list. Among the best versions is Disney’s 1950s adaptation, which retells of young Jim Hawkins joining with the pirate Long John Silver in search of buried treasure hidden by the buccaneer Captain Flint.

Number 1: Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl (2003)

Rounding out our list of swashbuckling adventures is the movie tale inspired by a Disney ride of the same name! That’s right, the top Pirate movie belongs to the tale of savvy Captain Jack Sparrow and blacksmith Will Turner. In this adventure, the duo sets out to save Elizabeth, the daughter of a Governor, from the undead crew of the Black Pearl before she could be used for a blood sacrifice.

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