Top Religious and Governmental Architecture in Wales

Wales is known not only for its castles, but also for its government buildings, religious constructions and more. Notable governmental architecture includes the Pierhead building and the Sennedd. In terms of religious architecture, the country has many cathedrals, churches, and monasteries. Do not miss St. David’s Cathedral, St Cwyfan’s Church (the church in the sea) and Strata Florida Abbey, for example. checks out some of the top religious and governmental architectural attractions you need to see while visiting Wales. Footage courtesy of Visit Wales.

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Government Buildings in Cardiff

There are a number of important buildings in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Aside from several castles, there are the governmental structures that make up the National Assembly for Wales. The most familiar is the Pierhead Building, and is remarkable for its French-Gothic Renaissance theme and clock tower.

National Assembly

The Sennedd, or National Assembly Building, houses a debating chamber and three committee rooms. It is notable for its open and contemporary appearance and for having been designed to be sustainable for a long period of time.

Religious Architecture

Interesting religious architecture exists in Wales as well. St. David’s Cathedral is named for Wales’ patron saint. This beautiful building is found in Pembrokeshire and features the striking ruins of the Bishop’s Palace. The Norwegian Church Arts Centre is another landmark building in Cardiff Bay, and it was once a Norwegian Sailors Church.

Church in the Sea

There is also St Cwyfan’s Church on Cribinau Island, located between Porth China and Porth Cwyfan. This church in the sea can only be reached at low tide and is popular for celebrating special spiritual occasions.

Christian Monasteries

Wales also has a number of Christian monasteries notable for their look, such as Strata Florida Abbey in Ceredigion. Wales’ first Cistercian foundation is called Tintern Abbey and is found in Monmouthshire, while Caldey Abbey is the most well-known building on Caldey Island.

Welsh Architecture

Welsh architecture spans a number of styles and periods, and is an important site for visitors to take in when traveling to the country.

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