Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. Sylvester Stallone

As Steroid enhanced men that make other actors look like they never went to the gym, these two guys have starred in some pretty entertaining action flicks. Not just an Austrian-born governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in dozens of wildly popular action flicks. These include such classics as Conan The Barbarian, Predator, The Running Man, Total Recall, Commando and The Terminator. On the other hand, Stallone has left his mark on the action genre by starring in a slew of Rambo and Rocky films, all while administering street justice as Judge Dredd, playing a rule-breaking cop in Tango and Cash, and saving the future in Demolition Man. Both are equally iconic and symbolic of the 80s, but only one of these men can be crowned the king of the action genre. To determine a winner, has taken these stars through five entertaining rounds. These include evaluating their iconic roles, ability to enunciate, use memorable catch-phrases, Weapons, muscles and hand-to-hand combat.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. Sylvester Stallone

They’re heavyweight icons of the action genre. Welcome to and today we’ll be pitting Arnold Schwarzenegger against Sylvester Stallone to see who casts the biggest shadow on the silver screen.

Number 1. Iconic Roles

As Steroid enhanced men that make other actors look like they never went to the gym, these two guys have starred in some pretty entertaining roles. So let’s begin our showdown by highlighting the best screen personas of each.

Let’s start with Arnie. Known the world over as “Conan The Barbarian” and “The Terminator”, this Austrian-Born muscle-man has become an icon for having defeated the “Predator”, surviving a deadly Reality Game show in “The Running Man”, fighting to escape Mars in “Total Recall”, and as catch-phrase spouting army special agent John Matrix in “Commando.”

On the other hand, Stallone has made it big as Vietnam War veteran “John Rambo” and the heavy weight champion of the world “Rocky Balboa.” When not in the ring, he administered street justice as “Judge Dredd”, played a rule-breaking cop in “Tango and Cash”, and saved the future in “Demolition Man.”

Just to be fair, they’re both equally iconic and symbolic of the 80s, so we’ll start this matchup with a tie and move on to the really important stuff that makes these guys so lovable.

Winner: Tie

2. Ability to Enunciate

Being an action star isn’t about acting or using big words; it’s about blowing stuff up! That being said, we’re giving this point to the star that can better rip through his syllables and have us understand how he feels and what he wants.

Despite his thick accent, Schwarzenegger takes his time and focuses on what he has to say.

Winner: Arnie

3. Memorable Catch Phrases

Being able to talk and fill us in on what’s happening is one thing, but spouting kick ass one-liners is the heart and soul of the action film genre. Let’s take a look at their biggest lines:

Stallone has said a lot, but very little of it has stuck with us. Arnie on the other hand rounds out the vocal categories with dozens of still popular and often times hilarious quips.

Winner: Arnie

Number 4: Use of Weapons

These two have fired almost every type of weapon imaginable. That being said, Stallone has been more creative. Sure Arnie has killed an enemy by throwing a pipe through his chest, but Stallone is credited with firing heavy machine guns from one arm, using electrified mattresses to fry his captors, blasting enemy bases with explosive arrows, and using the biggest steak knife we’ve ever seen.

Winner: Stallone

Number 5: Muscles and Hand-To-Hand Combat

Stallone is a mean muscle machine, whereas Arnie was Mr. Universe. At least that’s how it started out, over the years the two have swapped places and Sylvester is still going strong as a muscle-clad hero in his 60s.

While we applaud Stallone’s continued efforts in the gym, Arnie was once a behemoth of a man that could unquestioningly sell himself as a barbarian and lumbering cybernetic assassin, both of which we’d be hard pressed to imagine Stallone ever accomplish with the same success.

At the same token, as a Barbarian Arnie had to rely on his steel and his ability to deliver enough force to knock out a horse and a camel.

Winner: Arnie

By a score of 4 to 2, we give this showdown to the Governator himself on the basis of being able to understand him talk, deliver kick ass one liners, and for being a raw force of physical strength.

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