Top Festivals in Malta

From religious ceremonies to cultural events and rock concerts, Malta is famous for its diverse array of festivals. An International Fireworks competition highlights the country’s pyrotechnic tradition. Malta is also full of cultural attractions, significant landmarks and museums. For one night a year, the Notte Bianca, these attractions are free to all. Like many other countries, Malta hosts a popular Carnival celebration each year. They also host village festas during a series of summertime long weekends. These celebrations are meant to honor the various patron saints of the area. In this video, explores the various festivals and celebrations that take place in Malta.

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Festivals All Year Long

Malta is famous for its abundance of festivals held throughout the year, and for the diversity of these festivals. From historical reenactments and religious ceremonies, to fireworks displays and concert events, Malta is sure to have a festival that will entertain you.

International Fireworks Festival

Each year, the country’s Grand Harbour provides the perfect backdrop for the Malta International Fireworks Festival. Featuring both local and international pyrotechnics experts, the event is free of charge. This festival highlights the country’s longstanding tradition of lighting fireworks for important event, such as the election of a pope.

Notte Bianca

Malta is a historically rich country, and is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other cultural attractions. Each year, as in many other countries across the world, Malta takes part in the Notte Bianca. Held in the capital city of Valetta, this night gives visitors the chance to see the city’s famous sites free of charge, and makes the monuments accessible to all for one evening.

Carnival at Nadur

Another worldwide event that is celebrated in Malta is Carnival. The streets of the city of Nadur are filled with costumed and masked revelers who help make this event a unique celebration. Nadur Carnival is not planned by any official organization, and therefore no rules apply to this spontaneous event.

Village Festas

No visit to Malta is complete without participating in one of the country’s village festas. From May to September, a series of long weekends when Maltese villages honor their patron saints take place. For three evenings, food and drink flows freely and the festival atmosphere is in full swing. Music, fireworks, street parties and lavishly decorated streets are common, and definitely worth checking out while visiting this Mediterranean country.

Isle of MTV - Malta Edition

An annual, free open-air concert, Isle of MTV – Malta edition usually attracts an audience of 50 thousand. Bringing some of the world’s most popular acts to this tiny Mediterranean island, this concert also brings visitors from all over Europe to take part in one of the country’s largest concerts.

Though this country is famous for its rich history, its modern life is as exciting as ever.

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