How To Make Gin Sangria

Similar to sangria, which usually features wine, sliced fruit and other spirits, sangaree is a mixed drink typical of the West Indies. The sangaree was devised as a way to consume heavy port wines even in summer, and the result is a refreshing cocktail. There are a wide variety of recipes for sangaree, some made with sherry, brandy, gin or ale. In this video, and Bombay brand ambassador Merlin Griffiths show you how to make this fresh summertime drink, the Bombay Sangaree. Try out this recipe for yourself with the easy to follow steps. For more information click Here

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Sapphire Sangaree


30ml / 1oz (120ml / 4oz) Bombay Sapphire

15ml / 1/2oz (60ml / 2oz) Ruby Port

15ml / 1/2oz (60ml / 2oz) Cointreau Liqueur

25ml / almost 1oz (100ml / 3.5oz) Lemon Juice

Lemon slice, seasonal berries and mint leaves for garnish.

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