Top 5 Facts About Destiny 2

Script written by Mackenzie Houle Who knew that your destiny would involve so much sweet loot?! These are the need to know tidbits of information, essential features and much needed improvements that you’ll find in the much anticipated loot-shooter Destiny 2. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Destiny 2!

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Top 5 Destiny 2 Facts

The Light is fading, Guardian, and you’ll need to arm yourself with more than a pulse rifle to reclaim it. Welcome to WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts, the series where we arm you with knowledge, and not weapons; sorry, Cayde.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at intel that Bungie and Ghost thankfully provided for veteran and up-and-coming guardians on the hit sequel. There’s quite a few new features, so we’ve narrowed it down as best we can.

#5: PC Port

With a huge audience, more power under the hood, and support for for both MMOs and FPSs, a PC Port of a Destiny game seemed like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, Bungie lacked a proper staff experienced with PC Ports, and didn’t want to displease the crowd by releasing a lackluster version of the original. After several rumors leading up to the sequel’s reveal, PC players rejoiced with Bungie not only confirming Destiny 2’s PC port, but a plethora of features only available on the platform. 60 FPS, keyboard-mouse support with custom key mapping, and to top it off, it’ll be playable through Guess Blizzard’s willing to share the spotlight after all.

#4: Piloting Tanks

Bungie is well-accustomed to fun vehicular gameplay, and while Destiny’s Sparrows were fun transport and racing vehicles, we couldn’t help but miss the epic vehicular combat from our Halo days. Guess Bungie heard our cries, as they’re bringing back damage-inflicting vehicles in the form of tanks. Halo fans will remember the feeling of destroying everything and everyone with Scorpion tanks. While overall information on the new vehicle is limited, we can only hope that it will capture the explosive action from a decade ago.

#3: Clan Support

Guardians shouldn’t have to wander the galaxy in isolation. Through, third party sites and other applications, groups were formed as Clans -but communication and representation was still limited. Wanting to really bring home the MMO experience, Bungie is giving full in-game support to clans - with banners, easy communication, and an additional tie-in feature called Guided Games. Since solo players couldn’t attempt raids, Guided Games will finally offer a chance for them to join a clan and work together for a session, maybe even make friends and join up with them permanently!

#2: More Balanced PvP

Any fan of Destiny would probably tell you that PvP is… a mixed bag. From unbalanced weapons, to connection issues, and the chaos of 6v6, not everyone was in on the fun. For the sequel, a few small changes are creating a big impact on the PvP this time around. With all modes reduced to 4v4, communication between teams should become more manageable -while the change in weapon types will allow for fewer overpowered weapons dominating the Crucible. Sniper rifles and shotguns are listed as power weapons, making ammo pickup much lower, and their overall use on the battlefield less frequent.

#1: Actual Story

Shooting down droves of enemies, gathering loot, and having supernatural powers is fun, but without a story, a game can feel… incomplete. While some fans will argue that Grimoire Cards added a lot to the lore and world-building, having to go online to read through them just to get an idea of what’s going on heavily undermined the experience of the first game – and the fact that they’ve been removed in the sequel says a lot. With a brand new team heading Destiny 2, the cards are gone, and in their place is a near revamp of the entire story. Your goal as a guardian is now clear, the kabal are the only threat, and all characters have been given a proper voice… aside from your character, of course.

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