Top 10 Anime You Wish You Could Forget

written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Well, that was a waste. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten anime you wish you could forget. For this list, we’ll be listing the anime that for a variety of reasons made us wish we could go back in time and prevent ourselves from watching them. Whether due to how awful, disappointing or pointless the end-results were. Special thanks to our user Ashjbow for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Anime You Wish You Could Forget

Well, that was a waste. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten anime you wish you could forget.

For this list, we’ll be listing the anime that for a variety of reasons made us wish we could go back in time and prevent ourselves from watching them. Whether due to how awful, disappointing or pointless the end-results were.

#10: “Umineko: When The Cry” (2009)

Murder mysteries are tricky things. They must be intriguing, well-paced and packed with shocking twists and turns. In that regard, many consider the visual novel this anime is based on to be among the best. But what could go wrong with this adaption? Well, apparently everything. By itself it’s a sub-par anime, but coming off the back of such an intrinsic narrative that revelled in its genre while also applying a haunting supernatural element, the final product is pretty poor. Key plot points are changed, the pacing is terrible, the rest of the cast are robbed of any interesting quirks and the whole murder-mystery aspect is stripped of its complexity.

#9: “Kiss x Sis” (2010)

Okay anime, we can give you some manner of leeway when it comes to tackling taboo subjects because you can at least portray it in an interesting way. But when you dedicate an entire series to two sisters getting it on with their very own brother borderline hentai style then we’re putting our foot down. Even if you were somehow tricked into just watching the first episode, you’re still exposed to the uncomfortable sights of the twins flashing their brother every chance they get while also trying to grope him. Lovely.

#8: “Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor” (2009)

So many questions left unanswered, so many directions to take this series, and what do they do? Try their hardest to ruin everything that was so great about the first season in a follow up that is downright insulting. The Syndicate, the Contractors, the Dolls, all are pushed to the side to allow a brand new protagonist nobody wanted called Suoh Pavlichenko to take centre stage. Now you might be asking, what about everyone’s favourite masked badass, Hei? Well as it turns out the Black Reaper is now an alcoholic hobo who has no problem with groping the underage Suoh. Could they have taken a bigger crap on what was once such a sleek, brutal and intriguing show?

#7: “ChaoS;HEAd” (2008)

Yet another example of a visual novel getting lost in translation, we can’t fault this anime for its reach in terms of thought-provoking ideas and genre deconstruction. We can, however, slate it for managing to fail at every conceivable point. As a socially inept young man suddenly finds himself with a harem of less than mentally stable girls who may or may not be murderers, all hell breaks loose as his life is turned upside down. It may be ambitious in its undertaking, but due to the narrative falling short and the characters’ development remaining paper thin throughout, the whole thing comes across as underwhelming.

#6: “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny” (2004-05)

SEED certainly hit a chord with fans, at least to the point where it could stand on its own as a solid entry in the franchise. Its sequel on the other hand…yeah, not so much. Like a parasite Destiny takes the fleshed-out characters, situations and twists of the original series and regurgitates it into a mecha-filled mess that seems to favour undermining SEED’s strengths just to give their new poster boy protagonist Shinn time in the spotlight, when in truth he comes across as rather annoying. Maybe it would have done better if it had tried to be its own series, but by dragging SEED’s name through the mud, it does itself no favours.

#5: “Pupa” (2014)

No, no, no, a million times no! Considered to be one of the worst anime ever made, Pupa is an exploration into visceral and unpleasant subject matters purely for the sake of trying to shock viewers. With no well-rounded characters, storylines or basic purpose to speak off, what was supposed to come across as a horror masterpiece is in truth an anime abomination that only lasts four minutes per episode. Four minutes of watching a brother and sister engage in cannibalistic, incestuous fun times along with a whole parade of torture and dismemberment. Feel free to burn your eyes out after watching this one.

#4: “Eureka Seven AO” (2012)

Alright! Time to throw ourselves back into the epic, emotional roller-coaster that is Eureka Seven! Okay, we still have sky surfing mecha, good start! Hang on…where are Renton and Eureka? What do you mean they aren’t the main characters anymore? Yep, in yet another example of taking amazing franchise and doing jack all with it, AO simply uses the nostalgia of its prequel to springboard its own convoluted story. One that happens to feature time travel and the occasional cameo by the original cast. Can they go back in time and stop this series from sucking so much, please?

#3: “Tokyo Ghoul √A” (2015)

You were off to such a good start! Why would you waste such an excellent adaptation of a seinen juggernaut like this? Granted, the fact that Root A wanted to go its own way with its own exclusive narrative is all well and good…on the condition that they make it a worthy follow up. They didn’t. Sure, Kaneki is still a traumatized badass, but from the point he decided to join the group that tortured him, we knew we were going to be in for a rocky ride. Given the number of loose ends at the end of it all, it’s fair to say a lot of us went clambering for the manga straight after.

#2: “Lunar Legend Tsukihime” (2003)

Remember, there is no Tsukihime anime. Well, there is, but we just wish there wasn’t. All memes aside, Type-Moon are pretty lucky that the later anime adaptations of the Fate – verse turned out so magnificently, because if this was their only claim to fame in the world of anime, then they would be in a lot of trouble. By its lonesome the anime is mediocre and highly forgettable. But when compared to the universally adored visual novel that blends rich storylines, intriguing characters and beautifully dark lore? The whole thing is a travesty, plain and simple. Shiki deserved better!

#1: “Dragon Ball GT” (1996-97)

It wasn’t perfect by any definition, but Dragon Ball Z’s longevity and impact remains undeniable thanks to its eccentric characters and unforgettable fight scenes. So, how was GT going to continue the legacy of such a beloved show? It wasn’t. Instead, this sequel squandered whatever potential it may have had with sub-par animation, uninspired villains and underwhelming battle sequences. The fact they tried to ride the high of the original Dragon Ball series by turning Goku back into a child was just cheap. No amount of Super Saiyan 4 was going to stop this show from being anything more than a colossal disappointment.

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