Top 10 Ariana Grande Music Videos

Script written by Owen Maxwell Ariana Grande’s music video showcase her massive talent and creativity as an artist! In this countdown we’re going to take a look at the Top 10 Ariana Grande Music Videos! We’ve included videos such as ‘Problem ft. Iggy Azalea”, Break Free ft. Zedd”, “Into You”, “Right There ft. Big Sean, “Right There ft. Big Sean and “Love Her Harder ft. The Weekend”.

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Top 10 Ariana Grande Music Videos

Videos like these could only come from a dangerous woman. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Ariana Grande Music Videos.
For this list we're looking at Ariana's videos that blew us away with their imagination and style, and are basing our picks on a mix of visuals, creativity and how well each video fit the song.

#10: "Love Me Harder" feat. The Weeknd (2014)

In sand-filled buildings, and dingy industrial spaces, Ariana and The Weeknd thrive rather than suffer. Accentuating the song's sexual meaning, Grande poses sensually. Though they only appear on-screen together in a few sparing shots, their voices, which compliment each other so well, create a palpable connection throughout. Coming from Ariana's "Bang Bang" director Hannah Lux Davis however, the lack of shared screen time isn’t surprising. Davis seemingly likes to save the group shot for the end so that it makes a big impact. It clearly worked, as the video has soared to over 400 million views.

#9: "Baby I" (2013)

Ariana sets the city ablaze as she and her friends dance across the metropolitan setting, turning it into one big feel good party. Harkening back to the fashion and visual style of the late 80s and early 90s, the pants are baggy and the colors pop. In other words, Grande and her crew are all smiles. As her dancers takes over some local scaffolding, their multi-storey moves get even more impressive. Taking the fun inside, the vintage look gets even louder thanks to inflatable toys, a boombox and a Vanilla Ice look-alike. It’s the sort of video that makes you feel like you’re part of the fun, and is sure to leave you with a smile.

#8: "Dangerous Woman" (2016)

Owning her sexuality, Grande takes charge in this video. Strutting around a lounge in her lingerie, Ariana is unabashedly sensual, singing about her deepest desires. Keeping the fairly repetitive visuals exciting, the tape fuzz and projector overlays make her every simple movement exciting. Dropping inviting looks from her couch, Grande is clearly ready for some company, but it’ll be on her terms. Simultaneously tantalizing and commanding, no word described the video better than dangerous. It clearly resonated with people, becoming one of her most popular videos to date.

#7: "One Last Time" (2014)

With the help of "Chronicle" and "American Ultra" writer Max Landis, Ariana succeeds in really telling a story with this found footage style video. As a comet approaches Earth, Grande attempts to escape the city. Following Ariana from her boyfriend's point of view, the video has a distinct and exciting visual style, even before the comets start falling. Finding obstacles around every corner, the couple’s journey is a tense and exciting one. Though it ends in tragedy, it certainly makes for a romantic climax - Ariana and her boyfriend embrace one last time as the world ends. It was Ariana who pitched the concept to Landis, and together, the two produced a video that truly sparked the imagination of viewers.

#6: "Focus" (2016)

An inspired concept certainly helped us stay focused on this one. Sticking Grande inside a camera lens, the literal take on the title makes for visual dynamite. Rotating Ariana for some mesmerizing kaleidoscopic shots, they work the premise for all it’s worth. After a lot of close-ups and silhouette shots, an uncredited Jamie Foxx lends his unique vocals for a chorus that feels wonderfully nostalgic, with a retro dance sequence to match. Hopping in a tiny pink box, Grande proves that she doesn't need much room to have fun. Calling on her dancers again, they swap out the purple for some old school black and white before bringing in trumpets for a rousing finale.

#5: "Side To Side" feat. Nicki Minaj (2016)

With Nicki Minaj onboard, this video wasn't destined to be subtle. Exaggerating a workout in skimpy outfits, Grande's spin class works up a sweat unsurprisingly fast. Twerking in the changing room, they drop all the lyrical subtlety by the second verse. Hitting the sauna with Minaj, Ariana and the self-proclaimed queen of rap relax with a posse of male models. Exploding into a shower dance party, even the dancers get cheeky with their moves. Bringing back director Hannah Lux Davis for their fifth collaboration, they certainly pushed the envelope with this one. Whether it was the direction, the dance moves or music, the video easily soared past a billion views.

#4: "Right There" feat. Big Sean (2013)

Powdering her face with her friends, Ariana is all set for a glamorous night. Arriving at an elegant costume party, Grande is a picture perfect Juliet. Spotting her Romeo, Ariana and her fixation are quickly off to exchange balcony-based expressions of love. Taking the party from traditional to modern, the second half of the video features some synchronised swimming in a pool, complete with fireworks and a steamy embrace - taking the visuals to the next level. Even though it's just a costume party, Grande finds her happy ending nonetheless. While Ariana ends up with Patrick Schwarzenegger onscreen, she wound up dating the priestly Big Sean in real life shortly afterwards.

#3: "Into You" (2016)

It’s not just the temperature that’s heating up as this pair across the desert. Drinking outside their motel, their flirty behavior quickly turns physical. As they hold each other and play games though, it's clear there's more than lust between the pair. In flashbacks, we see Grande with a man at a glamorous parties - a life and relationship she’s clearly grown to resent. Seeing him kissing another woman, she leaves with his bodyguard on motorcycle, and we end up at the start of the video once again. It’s a simple story, but one that’s told very well. The video went on to be nominated for four MTV Video Music Awards in 2016.

#2: "Break Free" feat. Zedd (2014)

After an intentionally over-the-top narrated intro, Grande plays an intergalactic badass, shooting down alien thugs viciously. Floating in zero-gravity, she gives her own take on the sultry strip scene from Barbarella. Leaning into the video's corniness wholeheartedly, Ariana parodies classic sci-fi with swagger. Not even giant robots can stop her, as proven when she smoothly takes one down with breast rockets. Beaming up, she joins a dance party hosted by Zedd, where she lets loose with puppets, aliens and some products courtesy of Beats. Parodying Star Wars and Star Trek among others, the tongue-in-cheek video is her most comedic to date and absolutely out of this world.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Everyday" feat. Future (2017)

"The Way" feat. Mac Miller (2013)

#1: "Problem" feat. Iggy Azalea (2014)

Opening with some intense dance moves, this video goes for broke with the visuals. Matching the spiral background, Ariana's spinning platform made for one of the most iconic music video shots of the year. To nail that vintage pop look, The Young Astronauts, who had worked with Ariana on “Right There,” were selected to direct. With Big Sean also returning for some hypnotic close-ups, Azalea was the only new person on board. Getting the most trippy background in the whole video however, Iggy made a strong impression. Taken all together, it’s a feast for the eyes and treat for the ears - an undeniably iconic video that easily earned over 1 billion views.


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