Top 10 Things You Need Know About Splatoon 2! WatchMojo's Impressions!

Script written by David Thibault Squids, Kids, Paint and PVP. Splatoon is back! Welcome to and today in this review, we’re going over the Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Splatoon 2! To get your ideas made into a Watchmojo video, be sure to check out our interactive suggestion tool @ http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Impressions of Splatoon

You play as a kid, who can change to a squid. Did you cause that mess? Well you’re whole team did. Welcome To and today we’re giving you our Top 10 Things you need to know about Splatoon 2.

For this video we’re going to be giving your our review of Splatoon 2 based on what we’ve experienced. Do be advised that because of the small number of players during the review period; we were unable to test out Ranked Mode at the time of writing, so be sure to check the comments below for a follow up from our reviewer Dave at a later date.

#10: A Shinier Coat of Paint

When the first Splatoon launched back in 2015, it was a fresh and innovative experience but it wasn’t without a few issues, notably a shortage of launch content and a few balancing issues with some of the weapons. Splatoon 2 gets off to a great start this time around by refining the experience for something that feels far more polished. At no point during our play sessions did any weapon feel overpowered, nor does the launch content feel lacking. Some issues still remain, like being unable to change your loadout without leaving the lobby, and the 2-map restriction is still there, though now on a 2-hour rotation, but they’re still minor issues in the grand scheme of things.

#9: Paint the Floor to Win

If you’re not familiar with Splatoon, the goal of the game is to cover as much of the map in your team’s colored ink as possible. Of the 8 maps that are available at launch, 6 of them are brand new, and all feel just as well designed as the last. Each map has various vantage points, wide areas and verticality to offered different styles of play. Plus the characters, known as Inklings can transform into squids and can swim through their teams ink to traverse the map faster or climb up walls. All of this ends up resulting in a third person shooter experience that is unlike any other game on the market.

#8: The Creative Messy Weapons

The unique variety of weapons that were in the first game all make a comeback in sequel with some even offering some new variations to try out. The Splattershot remains an ideal all-around option, the Slosher, which was a late addition in the first game does wonders from high-ground, Splatrollers now have a longer range for throwing ink while jumping, and Chargers are still rather challenging to master. Of course the biggest new addition to the arsenal are the Splat Dualies. This dual wielding weapon has two fire-modes that the player activates by dodge-rolling, It’s a great addition and will likely be a lot pro players new favorite weapon.

#7: All New Special Weapons

Unlike the main arsenal of mostly returning weapons, The Special Weapons choices are nearly all brand new. This is a very welcome change as a lot of specials in the first game were way too overpowered and gave opponents very little chance of escaping them (We’re looking at you Kraken). These newest Specials certainly can have strong effects on the battlefield, but at nowhere near the overwhelming level of the first batch. For example the Inkjet makes your Inkling hover and shoot mortar like shots, but leaves you very exposed to attacks, while the Stingray can shoot through walls but is very difficult to control. You can’t rely on them solely for kills anymore.

#6: Paint It Alone

Just like the first game, single player also return in the form of Octo Valley. The Great Zapfish is missing … again, along with Callie from the Squid Sisters. So in response; Marie sends the player across Mario Galaxy inspired stages to find them both. The sequel version does offer shake things up like being able to use different weapons and new features like grind rails to interact with, not to mention a lot of replay value by beating each stage with different weapons. However the 6-hour mode can’t shake that feeling of “been there, done that” since you're essentially going through similar motions from the first title. It’s not bad as there are some standout moments, but it isn’t quite as strong as everything else.

#5: Get Friends, Horde Salmon

The biggest new addition is Salmon Run, Nintendo’s own version of horde mode. Up to four players work together to fight off waves of fish-like enemies and bosses to collect golden eggs. Immediately what stands out is that at the end of each wave, everyone swaps weapons keeping everyone on their toes and changing tactics. Plus you can earn weapons and gear that can be used in the main competitive mode. It can get very challenging as enemies can quickly overwhelm you, but that’s also what makes the mode really fun to play. However … for some reason; Nintendo has opted to arbitrarily lockout this mode so it can only be played at certain times of the week, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why? Why would you do that?

#4: Oozing Style

It’s difficult to ignore just how charming the world of Splatoon is, from the newest singing duo of Pearl and Marina that introduce you to the available stages whenever you boot up the game, to the various clothing you can purchase for your Inklings that also come with various perks, there’s always something here that’s certain to keep a smile on your face. Even something that sounds mundane on paper like posing your character with an Amiibo inkling is undeniably cute, while the energetic soundtrack keeps the experience fun during online play.

#3: For the Pros

Like we said before, we were unable to get time in with Ranked Mode as there were not enough players at level 10 during the review period. But there are a few things we can tell you, namely that all 3 game modes from the first game make a comeback. There’s also the new League Battle Mode that players unlock by earning a B- ranking in Ranked Battles. League Battle is a mode that is designed for experienced teams, as you need either 1 friend of 3 friends, to take on another team over a 2-hour period.

#2: Looking to the future

Nintendo have stated that just like the first game, that there will be frequent free updates for at least a year. Details are scares for now but we do know of at least 2 new maps that will be coming, as well as a new shotgun/umbrella like weapon called The Brella. On top of that, the monthly special events known as Splatfests are making a return in all their nightlife neon-paint glory. While we obviously can’t assess the content that has yet to come, if its anything like the content that is available at launch, it certainly fills us with confidence.

#1: Should you get Splatoon 2?

Splatoon 2 is a great follow up to one of the Wii U’s best titles. While the single player mode doesn’t quite hit its full potential, the rebalanced multiplayer and the compelling yet challenging co-op mode makes it more than worth diving into. Whether you’ve clocked hundreds of hours into the first game or are jumping into the series for the first time, you’re certain a lot of fun being a Kid, and a Squid, for many days to come.

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