Top 10 Meaningful Relationship Milestones

First come love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a carriage! Okay, well what about those in between milestones we should also be celebrating? For instance, farting in front of your significant other for the first time and being able to laugh about it? Milestone. Being able to eat pizza in your grossest state with your SO? Milestone.

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Top 10 Relationship Milestones

Hashtag: relationship goals. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Relationship Milestones.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those moments that cement your relationship status with that special someone. We’re not talking about that magical walk down the aisle - instead, we’re focusing on the little things that are, in reality, a pretty big deal.

#10: The First Time You’re Introduced as a Significant Other

:So you’re dating someone and you’re really into them. You look forward to your dates and even get that happy little smile on your face whenever they text you. Then, one day, you two run into a friend, a co-worker, a person who is part of your other half’s life. It probably didn’t cross your mind before, but it does now: how do they label you in front of others? Are you just a friend, or are you talked about as something more? Suddenly, there’s no better feeling than that affirmative introduction, or better yet, your significant other’s friend asking, “Is this who you keep talking about?”

#9: Taking Care of You When You’re Sick

They say misery loves company, right? When you’re always trying to be at your best for the person you love -- or at least, the person you’re into -- the last thing you want is to have them see you at your worst. We don’t just mean the blanket cocoon and tissue graveyard, we mean the aching and whining that comes along with it. You know that boyfriend or girlfriend is in it for the long haul if they’re willing to deliver soup, orange juice, and plenty of patience when it comes to giving round the clock care. Just remember that when your partner catches whatever you had.

#8: Surviving Your First Trip to Ikea

There’s furniture shopping, and then there’s Ikea -- a wonderland of home decor full of twists, turns, shelving, and sales. Stepping into the store as a couple is a definite test in your relationship. While you may have a certain style in mind, there’s always a lamp or a wall fixture that’ll throw a curveball at your plans. But that’s just half the battle. The other half comes when you get all the boxes into your place, open them up, and start attempting to build the fixtures of your dreams. At least you can celebrate with sparkling drinks and Swedish meatballs.

#7: Discussing Money

This goes beyond the conversations of who spends the most and what is and isn’t frivolous. These are those actual, mature discussions where you both look at your incomes and figure out what money goes where. There’s no insecurity about who makes more - instead, you both understand that every contribution matters. It’s not the easiest milestone to reach as there are definite hurdles to overcome, and chances are, the two of you will butt heads over who’s doing the most, but when you finally reach that joint goal, it’s pure financial bliss... with a few extras every now and then.

#6: Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents

The familial introduction can be as nerve-racking as a horror movie, especially when it comes to meeting the parents. If you have a significant other who’s close to their parents, chances are, mom and dad’s opinion is something they take seriously. The fact that they’re ready to introduce you to them is a huge deal, and it’ll probably lead to much bigger steps in your relationship... like actually revealing your own bizarre parental units. While it can be stressful -- even with your partner’s reassurance -- there’s a good chance that your partner’s parents are just as anxious to meet you as you are them.

#5: Letting Your Hair Down

Getting all dressed up to have a night on the town is nice, but you know what’s even better? Walking around the house in those comfy pyjama pants that have the hole in the crotch... or just walking around naked -- and no, we don’t mean the “let’s go to the bedroom” kind of way, we mean the “pizza tastes better without pants” kind of way. For some, it may take a bit to reach this milestone, many others may not even make it that far, but those who do get ready to experience pure comfort as you and your significant other lay around without a care in the world.

#4: Farting in Front of Each Other

We know, we know, it’s a normal bodily function that everyone does and there’s nothing to be ashamed of... buuuuut who isn't at least a little ashamed of it? At least we are in the beginning steps of a relationship. No one likes to be the one to let one rip, especially around someone they like. The sound, the smell -- good lord, THE SMELL -- you’d rather have the floor open beneath you and swallow you whole. So there’s something liberating when you reach a point in your relationship where the one who smelt it not only dealt it, but laughed about it while their significant other covered their nose and laughed with them.

#3: Adopting a pet

Before you make an impression on their family and friends, there’s something else you have to do: meet their animal companion of choice. That is, of course, if they have a pet, but if they don’t there may come a time where they want one – for that matter, you may want one, too. You’re not just adopting. something to coo over every time they curl up by your feet, you’re buying something that requires a lot of love, attention, and responsibility. Pets are a long-term commitment, so take it as a good sign when your significant other wants to get one with you.

#2: The First Trip Together

After several dates, a new word is brought into the conversation: vacation. Depending on the destination -- assuming you two can agree on where to go -- this can take an extensive amount of planning. On top of the planning there’s also the fact that it’ll be the two of you alone in a new location. At the end of a date, you’re able to return home in your own space. With vacations, you have to share that space with someone else, right down to the seating arrangements on the airplane. Still, a change of location can be the perfect thing and ultimate test for your relationship.

Before we get to our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions:

Talking All Night

Making Them Your Emergency Contact

Deleting Your Dating Apps

#1: Moving In Together

It was bound to come up eventually: wanting a key to their place. But this is just a small step to that magnificently stressful -- but wonderful -- upgrade that you’re really yearning for after being with someone you love for a while: sharing a home together. This can mean that someone is moving in with someone else, or that the two of you are going out to find a place. There will be challenges along the way as the two of you try and make room for someone else in your living space, but really, there’s no better feeling than coming home to see the person you love waiting for you.


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