Top 10 Musicians Who Make A TON Of Money

Script written by QV Hough Thanks to some hustle and hard work, these musicians are consistently cashing some big checks. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Musicians Who Still Make a Ton of Money. For this list, we’re looking at musicians that manage to bring in the bucks on a yearly basis, whether it’s through record sales, endorsements or constant touring. Got any ideas for our next video? Head over to WatchMojo.comsuggest to submit your ideas today!

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Top 10 Musicians Who Still Make a Ton of Money

Thanks to some hustle and hard work, these musicians are consistently cashing some big checks. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Musicians Who Still Make a Ton of Money.
For this list, we’re looking at musicians that manage to bring in the bucks on a yearly basis, whether it’s through record sales, endorsements or constant touring.

#10: Coldplay

Since the 2000 release of their debut album “Parachutes,” this British band has stayed relevant with new music every two or three years. And considering that each and every album hits #1 on the charts, well, that means that Coldplay has been in high demand for live performances. For their initial “Parachutes Tour,” the band played 39 concerts over nearly two years. And 15 years later, the “Ghost Stories Tour” consisted of only nine shows yet still all sold out, making Coldplay perhaps the definitive stadium band of their era with a reported networth of 475 million dollars.

#9: Katy Perry

In 2015 alone, this American pop star made approximately 135 million dollars. And believe it or not, Katy Perry’s album sales represent only a fraction of her net worth. Of course, the singer’s pop culture persona has led to a worldwide fan base, and even performing at a Super Bowl halftime show. But it’s the tour revenue and endorsement deals that keep her wealthy. According to “Money Nation,” Katy’s net worth includes 225 million from touring alone, with “The Prismatic World Tour” producing 151 shows over ten months. It’s been a few years since Katy’s 2008 breakout album, but her road hustle continues to pay off big.

#8: Lady Gaga

As one of the more eclectic pop icons of the 21st century, this woman has managed to strengthen her brand while simultaneously elevating her craft. And despite the obvious talent of Stefani Germanotta, it took some time for the “Gaga” persona to develop in the late 2000s. Of course, her theatrical ways make her ideal for Broadway and television, and Gaga’s style has led her to Versace as well. But it’s the headline tours and one-time live performances that keep the cash rolling in, evidenced by the success of “ArtRave: The Artpop Ball,” which grossed 83 million over 79 shows.

#7: Madonna

She’s not only one of the most influential pop stars of all time, but she’s also one of the wealthiest recording artists ever. While the numbers have varied from year to year, Forbes reported Madonna’s net worth as 560 million in 2016, fueled by a rather hectic tour schedule. Of course, she first emerged in the early 80s, and the revenue from decades upon decades of touring has allowed Madonna to invest in other opportunities outside the realm of music. And while some legends choose to make the occasional live appearance, this legend performed 82 concerts for her 2015 “Rebel Heart Tour,” which grossed over $169 million.

#6: Bon Jovi

In the 80s, this New Jersey band emerged shortly after the arrival of MTV. With a talented lead singer, Bon Jovi ultimately became one of the best-selling groups of all-time. Jon Bon Jovi has maintained a successful career over the years, and he’s also been able to keep the crew together for a number of massively successful albums well into the 21st century. Bon Jovi remains one of the wealthiest bands on a yearly basis, thanks to a combination of popular demand for both their music and live shows as shown in 2016 where Jon Bon Jovi’s net worth was reported at 300 million dollars.

#5: U2

Like Bon Jovi and Madonna, this Irish band found success in the early 80s, but their aesthetic is slightly different. With such an ethereal sound, U2’s live shows make for a truly unique musical experience. In fact, the “360 Degrees Tour” of 2010 to 2011 became the most lucrative concert tour EVER, with approximately 736 million in ticket sales. So, while U2 continues to sell records and tour, their epic productions keep them on the list of wealthiest musicians, with some sources saying the band is estimated to be worth close to 850 million dollars.

#4: Eagles

Since 1972, this band has released only a handful of records. In fact, nearly 30 years passed between The Long Run and Long Road Out of Eden. But in 2014, the Eagles actually made more money than One Direction, thanks to the near 35 million dollars they made from their latest tour. Then again, “The History of the Eagles” tour was the band’s last, and it concluded just six months before the 2016 death of Glenn Frey. But while The Eagles run may be done, they’re still one of the wealthiest groups of the 2010s, four decades after releasing their iconic Hotel California album.

#3: Justin Bieber

With all the drama surrounding this YouTube star turned pop icon, it can be easy to lose sight of his financial reality. In terms of Justin Bieber’s wealth, well, the guy is making some serious dough on a yearly basis. In 2016, TIME reported his net worth at 200 million. Like many rich artists, he’s earned millions by performing over 100 shows in support of his new albums. And though Biebs has been releasing more mature music in recent years, and for a slightly older demographic, loyal Beliebers have continued to follow his career, years after the 2011 film “Never Say Never,” which, by the way, outperformed its 13 million budget several times over.

#2: Taylor Swift

In 2016, at age 26, this music artist topped Forbes list of the highest-earning celebrities. And as one of the most recognizable faces in the world, Taylor Swift can make a fortune for pretty much any brand. Of course, she is a brand all her own. And it’s a brand that spread across the world in recent years, courtesy of the record-breaking “1989 World Tour.” Just the album itself spent an entire year on the Billboard Top 10 charts, and the six-leg tour produced a quarter-billion dollars over the course of 85 performances. While some artists spend a couple years promoting an album, Taylor made the bulk of her 1989 tour money during the last seven months of 2015.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Toby Keith
Bruce Springsteen
Kenny Chesney

#1: Beyoncé

This woman’s productions have become pop culture events. In 2016, the internet reacted strongly to the HBO premiere of Beyoncé’s video album “Lemonade.” But like the marketing guru that she is, Beyoncé then sold her album exclusively on Tidal, which she owns with husband and fellow mogul Jay-Z. Her albums always go Platinum several times over, and just “The Formation” tour alone hauled in a quarter billion dollars over 3 legs and 49 shows. In addition to her music, Beyoncé works with the British retailer TopShop, and she’s been aligned with L’Oreal since her teenage years. She’s a multi-faceted businesswoman worth several hundred million dollars, and perhaps the most beloved pop star of her time, certainly one of the wealthiest.

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