Top 10 Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Use Twitter

Script written by Carly Comtois Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters per tweet, so how do these celebrities manage to embarrass themselves, offend others, and get themselves caught up in a war of words with other celebrities (or fans, for that matter)? All we know is that while these people should be banned from Twitter for their own sake, it makes for entertaining reads for us! Donald Trump, Azealia Banks, Chris Brown, Jason Biggs and more feature!

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Use Twitter

This might take more than 140 characters... Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Use Twitter.

For this list, we’re looking at the celebrities who recognize that they have a platform capable of reaching millions of people with their thoughts and opinions, but often fail to think before they tweet.

#10: Anthony Weiner

This former Congressman made the mistake of publicly posting a picture of his genitals not only to his followers, but directed specifically at one female follower – who, notably, was not his wife. Not only does this “cock up” suggest that Weiner didn’t know the difference between the site’s public and private functions; it also suggests he was using it as a dating app of sorts. It wasn’t the only time he used modern tech to trawl for ladies either, as he was later caught cheating again, through text messages. The take away? Twitter’s for tweeting, not cheating. And, if your name is “Weiner,” maybe don’t tweet your bird?

#9: Rob Kardashian

While his sister Kim uses the platform to grow her celebrity, younger brother Rob Kardashian has gained his own kind of notoriety on Twitter... for sharing too much information. After his split with Rita Ora, he called her out online for cheating on him with over twenty other men, and claimed that he impregnated her before their separation. He’s also complained about his stepsister Kylie Jenner for not inviting Blac Chyna, the mother of his child, to a baby shower thrown for Rob. In response... he tweeted out Kylie’s phone number, because... that’ll teach her?

#8: 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent is still making music today, but it rarely gets as much attention as his Twitter account does. And what does he do with this far-reaching platform? Why, he insults his followers, of course! While engaging in Twitter arguments, Fiddy has used “special ed” and “autistic” as comebacks. Besides offending the entire special needs community, he’s also made comments offensive to people from developing nations, women, and pretty much anyone who’s ever read any of his tweets.

#7: CM Punk

Phillip Jack Brooks, better known by his ring name CM Punk, is expected to fight it out with fellow wrestlers – in the ring, not on social media. But apparently Punk didn’t get the memo before getting into it with UFC fighter Cathal Pendred on Twitter. Of course, Pendred did start it, but Punk could’ve just ignored him. Instead, what followed was a series of tweets between the two calling each other names. And that’s not the first time CM Punk’s been caught name calling on Twitter: his wrestling persona may be an outspoken, badass fighter, but maybe he should save the smack talking for the ring.

#6: Jason Biggs

Using humor to deal with tragedy can be an effective coping mechanism. It can also be wildly inappropriate, something Jason Biggs has had to learn the hard way not once, but twice. After the Malaysian Airlines crash in 2014, the American Pie actor took to Twitter not to express sympathy for the victims’ families, but also to offer up his frequent flyer miles. That same year, when a contestant on Andi Dorfman’s season of the Bachelorette died before the show aired, Biggs tweeted a joke about contestants being killed off that season instead, which was not exactly well received.

#5: Chris Brown

Unlike some people on this list, there isn’t one specific tweet that Chris Brown should regret posting; his entire Twitter page is one big regret. From his beefs with numerous celebs to obnoxious photos of him smoking weed, even Chris Brown knows his Twitter sucks. He actually deleted his account at one point after engaging in a particularly nasty Twitter feud with comedian Jenny Johnson. Bowing out and admitting defeat like that is almost worthy of props... but unfortunately he reactivated his account again shortly after, and the train wreck continues.

#4: Jaden Smith

If you ever stumble upon this young actor and musician’s Twitter page, you might find yourself wondering if you accidentally ended up on some philosopher’s account instead. Nope – it’s just Jaden Smith being deep and spouting nonsense that doesn’t mean anything to anyone but himself. While Twitter is as good a platform as any for his strange, unusual thoughts, you have to wonder what’s going through his mind when he hits “Tweet.” They may not be as deep or as thought provoking as Smith intends, but they are ultimately harmless, and inadvertently entertaining.

#3: Tila Tequila

If you want to know how to get kicked off Twitter, just ask this former reality TV star. Yes, Tila Tequila should not use Twitter, and thanks to moderators, she’s been banned from the website since late 2016... for using her account to spread hate speech and promote Nazism. And between her wishing Hitler a happy birthday and posting pictures of herself in front of concentration camps sporting Nazi garb, it isn’t hard to understand why. There’s annoying, there’s dumb, there’s inconsiderate, there’s hateful, and then there’s Tila Tequila.

#2: Azealia Banks

We’ve seen many Twitter feuds on this list, but no one’s gotten into more fights with other celebrities than rapper Azealia Banks. That’s probably why, like Tila Tequila, her account was suspended. But before that happened, she used the platform to diss people like Sarah Palin, Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea... and a very long list of others. But among her most famous feuds was the one she had with One Direction member, Zayn Malik, who was the target of racist and xenophobic remarks – as well as a series of bizarre put-downs aimed at then 14-year-old Skai Jackson. Always the high road...

#1: Donald Trump

Former businessman-turned-President Donald Trump has become infamous for his tweets, mostly those containing his brutally honest opinions regarding politics. Twitter is where he openly criticizes former President Obama, where we’ve kept hearing about “the wall” for so long, and where he calls out all “the haters and losers” who don’t support him. Closer to election night, Trump’s team literally took his Twitter account away from him because of how unpredictable his tweeting can be. In this day and age, having a president who tweets isn’t abnormal, and when you see the kinds of things Trump tweets, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Trump is definitely tweeting for himself.

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