Top 10 Paramore Music Videos

This band has come a long way since their first debut album, “All We Know is Falling”. Since then they’ve found massive success and their music videos are always so fun to watch. In this countdown we take a look at the Top 10 Paramore Music videos including Crushcrushcrush, Still Into You, Brick by Boring Brick, Hard Times, Ain’t It Fun and Misery Business!

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Top 10 Paramore Music videos

For this list, we’re focusing on the most unforgettable Paramore music videos – productions that stand out with both substance and style. We’re excluding live performances.

#10: “Crushcrushcrush”
Riot! (2007)

Directed by Shane Drake, this performance video succeeds mostly through its editing and staging. With Hayley Williams up close and center, the background is little more than a vast, sun-lit horizon. And so, this accentuates the rest of Paramore as they do what they do best – they “rock and roll, baby.” While “Crushcrushcrush” isn’t necessarily a game changing production, it does showcase Paramore’s energetic performance bravado. Drake would later become one of pop music’s busiest video directors, however this early production with Paramore highlights some practical efficiency for both parties involved.

#9: “Pressure”
All We Know Is Falling (2005)

Not only does this video mark Paramore’s first collaboration with Shane Drake, it’s also their paramount video production. With “Pressure,” Hayley and company initially appear like rock stars in training, which makes perfect sense as they were just starting out. Beyond the core performance shots, there’s a parallel narrative of people struggling to live their lives. But it’s once the wet and wild final act comes along that Hayley Williams really appears like a tried and true rock star, along with her thrashing bandmates. And so, the title is fitting for what the future would bring.

#8: “The Only Exception”
Brand New Eyes (2009)

Helmed by first-time director Brandon Chesbro, this romantic production united Paramore with their adoring fan base. For the primary storyline, Hayley muses about what could be, drifting to and fro in various settings in search of ideal love. It’s an endearing Paramore video, as Hayley magnetically commands the screen with each frame. But it’s also a beloved video for the simple reason that it features fan-made Valentines, which are seen during an American Beauty-like sequence. With its faded imagery and highly relatable plot, “The Only Exception” excels through structure, fluid camerawork and its genuine vibe.

#7: “Still Into You”
Paramore (2013)

For this spunky video, director Isaac Rentz uses flashing lights and clever production design to enhance the celebratory lyrics. But whereas props and special effects add plenty of flair, Hayley’s natural charisma fuels “Still Into You,” whether she’s playing ballerina or lighting up the night sky. So, just as the director intended, it’s the feeling of lasting love that shines through, with Hayley selling the message through her exuberant performance. It’s a highly stylized video, and one that’s loaded up with positive vibes across the board.

#6: “Decode”
Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2008)

With the song itself being recorded specifically for the first “Twilight” movie, it’s no surprise that vampires made the final cut of this Shane Drake-directed video. Visually, the outdoor setting doesn’t add anything new to Paramore’s videography, however it’s the motion and camera angles that make “Decode” an intriguing production. Unsurprisingly, there’s a balance of movie clips and performance shots to establish tone and mood, but it’s Hayley’s colorful contrast that stands out most, supported by the “Twilight” angst that she so effectively conveys for the camera.

#5: “Hard Times”
After Laughter (2017)

With an overt nod to ‘80s pop culture, this music video most definitely follows modern trends. Yet director Andrew Joffe and Paramore don’t merely acknowledge the’ 80s – they go all in for a multi-faceted, retro production. “Hard Times” feels like it could’ve actually been released way back when, at least when considering its modest animation, colorful outfits and New Wavey dancing. From the insert shots to the stage production, Paramore doesn’t’ mess around with this one, and it all equates to something that fans of all ages can identify with. Let’s not forget the fact that it also features the return of Zac Farron on drums, as well as the loss of Jeremy Davis on bass.

#4: “Brick by Boring Brick”
Brand New Eyes (2009)

Produced in collaboration with Irish director Meiert Avis, this Paramore video strays heavily from their previous work. It’s a visually explosive production, and the fairy tale narrative adds a touch of magical realism. With “Brick by Boring Brick,” the spotlight is fully on Hayley and her young co-star, as they navigate a bizarro world and attempt to decipher what’s real and what’s not. Just as the band continues to evolve, this type of music video highlights their creativity and willingness to differentiate themselves from other bands in their genre. In other words, Paramore likes to keep their fans guessing, and “Brick by Boring Brick” offers something entirely different than clichéd pop punk productions.

#3: “Playing God”
Brand New Eyes (2009)

Given that band members Josh and Zac Farro left Paramore in 2010, this music video is telling in many ways. Directed by Brandon Chesbro and filmed at Hayley Williams’ Tennessee home, “Playing God” is less about societal issues and more about the band’s internal squabbling. As a stand-alone production, though, it’s unique for its vibrant, domestic color scheme that contrasts the underlying darkness afflicting the band. So, while it’s all heavily contrived, there’s some truth to the “Playing God” narrative, as it marked the end of an era for the original Paramore lineup.

#2: “Ain’t It Fun”
Paramore (2013)

In support of their acclaimed single, Paramore enlisted director Sophia Peer for a highly ambitious music video. Filmed in the band’s native Franklin, Tennessee, “Ain’t It Fun” features the band attempting to break numerous records, inconsequential as they may seem. In that regard, the basic premise matches the song’s practical set of lyrics about living life to the fullest. There’s literally nothing quite like the exhilarating “Ain’t It Fun,” and Paramore appears to be fully enjoying themselves back where it all began.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Brand New Eyes (2009)

“That’s What You Get”
Riot! (2007)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Album (2011)

#1: “Misery Business”
Riot! (2007)

After the success of their debut album, Paramore needed keep the ball rolling. So, they turned to a familiar name, director Shane Drake, for a truly dynamic video. From the performance clips to the high school bully narrative, “Misery Business” taps into youthful energy that can lead to the best of times AND the worst of times. In each frame, the visuals pop with the striking contrast of colors, whether it’s the RIOT backdrop or the high school storyline. Paramore doesn’t take themselves too seriously here, and it’s the punk aesthetic, along with Hayley Williams’s rock star appeal, that makes “Misery Business” a pop punk classic.


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