Top 10 Princes in Anime

These princes are not just royal, but they’ve got some pretty great qualities that we love! In this countdown we take a look at the Top 10 Princes in Anime such as Soma Asman Kadar, Alibaba Saluja, Reiji, Ling Yao, Lelouch Vi Britannia, Tuxedo Mask, Arslan and Ashitaka!

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Top 10 Princes in Anime

Some may not look it, but these boys have royal blood in their veins. Welcome to MsMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the top 10 Anime Princes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at anime characters that hold the title of prince. They can be as close to or the furthest thing from the traditional monarch archetype as possible, just as long they come from royalty they are a candidate. Also, be on the lookout for one or two spoilers down the line.

#10: Soma Asman Kadar
“Black Butler” series (2008-14)

Hailing from Bengal, this young man has lived the life of luxury since birth. Originally very immature, after befriending Ciel Phantomhive he soon learns the value of earning one’s way in life rather than being handed everything served on a platter. Despite his childish nature, Soma’s cheerful personality and heart-warming friendship with his devoted butler Agni make him a very pleasant character that we’d love to enter a curry festival with.

#9: Alibaba Saluja
“Magi” series (2012-14)

No, not the character from the famous Arabic folk tale. This one is less about yelling “open sesame” and more into exploring dungeons and dismantling kingdoms. Growing up in the poorest of slums as well as inside palace walls, this former prince has seen the worst of both sides of the coin, shaping him into a hardened but still honest young man. Just make sure you don’t push him too far or that Djinn of his will leave you with some nasty burns.

#8: Ashitaka
“Princess Mononoke” (1997)

He may only be the prince of a small village few can ride and fight quite like Ashitaka.
After finding himself cursed with a deadly affliction, he sets out on a journey to save himself as well as his village, leading to the fateful meeting with the fearsome San.
Devoted to helping his people and also willing to aid San in her mission to save the forest, Ashitaka proves himself to be more than worthy of his title.

#7: Arslan
“The Heroic Legend of Arslan” (2015-16)

While originally viewed as a weakling who knew nothing of the hardships outside the palace walls, this gentle son of a ruthless king found himself in the position of leadership when his life became consumed by war. Compassionate and loyal to his followers and even to some of his enemies, Arslan is the very definition of a benevolent ruler whose reign is born through the harsh winds of conflict. Not bad for someone whose barely hit their teens.

#6: Tuxedo Mask
“Sailor Moon” series (1992-2016)

Mamoru Chiba certainly has an impressive resume, it’s not every day you not only get to moonlight as a suave superheroe and also happen to be the reincarnation of an intergalactic monarch. In a previous life, Prince Endymion stood alongside his beloved Princess Serenity as rulers of the Moon Kingdom before it fell to Queen Beryl’s evil. He makes something of a reappearance later in the series after Mamoru is brainwashed into becoming Queen Beryl’s minion, but as is always the case with his heroic fashion icon, nothing can come between him and his love for Sailor Moon.

#5: Reiji
“Gundam Build Fighters” (2013-14)

Born Aria von Reiji Asuna, this noble loudmouth finds himself on Earth and somehow ends up taking part in virtual Gundam battles - Because what else is a royal supposed to do with his time? As a natural pilot with undeniable determination, his partnership with the timid but talented Sei leads them to taking on the world championships with their powerful Gunpla. Reiji may not be one for earthly customs but he sure knows his stuff when it comes to robots.

#4: Sanji
“One Piece” (1999-)
We were as surprised as Luffy was to find out that our favourite chain-smoking, ladies’ man wasn’t just an excellent cook, but also a prince of the Vinsmoke family. Genetically lacking compared to his siblings, Sanji spent his childhood in misery where he was constantly bullied and even imprisoned by his father. Through these dark times he learned to love food and dream of finding the All Blue. After escaping his homeland and starting his culinary quest, he would eventually find himself entangled with his new family, the Straw Hat Crew.

#3: Vegeta
“Dragon Ball” series (1989-)

Now this is a prince that you do not want to mess with. While his pride in himself and the Saiyan Race has remained a core component of his character, Vegeta has been everything from Goku’s bitter enemy to one of his most trusted allies…even if they always bump heads. Arrogant to the end and always looking to making himself stronger, this is one royal whose most at home when he’s in a fight. Of course, it’ll take a strong woman like Bulma to keep him in his place.

#2: Ling Yao
“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (2009-10)

Don’t take his light-heartedness at face value, because he’s actually one of the crown princes of Xing. Underneath all that aloofness is a man whose desire to ensure the throne has turned him into an incredibly cunning royal who can read just about anyone. This would have made him quite the catch, but that whole assimilating with the Homonculus, Greed, thing might put you off. Well… we guess two heads are better than one.

#1: Lelouch Vi Britannia
“Code Geass” (2006-08)

Liberator. Vigilante. Traitor. Tyrant. Lelouch took on many personas in his ongoing mission to free Brittania from the grasp of his own family. While his endeavours lead him down the path of a would-be hero and terrorist as the masked Zero, his daily facade was left immaculate causing many hopeless girls in the academy to swoon over him. Some of his choices may have been unethical – but this prince has absolute devotion to his cause and that which he swore to protect.

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