Another Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Moments

It’s been 7 seasons of suspense, mystery and surprises. In this countdown we take a look at the Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Moments! We’ve included Charlotte’s death, the reveal that Jason & Spencer are half-siblings, Hanna gets hit by a car, The Toby reveal and more!

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Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Moments

Hope you don’t mind having even more of your secrets revealed - A. Welcome to MsMojo and today we'll be counting down yet another top 10 Pretty Little Liars Moments.

For this list, we're looking at more iconic moments from this show's seven seasons. If you don't see one of the OMG-inducing moments you were expecting, be sure to check out our first video of the top 10 Pretty Little Liars moments.

#10: Charlotte's Death

The only thing more shocking than finding out CeCe Drake, A.K.A. Ali's sister Charlotte, was "A" in the season six summer finale, was having her killed off so quickly when the second half of the season premiered. We know that the premiere episode was set five years in the future, so technically Charlotte didn't die right after being unmasked as "A," but as viewers, we were still reeling from that big reveal. Now... we know her death was to make way for a brand new "A" to torment the girls, but still – her time on the show was shorter than Ali and Dr. Rollins' marriage.

#9: Jason & Spencer Are Half-Siblings

Back in season two, even before Mary Drake came along, there were suspicious circumstances connecting the Hastings and DiLaurentis families. So it doesn't take super sleuth Spencer long to put two and two together and deduce that her father had an affair with Jessica, making him Jason's father as well. It's a shocking revelation for Spencer, but it brings the two closer as friends and as half-siblings. Though Jason's other sister and Spencer's best friend Ali is still missing at the time, at least they have each other for support.

#8: The Twin Twist

Throughout the series, there had been clues foreshadowing that a twin twist would come into play later on. Most fans assumed the show would be following in the footsteps of the books from which it is adapted, by giving Ali a twin. But the showrunners, known for straying from the source material, couldn’t possibly make it so obvious. No, instead they gave Ali's mom, the late Jessica DiLaurentis, a twin sister named Mary, who remained a secret because she had spent a number of years in the Radley Sanitarium, and then proceeded to travel. During her time at Radley however, she gave birth to two children.

#7: Hanna Gets Hit by a Car

Is there anything more frustrating than having a character uncover a major secret, only to be killed off before they get the chance to tell anyone? Luckily... Hanna survives her close encounter with an automobile. Disappointingly however, the information she'd gathered proves less revelatory than we’d originally thought. She did succeed in catching Noel Kahn doing "A"'s dirty work, but failed to uncover the real A. Still, it made for one hell of a cliffhanger, and we couldn't help but yell out as we, alongside the other Liars, watched Hanna get run over.

#6: Ezra's Betrayal

Viewers had reason to be suspicious of Ezra for some time leading up to this reveal, after being given a glimpse into his “lair”. But that didn’t make the revelation any less heartbreaking to watch when Aria learned the truth. When Ezra lets slip information he couldn't possibly know, Aria investigates his cabin, where she finds the manuscript for his book about the liars. Sure, Ezra is a good guy by the show’s standards, and is ultimately on their side, but this is nonetheless some pretty deep and long-running deception on his part. The fact that he only started dating Aria to further his research understandably crushed not just Aria, but Ezria shippers everywhere.

#5: Jenna Can See

Jenna Marshall has consistently been full of surprises (xref). Though we have no proof she's had anything to do with the Liars' torment over the years, it's clear that Jenna does have a lot of secrets. Her biggest one was revealed to the audience at the end of season two - that the surgery worked and her eyesight had returned. Seeing her swat that fly in her room was absolutely chill-inducing. But the best moment of this particular plot came courtesy of Hanna… who jumped in front of Jenna's car to catch her in her lie. Way to put your life where your mouth is.

#4: The Toby Reveal

Every single time a character wearing a black hoodie turns around to face the camera, it somehow manages to be just as shocking as the last time a character was revealed to be in cahoots with "A." But none can compare with the season three summer finale which had Toby reveal himself as a member of the "A" team. Fans absolutely love Toby and his relationship with Spencer, so seeing him wearing one of those hoodies was pretty devastating. We would later realize he was only trying to protect the girls, Spencer in particular, from behind enemy lines. But until he and Spencer reconciled, that cut ran deep.

#3: Spencer Goes to Radley

After finding what she thought was Toby's dead body in the woods, Spencer is brought into Radley as a Jane Doe patient since she was found wandering around the forest in a daze. Viewers were freaked out seeing her in Radley, afraid that one of the Liars had finally snapped. She ends up spending a total of three days in the sanitarium, despite the fact that, apart from mourning Toby, her mental state is that unhinged. She later explains that she hadn’t snapped, she was just tired of fighting. We get wanting a vacation from "A"... but was Radley really the destination of choice?

#2: Melissa Buries Bethany

There were a lot of mistakes made the night of Ali's disappearance, but none quite as deadly as the one committed by Melissa Hastings. Mona may have accidentally knocked her unconscious, but Melissa was the one who buried Bethany alive, thinking she was Alison and that her sister Spencer had killed her. Most of the time Spencer and Melissa have a strained relationship to say the least, so you have to laugh at the fact that the one time Melissa does something to protect her sister... she ends up inadvertently killing a girl instead. Alright, laughing might be a bit of a dark response but still - talk about ironic twists of fate.

Before we reveal our number one moment, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Birth of Spoby

The Girls Hit Dr. Rollins

Ezra Has a Son

#1: Mary Drake is Spencer's Mom

And here we thought finding out Mary Drake was actually Jessica DiLaurentis' twin sister was going to be the most shocking thing about her! Mary may be Charlotte's birth mother, but she gave birth to another child from inside Radley, and that baby... was Spencer. The resemblance between the two may be uncanny, but it's still hard to wrap our heads around, because that would make Alison and Jason her cousins, even though Jason is already her half-brother… That’s one twisted family tree. It also means Peter Hastings slept with both twin sisters and fathered both their children. Only in Rosewood...

Do you agree with our list? Which Pretty Little Liars moment still makes you gasp? For more nostalgic top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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