Top 10 Most HILARIOUS Bad Lip Reading Videos

Script written by Laura Keating.

The best of Bad Lip Reading is sure to make you laugh. Whether it’s bad lip reading the NFL, Inauguration Day of President Donald Trump, or Edward and Bella of Twilight, BLR puts words into other people’s mouths. WatchMojo counts down ten of the funniest Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube.

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Script written by Laura Keating.

Top 10 Most HILARIOUS Bad Lip Reading Videos

According to them, they put words into other people’s mouths. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Bad Lip Reading videos.

For this list, we’re looking at the songs, films, and political and sporting events that got the BLR treatment; extra points for believability in the dub-over, and pure hilarity.

#10: “Peter & Gwen”

Bad Lip Reading videos are typically defined by absurd conversations that somehow work. This “interpretation” of various conversations between Peter and Gwen does just that. We see them discuss everything from nachos to wooden legs to sporks. But the best moment has to be the second to last scene, where Gwen comes to Peter enquiring over her pig and duck. Pete’s got some bad news for her, and she is understandably devastated. She leaves him with some words of wisdom so baffling it almost sounds wise – which is the mark of any good BLR video.

#9: “High School Musical”

The longest of all our selection at 22 minutes, this one is just amazing in scope. While it relies heavily on the use of voice-overs for scenes where no lips are moving (and therefore they can say anything to advance the “plot”), you have to give them credit for stitching together this bizarre new storyline about the budding romance between “Chorky” and “Lumpkinella.” The use of visual cues, and sound effects to make the best of a believable but otherwise unworkable line, shows some real commitment. Somehow, throughout the nonsense, they weave a full drama.

#8: “Russian Unicorn”

This one proves that lyrics don’t matter. It’s a catchier song than it has any right to be; if you weren’t paying attention, and this came on, you’d likely nod along. A far cry from the plucky source material, somehow this video seems more believable than the original. Michael Bublé has a great voice and all, but which one would really be more likely to get you break-dancing in the cereal aisle and then start a full-blown parking lot party? Like most BLR songs, the words are pure nonsense, which is what makes it so great and quotable.

#7: “Debate Night!”

Politics can get pretty contentious, especially these days. Why can’t all political arguments be this funny? While it actually makes as much sense as some of the arguments you hear in real debates (which is to say: none at all), at least this version gets you laughing in a good way. Set up like an old-school game show, we see Clinton and Trump go toe-to-toe, answering the pressing questions everyone wants answers to. Like... how they like their chicken cooked, or how they’d get out of helping a friend. This lip-read is some of the best BLR has ever done.

#6: "Edward and Bella”

Still a better love story than – wait, what? In this Bad Lip Reading installation, we see the two most famous star-crossed couple of the 21st century as they discuss such passionate fare as: spit, the wrong way to prepare fish, and the dramatic fate of a piece of cake. The movies of the Twilight saga (like the books before them) tended to take themselves very seriously. So, this video, which is anything but serious, is a breath of fresh air. The “lip-sync” is on point, and the conversations perfectly pairs dramatic tone of voice with absurd sentences.

#5: “Inauguration Day”

The world saw a big shift in America with the election of Donald Trump. At the changing of the guard, so to speak, moods were tense. Or were they? Honestly, we like to image this isn’t bad lip reading at all... but rather how it really went down. This works so well because the words (at least initially) seem to play to the true characters of every individual involved. It actually feels like we’re listening in on the inner dialogue of each person here. But perhaps the best moment is the hilarious and awkward dance without music.

#4: “NFL 2015”

Professional athletes are some of the most beloved people out there - flesh and blood heroes to many. While fans and athletes alike take the game seriously, it seems that Bad Lip Reading succeeded in making light of the NFL in a way that everyone could appreciate. It was so popular, that BLR has repeated the play since, but the 2015 edition reigns supreme. There are so many quick takes and people involved in this barrage of extremely quotable nonsense that you have to replay it over and over to really appreciate it all, making it a BLR-fan favorite everywhere.

#3: “The Walking (And Talking) Dead”

A large part of comedy is the element of surprise. And if you’re familiar with this show, you know that these survivors rarely waste their words making jokes, which ensures that nearly every hilarious line of this BLR video lands. But perhaps even better is when the walkers get in on it too. Released at the height of The Walking Dead’s popularity, it was instantly a hit for fans of the show and BLR alike. It was also one of the first Bad Lip Reading videos to incorporate a song – a catchy trend they maintain to this day.

#2: “The Hunger Games”

Only BLR could make the story of children forced to compete in a ritualistic public fight to the death in a dystopian hellscape... THIS funny. One of the most popular videos on the channel, the timing is perfect, the lines are inane, and like some of the earlier entries on the list, the humor seems to work so well because of the dark nature of the original material. The sequel to “The Hunger Games” – “Catching Fire” – got a similar treatment two years later, and it is equally amazing. Years later, they’re still making us laugh.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- “Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights”
- “Gang Fight”
- “First Republican Debate Highlights 2015”

#1: “Medieval Land Fun-Time World” Extended Trailer

We would WATCH THIS. Presented as a movie trailer about a desperate manager trying to handle a bunch of loser employees at a Medieval-themed amusement park, this is BLR at its finest. Edited to feel authentic, with new character names for the cast of the HBO hit “Game of Thrones,” we see the likes of “Eddie,” “JoJo”, and “Terry” battling it out less with swords and subterfuge, and more with snide remarks. With preppy music and teenage personalities, it successfully makes you forget the characters are part of a medieval fantasy drama, and not a high school summer comedy.

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