Top 5 Tips to Avoid a Nasty Hangover

Want to avoid a nasty hangover? Check out these 5 tips that could save you from having a horrendous morning. Remember to keep hydrated, drink in moderation, don’t smoke, eat healthy before bed/the next morning, and stay away from the bubbles!

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Top 5 Tips To Avoid A Nasty Hangover

Having a hangover isn’t fun, but we’ve got your back. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Tips To Avoid A Nasty Hangover.
For this list, we’ve compiled some kernels of advice to keep in mind next time you’re planning on getting your drink on. You’ll thank us later.

#5: No Bubbles

Do you find that you get drunk faster while throwing back rum and Cokes? Well science may have the answer. According to researchers at the University of Manchester, opting to mix alcohol and a carbonated beverage increases your blood’s speed in soaking up the booze. No matter if you think you’re being reasonable, the drinks you do have carry more of a punch to your system… especially the day after. It’s recommended that if you are going to mix a drink, you’re better off using water or fruit juice. Cutting out the bubbles may just help you avoid a blistering headache.

#4: Eat Healthy before Bed/the next Morning

It’s all about planning, folks! Getting properly hammered involves some careful strategy the entire day prior. Before you put copious amounts of alcohol in your system, you need to have a good base of protein and carbs to soak it up. Then comes the cool-down from the evening. Drinking kills your blood sugar levels, which makes for worse hangovers. It’s tempting to order 50 chicken wings the moment you leave the bar, but your body will be much happier if you stick to something healthy. Eat a nutritious meal to replenish your body’s dwindling amount of vitamins and minerals. Then after some shut-eye, grab a pal for a nice brunch of eggs the next morning.

v#3: Don’t Smoke

It might feel all “Mad Men” and stuff, but a night of indulging in vices will not look so glamorous in the harsh light of day. According to the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University, the combined enjoyment of cigarettes and alcohol will lead to an even worse hangover. Both negatively affect our sleep, which is super key in healing us from a debaucherous evening. Poor sleep equals a less functional you come morning. Ditch the cigs and you’ll catch better Zs.

#2: Drink In Moderation

Okay, we swear we’re not the fun police here. Thing is, there’s a way to control how you’ll feel come morning: keep a tab on how much hooch you consume. The Ancient Greeks said “know thyself,” so take a lesson from those smart drinkers and figure out what your limits are. We’re willing to bet you’ve had that “I’m never drinking again” epiphany once or twice, right? Next time you’re offered that extra shot of vodka or another round of shooters, maaaaybe say “thanks, but no thanks.” Your body will be thankful in the morning!

#1: Hydrate

One of the downfalls of alcohol is that it is a diuretic, which is just a fancy word that means it makes you pee a lot. Because of that, you’re likely to become dehydrated, which makes way for all those wonderful symptoms like headaches, dry mouth and fatigue. Simply squeezing in a glass of water between alcoholic beverages during the night can prevent ALL of it! In fact, knocking back a tall glass of water before going to bed can do wonders for your body as well. The next time you order a round of tequila shots, don’t forget to ask the waiter for a pitcher of water to wash it down. Future you will be eternally grateful.


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