Top 10 Best Bruno Mars Music Videos

This Hawaiian crooner and pop superstar has wowed the masses and stolen all kinds of hearts with his visual flair. In this countdown we chose the best 10 Bruno Mars’s music videos featuring Mars as the main artist. Although he has been featured in a slew of great videos, such as the unstoppable “Uptown Funk” and his breakout “Billionaire”, they were not Bruno Mars songs. Some of the videos included are “The Other Side feat. CeeLo Green and B.o.B., “When I Was Your Man”, “Grenade”, “24K Magic” and “Just the Way You Are”.

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Top 10 Best Bruno Mars Music Videos

This Hawaiian crooner and pop superstar has wowed the masses and stolen all kinds of hearts with his visual flair. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we will be counting down our picks for the top 10 best Bruno Mars music videos.

For this list, we will be choosing the best music videos featuring Mars as the main artist. Although he has been featured in a slew of great videos, such as the unstoppable “Uptown Funk” and his breakout “Billionaire”, they were not Bruno Mars songs.

#10: “Treasure” (2013)

We open with one of Bruno Mars’ biggest hits, and a music video with so much retro style, that anyone unfamiliar with Bruno will immediately understand what he’s all about. This 70s music-video throwback has a Jackson 5 groove, fully equipped with trippy visuals, cheesy close-ups, sexy dancing, and lots of neon. Teeming with blazing disco lights and matching red suits, the video was part of a trio of videos directed by Bruno as an homage to the golden days of performance videos. And no, there is nothing wrong with your settings. This video is purposefully presented in an old school aspect ratio, and is only available in standard definition. Talk about keeping it old school.

#9: “The Other Side” (2010)

After being featured in a number of hit songs, the world was ready to welcome Bruno Mars into their homes. As one of the early videos off his debut album, “The Other Side” gave us a glimpse of what came before, and what we will come to expect from this future superstar. The music offers us a sweet taste of his talents, mixing some rock and pop with subtle funky undertones. The video on the other hand shows Bruno with his band, the Hooligans, in their meager beginnings, practicing in garages, playing on street corners, living the somewhat unglamorous life of a band on the road.

#8: “When I Was Your Man” (2013)

A song of pure heartache, and all you need is Bruno at a piano. A simple premise for a painful song, but there is nothing simple about the production of this video. Looking just like an 80’s TV special, Bruno and his directing partner Cameron Duddy deliberately used retro video effects like cheesy cross-fades and mirror images to dial in the nostalgia. With whiskey in tow, and the ghostly figure of his true love with tears in her eyes, Bruno Mars truly is a balladeer from another age.

#7: “Liquor Store Blues” (2011)

While Bruno’s videos might not be too high-concept, they are always infused with style. This particular video features the great Damian Marley jamming with Bruno in a simple but psychedelic rendition of his early single “Liquor Store Blues”. With the smoke blazing and retro effects on hand, we are presented with a taste of Bruno’s youth, while the colours are a clear representation of Marley’s musical background and heritage. The reggae vibe is felt throughout the music as well as in the video, and shows that Bruno has a number of musical influences and styles to test out.

#6: “The Lazy Song” (2011)

One of Bruno’s most upbeat songs, “The Lazy Song” is an ode to pure laziness and enjoying the wonderful act of doing absolutely nothing. After seeing the studio’s intended music video for this song, Bruno decided to make his own to better suit the song’s message. Simple enough, the song is performed by Bruno in his bedroom, starring Californian dance crew Poreotics in monkey masks. With over a billion views, this is Bruno’s most viewed video, but that wasn’t enough. An alternate video was released, starring the great Leonard Nimoy like we have never seen him before: bored with life.

#5: “Grenade” (2010)

One of Bruno Mars’s most cinematic videos, “Grenade” shows us an emotional and deeply poetic Bruno. The lyrics express frustration and heartbreak, while the visuals present us with an allegory for the tortured artist and suffering lover. The image of the singer dragging his piano across the city is incredibly evocative and painful to watch. The scenic portrayal tells the story of a man who would lay it all down for someone, knowing he will get nothing in return. The thought is haunting, almost as haunting as that shocking final shot.

#4: “Gorilla” (2013)

Bruno Mars music videos are usually musical numbers, full of dancing and great outfits. But for “Gorilla”, Bruno and his team decided to go more high-concept. Co-directed by Bruno Himself, “Gorilla” displays a passionate affair between a stripper, played by Freida Pinto, and the strip-club’s singer. A spiritual sequel to his stripper song “Money Make Her Smile”, which can be heard at the beginning, the video opens with Luis Guzman presenting us to Isabella, the sultry dancer who, by video’s end, will have caused some fiery chaos. Her performance will leave you breathless, and will leave Bruno a bewildered mess as she disappears from his life.

#3: “Locked Out of Heaven” (2012)

A live performance video with a twist, Bruno first showed his interest in playing with form and style in “Locked out of Heaven”. The genius mix of grainy, “camcorder” footage, cheesy music-video effects, beautiful models and behind the scenes mischief create a breathtaking experience. This can only be matched by the pulse-pounding song about pure energy and sexual enlightenment. Mars himself told MTV that the VHS effects bring him back to his childhood. The video earned Mars an MTV VMA for Best Male video of 2013, amongst a slew of other nominations.

#2: “Just the Way You Are” (2010)

If you wanted to see Bruno at his most romantic, look no further than “Just the Way You Are”. The beautiful lyrics and soulful song heighten the music video to Romantic Movie levels of joy. As Bruno is singing to his girlfriend, he uses cassette tape to animate his feelings for his lady, maybe because actions speak louder than words? But who needs these actions when Bruno Mars is singing to you. As his lead single off “Doo-Wops & Hooligans”, “Just the Way You Are” pushed Mars and his debut album to superstardom, and earning him a Best Male Video Award from MTV Japan.

#1: “24K Magic” (2016)

After a long hiatus, Bruno Mars returns with his first single and video off his third album, and boy does he come back in style. Our top pick is clearly Mars at his most stylish, smoothest and funkiest. The doo-wop singer and his crew take us out on a fun-fueled Vegas-inspired night of magic and partying, from pool side parties to hotel shenanigans, we are treated to private jets, champagne, casinos, and way too much bling. This is all a far cry from his struggling artist performance in “The Other Side”, but this is the Bruno we love and want. It’s party music with funky style to spare.

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