Top 10 Forgotten Teen Heartthrobs of the 1980s

Did you forget about these ‘80s celeb hotties? These guys made us swoon in the 1980s but have fallen off in popularity since then. We’ve included singers and actors that millions of girls were crazy for! This list includes Richard Grieco, Andrew McCarthy, Ralph Tresvant, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estavez, Scott Baio and Kirk Cameron!

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Top 10 ‘80s Teen Heartthrobs You Probably Forgot About

From the Brat Pack to boy bands, these guys had it all! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 ‘80s Teen Heartthrobs You Probably Forgot About.
For this list, we’ve picked the guys that used to make you swoon in the 1980s, but have fallen off in popularity since then. These hunks can be actors or singers, but didn’t necessarily have to be teens themselves. As long as teenagers were the primary fan base, we’re looking back on them fondly here.

#10: Richard Grieco

It’d be hard for any actor to hold his own against Johnny Depp, but Richard proved he could do just that as Dennis Booker on “21 Jump Street.” Rebellious, confident, and sexy, Richard was a star to watch as a bad boy with a good heart. The success of the role allowed this former Calvin Klein model to make the leap to the big screen in movies like “Mobsters” and “If Looks Could Kill,” where he played similar on-brand characters. After “21 Jump Street” ended, he had a short-lived spin-off, “Booker.” His famed died off, but fans of the original series did get to see Richard reprise his role in 2014’s “22 Jump Street.”

#9: Andrew McCarthy

As the quiet member of the Brat Pack, Andrew wasn’t in the tabloids as much as his counterparts. Andrew was the boy-next-door, pulling at heartstrings with his boyish good looks and general charm, and playing relatable protagonists in movies like “Class” and “Less Than Zero.” Even when he served as Duckie’s main obstacle in his quest to woo Andie in “Pretty in Pink,” or was playing the moody writer in “St. Elmo’s Fire,” McCarthy still managed to be likeable. After two decades of big-screen hits, he began to focus more on television, theater and travel writing, but pops up in TV credits either as an actor or a director.

#8: Ralph Tresvant

Without New Edition, there’d be no *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys, so we owe some thanks to Ralph and the boys. As one of the band’s main singers, Ralph’s voice was always a welcome addition on hits like “Cool It Now” and “Can You Stand the Rain.” He may not have been the flashiest member of the group, but he was that cute guy it felt safe to have a crush on. After massive success and drama, Tresvant had some success in the ‘90s with his solo work, releasing slow-jams like “Do What I Gotta Do.” His mainstream popularity may have faded, but he’s still performing with New Edition.

#7: Ralph Macchio

Known for his baby-faced good looks, Ralph first rose to fame on the TV show “Eight is Enough,” but it was his role in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Outsiders” that really shot him into the big leagues. Ralph then landed his biggest role as Daniel LaRusso in “The Karate Kid.” He followed up with two sequels in the franchise, which kept him in the spotlight for much of the decade. His on-screen work petered out in the ‘90s, with “My Cousin Vinny” as his last high-profile success. In recent years, he’s made some hilarious TV cameos, and even a fourth place finish on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2011.

#6: Judd Nelson

As the resident bad boy of the Brat Pack, Judd Nelson was the mysterious, slightly dangerous guy to have a crush on. His key role in “The Breakfast Club” as Bender the anarchistic social outcast cemented this image, and played him off as the deeply misunderstood guy. He continued with the “jerk” persona with roles in “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “Blue City.” On top of that, he was the voice of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime in “The Transformers: The Movie,” another role that showed off how cool he was. Despite consistently working, his popularity dwindled after the ‘80s, but you may see him nowadays on “Empire.”

#5: Emilio Estevez

As the unofficial “president” of the Brat Pack, Emilio was the guy who had it all. The handsome older brother of Charlie Sheen, Emilio was known for his iconic roles in movies like “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “The Breakfast Club,” where he played the ultimate high school jock. During the ‘80s and ‘90s, his love life was also a topic of conversation, given his engagement to fellow Brat Packer Demi Moore, and his two-year marriage to Paula Abdul. His role as coach Gordon Bombay in “The Mighty Ducks” franchise served as one of his last big parts. Since then, he’s seemed to move behind the camera as a TV director.

#4: Brian Bloom

Soap operas were some of the biggest star-makers in the 1980s, and that was just the case for Brian Bloom. He starred as Dusty Donovan on the long-running “As the World Turns,” earning a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series. He was only 15 at the time, which made him the youngest person to receive the award. But Brian moved onto act in a slew of made-for-TV movies like “Dance ‘Til Dawn, as well as guest-starring on another soap, “Melrose Place.” We don’t get to see much of his dazzling eyes anymore, but Brian has made a successful career off of his voice work in video games, including the “Call of Duty” franchise.

#3: C. Thomas Howell

Just like Ralph Macchio, C. Thomas Howell rose to fame with a starring role in “The Outsiders.” He captivated audience’s hearts as the film’s protagonist Ponyboy Curtis and won a Young Artist Award for his portrayal, proving he wasn’t just a pretty face. The momentum kept going with roles in hits like “Secret Admirer” and “Red Dawn.” His career wasn’t without missteps, though; his role in “Soul Man” was met with controversy, since his character wore blackface to get a scholarship. Despite the backlash, Howell believes it was an important film for race relations. Not sure about that one, bud.

#2: Kirk Cameron

Who didn’t have a crush on Kirk? As Mike Seaver, Kirk played the oldest child on the hit sitcom, “Growing Pains.” Mike was the quintessential cool guy, known for his love of Bruce Springsteen, devil-may-care attitude, and ability to get out of any jam with his smirk. Teenage girls loved him and the guys wanted to be him. Outside of “Growing Pains,” Kirk had other TV roles like his guest spot on “Full House,” made-for-TV movies, and PSAs. In his autobiography, he said he was being sent over 10,000 letters of fan mail a week at the height of his success. But he walked away from superstardom when he became a born-again Christian at age 17 and shifted his focus to faith-based projects.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
· Malcolm-Jamal Warner
· Michael Schoeffling

#1: Scott Baio

As one of the decade’s ultimate baes, Scott was pretty much a permanent fixture on the big and small screens from the late 1970s onwards. He played Chachi on “Happy Days” and endeared himself to the audience with his puppy-dog eyes and easy smile. His character was so popular that it landed him a spin-off with “Joanie Loves Chachi.” It only lasted a year, but Scott was able to bounce back with “Charles in Charge.” Off-screen he was known to be something of lady-killer with high-profile relationships. Since his heyday, he’s dabbled in reality TV, all while being a very vocal Republican.

Do you agree with our list? Which ‘80s heartthrob did you have a crush on? For more can’t-miss Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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