Top 10 Celebs Who Got Their Start In Porn

Written by Matthew Manouli Some of the most famous actors in the world got their start in the film industry, and you may be shocked to find out who! WatchMojo presents Top 10 Actors You Won't Believe Were In Porn Before They Were Famous. But which actor will take the top spot on our list? Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, or Marilyn Monroe? Watch to find out! Watch on WatchMojo: Big thanks to ninou78, EmJay, ViolaCello, and arimazzie for suggesting this idea, and to see how WatchMojo users voted, check out the suggest page here: http://WatchMojo.comsuggest/%20Top%2010%20Actors%20Who%20Started%20Out%20In%20Porn

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Most famous actors are used to being busy onscreen, but some are used to getting busy onscreen too. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 actors who started out in porn.

For this list, we’ll be looking at actors and actresses who appeared in hardcore or soft-core porn, or erotica - whether films, magazines, or other forms of media - before they got their big break in the entertainment industry. For the record, our definition of porn is a bit loose here, so actual sex doesn’t have to be involved, but there must at least be sexually arousing subject matter.

#10: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before making it big by terminating people and asking them to take off their clothes, Arnold Schwarzenegger removed all of his own in a photo shoot for a magazine popular in the gay community called “After Dark.” Kind of ironic for a once anti-gay rights former Republican governor of California, no? But with biceps like these, how could he not? The feature was titled “Musclebound For Glory,” and included other bodybuilders from the time too. Talk about Commando going commando!

#9: Simon Rex

That’s right, Simon Rex, aka Dirt Nasty, is on this list, but are you really that surprised? The former MTV VJ turned actor, rapper, and comedian has admitted to being in a couple of porn films for Club 1821 in the ‘90s. The scenes didn’t involve any other actors or actresses, however, and were just solo pleasure clips meant for gay audiences. Rex claims he did it out of desperation to earn cash to pay rent, but he also says he’s glad it’s out in the open now so he doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet.

#8: Perrey Reeves

You probably know her as the stunning Mrs. Ari on “Entourage,” but Perrey Reeves has also appeared alongside Will Ferrell in “Old School” and in the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” Before she made her big jump to film though, she appeared in an episode of the now tame, but at the time sizzling, soft-core erotica TV series, “Red Shoe Diaries.” While she had small film & TV roles before this, her career took off after her role in a 1994 episode, as she’s been working steadily ever since, and looks just as great today as she did back then.

#7: Sibel Kekilli

Sibel Kekilli used to be a straight up porn star, appearing in numerous German adult films mainly under the name Dilara, before playing a prostitute in “Game of Thrones.” The Turkish-German actress starred in several feature films in the early 2000s, but got her big break in the German film “Head-On” in 2004, though the sex scenes in that movie weren’t real, of course. Between that and her adult movies, she surely got the experience needed for her character on “Game of Thrones,” where she fit in well, as she’s one of many former porn actresses on the hit HBO show.

#6: Sasha Grey

With credits like “Ass Eaters Unanimous 19” and “Masturbation Nation 3,” Sasha Grey is no stranger to the porn industry. In fact, her first scene was an orgy! After appearing in over 300 adult films from 2006-2011, and earning numerous awards, Grey announced her retirement in 2011. However, she was still active in the industry when she began moving onto more mainstream roles, most notably in 2009’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” although she later played a version of herself on “Entourage.” Her past still haunts her, though; while participating in a reading program in a California elementary school, parents were irate that a former adult star would be let around their children. Despite retiring, she’s still mostly known for her porn, as opposed to most of the entries on this list.

#5: David Duchovny

David Duchovny wasn’t always the aloof FBI agent Fox Mulder. Before his debut on “The X-Files,” he had a starring role in the intriguing erotic series “Red Shoe Diaries.” He played Jake Winters, a man who lost his fiancée due to suicide after she had an affair with a construction worker-slash-shoe-salesman. Wanting to learn why his fiancée killed herself, he takes out an ad in the newspaper to hear stories about love and deception from other women. Never one to shy away from honest talk about sex, Duchovny also starred in another sexually charged series called “Californication,” before ultimately entering rehab for sex addiction in 2008.

#4: Matt LeBlanc

Thought you heard the last of “Red Shoe Diaries?” Well, you thought wrong! Before he was asking “how you doin’?,” Joey Tribbani was finding himself in some intimate settings on the erotic series. This episode of “Red Shoe Diaries” tells the story of a receptionist whose feelings are divided between the stereotypical low class courier played by LeBlanc, and a wealthy businessman. While neither man ends up with the receptionist, as an actor LeBlanc had the last laugh, as his career was the one that took off shortly thereafter thanks to “Friends.”

#3: Jackie Chan

After working as a stuntman in Bruce Lee films “Fist of Fury” and “Enter the Dragon” in the early ‘70s, the martial artists ad stuntman extraordinaire was hard-pressed to find work. In 1975, he played the role of Little Tang, a rickshaw boy who is seduced by a bored wife in “All in the Family.” This adult comedy film was fairly tame by today’s standards, but it did push the envelope in mid-70s Hong Kong. When confronted with his past role, Chan brushed it off as something he had to do to make ends meet. Interestingly enough, it’s his only movie not to have a fight sequence; we’re guessing he was too busy making love and not war!

#2: Marilyn Monroe

A lot can be said about this American bombshell. She was a talented actress, model, and a sex symbol of the 1950s. And despite her acting talent, she was often typecast as a submissive “dumb blonde.” However, it was her looks and allure that nabbed her the cover shot of the very first issue of Playboy in 1953. While she was clothed on the cover, she appeared nude as the centerfold. The image had been taken from a 1949 nude photo shoot for calendars, during her early days as pin-up model. As you can imagine, the issue sold out quickly.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Spalding Gray
- Ron Jeremy

#1: Sylvester Stallone

1970: the year that gave us great films like “Love Story” and “Patton,” also gave us a young Sly Stallone’s cringe worthy attempt at softcore porn. Pre-Rocky, Stallone found himself homeless, constantly struggling with finances, and avoiding police. Out of desperation, he auditioned for a role in a softcore porn called “The Party At Kitty and Stud’s,” and received $200 for only two days of work. The uninspired storyline follows Kitty and Stud’s relationship, with Stud ultimately inviting several people to his place for group sex. After the success of “Rocky,” the film was retroactively renamed to “Italian Stallion,” but still no one watched it. Maybe that’s for the best, Sly.

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