Top 5 Facts about Lipstick You Should Know!

Script written by Spencer Sher Top 5 Facts about Lipstick You Should Know! Subscribe: Many women wear lipstick, but how much do you really know about this beauty product? Some of these facts may gross you out, but at least you’ll know what’s going on your lips! Did you know that the ingredients in it used to be disgusting? Some of the ingredients include sheep sweat, crocodile poop, animal fat and crushed insets. Nowadays, the ingredients are not as gross but doesn’t mean it’s not as toxic. There are ingredients that you should still look out for like silica or mica. The most commonly used ingredient today is guanine, which is found in fish. There’s a few cool scientific facts too. Did you know that women who wear lipstick ten to hold the gaze of men longer than their female counterparts who don’t? In fact men would stare for an average o 7.3 seconds compared to 2.2 seconds for women who don’t wear lipstick! Special thanks to our user Stine Pedersen for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 5 Facts About Lipstick

Some wear it everyday, while others save it for a special occasion. It comes in thousands of different colors and has been around for centuries. Welcome to MsMojo and today we'll be counting down the Top 5 Facts About Lipstick.

#5: It Was Used As a Calling Card

It may be hard to imagine due to its current cultural prevalence, but once upon a time lipstick had a much more divisive purpose. Ancient Greece might be a culture revered for its creation of democracy, but it also upheld a law forbidding prostitutes from leaving the home without first applying a layer of lipstick. That’s right. You see, in the beginning, prostitutes in Ancient Greece frequently wore brightly colored lipstick to signal to potential clients exactly what line of work they were in. It got to the point where local lawmakers made it illegal for prostitutes to leave their homes without the facial accessory – lest they be mistaken for a lady of higher social standing.

#4: The Ingredients Used To Be Pretty Gross

Nowadays, most lipsticks are made from a variety of different waxes, oils and pigments. However, over the years many diverse, sometimes bizarre, ingredients have been used in the manufacturing of this popular cosmetic product. The Ancient Greeks used all kinds of mildly nauseating substances, including sheep sweat and crocodile poop. Animal fat and crushed insects are other old-timey ingredients that were commonly employed. These days, that distinctive shimmer may come from minerals such as silica or mica, but certain brands continue to use a tried and true ingredient to achieve similar results - fish scales. Check the ingredients on your lipstick. If you see “guanine”... you’ve got fish on your lips.

#3: It Holds Men’s Gaze

Whether it’s a touch of crimson or a dash of pink, a little color goes a long way. But did you know that men tend to look at women with lipstick longer than their non-lipstick wearing counterparts? In a study conducted by the University of Manchester, it was revealed that women with red lipstick garner the most attention from men – who would stare for an average of 7.3 seconds. Pink lipstick came in second, holding their gaze for 6.7 seconds. Coming in last were women with no lipstick, who only received a quick glance of 2.2 seconds. The old adage of men being visual creatures sure earned itself a scientific stamp of approval in this study.

#2: People Thought It Was Magic

The practice of smearing color on one’s lips has been around for a long time. From Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, lipstick has been a staple in humanity’s cosmetic repertoire for centuries. It was especially popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, in 16th century England. Many, including the queen, believed that lipstick had magical healing powers… with the potential to even delay death. When Elizabeth herself fell ill near the end of her life, she wore increasingly higher amounts of the stuff in an attempt to live just a few more days. Ironically, the lipstick of the day was often made with ceruse, a cosmetic now known to cause lead poisoning and often death.

#1: It Was Almost Made Illegal

Today, lipstick is as innocent as apple pie and Sesame Street. Women of all ages wear it regularly; be it to their place of work or for a fun night out on the town. However, did you know that at one point lawmakers attempted to introduce a bill that would have made lipstick illegal? That’s right. Way back in 1915, legislators in the state of Kansas tried to make it a crime for women under the age of 44 to wear lipstick. Their only supporting argument was that it allegedly “created a false impression”. People likely didn’t know what that meant then, and we certainly don’t know now… but we’re all happy that such ridiculous legislation never passed.

Can you imagine a world where lipstick is illegal? Do you know of any other strange ingredients that were once used to make the product? For more awe-inspiring Top 10’s and insightful Top 5’s, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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