Top 10 Fugly Fashion Fads

We’re glad these were just fads because come on, admit it, these were as fugly as they come. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you owned any of these or have rocked them at some point in your life. We’re talking about the hipster mullet you thought was cool, those Kanye West inspired shutter shades that made everyone look ridiculous, crocs that made your feet look hideous, velour tracksuits, showing your thong during your dirrty Xtina phase, socks with sandals and wearing feathers in your hair. No, just no.

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Top 10 Fugly Fashion Fads

There’s fashion dos, and fashion oh god, please don’ts. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fugly Fashion Fads.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the fads that should probably stay in the back of our closets. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but we have to take a deep breath and realize the truth: some fashion statements were never meant to be made.

#10: Shutter Shades

Yolo? More like “oh no.” This particular trend is the bastard child of that dude-bro who wears sunglasses indoors. These multi-colored shades defeat the entire purpose of protecting your eyes from the sun by having shutters for lenses, which creates a look that’s supposed to be cool. Instead, glasses wearers end up looking ridiculous, especially when you can see their eyes through the lenses as they strike poses that make us think that they’re auditioning to be in a hip hop music video. If we really do only live once, this definitely is not the way to do it.

#9: Feather Hair Accessories

Nature is a beautiful thing. That being said... nature should probably stay away from our hair, or at least, be tangled in our flowing locks within reason. Truth be told, there are some stunning looks that can be done with feather accessories, but it’s hard to nail down the perfect balance. Too many feathers, too many shapes, the single feather that doesn’t really know what it’s doing, different kinds of feathers, different time periods of feathered looks, and the ill-advised culturally insensitive urge to go full Native American headdress. It’s a slippery slope that’s best left at Claire’s.

#8: Hipster Mullet

For some unknown reason the mullet has managed to stick around, surviving the 1970s, outliving 80's hockey-hair and outlasting its ironic and all too self-aware novelty of the early 2000s. That being said, there’s a certain way a mullet is supposed to look and the people who dare to rock the style know it. Trying to make the mullet look “hip” is pointless as the mullet is forever linked with the 80’s guy obsessed with his hair, the redneck cousin you try not to visit, and the tacky guy with the porno moustache. It’s all part of their dated charm, but maybe it’s time to let go of the decades long formula.

#7: Socks with Sandals

We're nearly two decades deep into the new millennium and yet we STILL have to explain this one? Much like Shutter Shades, wearing socks with sandals completely defeats the purpose of the footwear. The point of wearing sandals is to free your feet from confinement and show off those cute little toes -- especially if you took the time to paint your toenails. It’s not just the look that’s off-putting; it doesn’t even FEEL right to tie the strap around a sock covered ankle. Do your feet a favour: if you want to wear socks, pair them with sneakers.

#6: Showing Your Thong

Plumber’s crack. A phenomenon usually associated with working men– rough and ready alphas who give the world more than a passing glimpse of their hairy butt when they get to work. Why are we bringing that up now? Because this thong trend is like an upgrade to that unsightly plumber’s crack, the difference being that plumber’s crack is unintentional. Sure, it's generally much better received and it's easy to understand the general enjoyment of thongs: they’re really cute and they make us feel sexy as hell. However, they lose that sex appeal when paired with low-waisted jeans and a top small enough to show them off.

#5: Trucker Hats

Many fashion trends feel like they come out of nowhere and revolve around the most random accessories. Case in point: trucker hats. Essentially, a trucker hat is in the baseball cap family, and is associated with, well... truckers. There’s nothing wrong with trucking, of course, but suddenly, out of nowhere, they were being worn as fashion accessories instead of that thing you throw on your head when you don’t feel like being bothered with your hair. It's not clear exactly what John Deere or Von Dutch had to do with it, but somehow wearing either logo had suddenly become a status symbol.

#4: Sagging Pants
Again, we're shocked that we have to explain this one. This has been a universally panned style for decades, and yet, those pants are still sagging to damn near comical levels. This look is so horrendous that there are places where it is legitimately against the law to wear them. Anyone can understand the desire to rise against what society deems as “normal”, and some can even applaud individuals who want to stand out, but please... find a way to make an impression with your pants at waist level.

#3: Velour Tracksuits

Damn you Juicy Couture. Much like trucker hats, this is another trend that took us off guard. The tracksuit has been here before, of course, but they were something we threw on when you weren't too fussy about how you looked when you walked out the house. But suddenly, they were a fashion statement being paired with full makeup, gorgeous purses, and stylish sunglasses. Celebrities were shopping in them, posing on cars, rocking NAME BRAND tracksuits... This was a look meant to be worn to and from our mailbox, not shopping on Rodeo Drive.

#2: Leggings as Pants

This is probably the fad that gets debated most often, because let’s face it, there are some CUTE leggings out there. We’ve evolved past the basic blacks and have moved onto some really creative looks that add an extra “umph” to your style. But that’s the thing: leggings are meant to be add-ons, not the main dish. Leggings are closer to being tights that are made to be that fun something extra to go with a cute dress or long top. So while we all absolutely adore leggings... but they aren’t made to be substitutes for pants.

Before we get to the fugliest fad of all, let’s retire these honorable mentions:
Pants Chains

Harem Pants

#1: Crocs

Sigh, here they come, the biggest eyesores for our feet since sandals and socks. It’s like somebody looked at a clog and thought “no... I can do worse”. “Let's make them out of foam” they said, “drill them full of holes” they said, “make them look too big for anyone’s foot!” they cackled! But wait, there’s more, because THEN they decided to make them such hollow looking colors that they don’t look good with ANY piece of clothing. It should be common knowledge that these were a swing and a miss, but somehow they caught on like wildfire and make sensible people shudder every time they’re near.

Do you agree with our list? Which fashion fads are you constantly trying to avoid seeing on Instagram? For more trendy top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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