Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Melania Trump

She may be the most controversial First Lady in the United States. With a background in modelling, Melania Trump has big shoes to fill as America’s new First Lady. While many things have been reported about her but did you know these 5 facts about her? For instance, she has spoken at public events but she is actually a private person, she is a entrepreneur with a successful jewelry line and that she speaks several languages? Whatever your political ties are, here are some interesting facts about Melania!

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Top 5 Facts about Melania Trump

From Trump Tower, to The White House, the wife of the United States 45th President has far more to her than may meet the eye. Welcome to MsMojo's Top 5 Facts.

In this installment, we’ll be looking at interesting facts about the First Lady that go beyond her marriage to Donald Trump. 

This list is not intended to suggest a certain political leaning, but instead, to paint an accurate picture of the First Lady of the United States, and activities surrounding her that may or may not have escaped the news cycle. 

#5: She’s Not an Outspoken Political Person

Despite a husband with the most political job in the United States, Melania Trump has largely stayed out of the political limelight. During his highly covered Presidential campaign, Melania only had two notable appearances. She gave a speech at the Republican National Convention, which garnered a high level of criticism for its striking similarities to Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech, followed by a speech focused on the issue of cyber bullying several months later. She’s since said that her main priority is raising her and Donald's son, Barron Trump. Despite these efforts, it’s impossible to avoid the political spotlight these days when you’re in Donald’s inner-circle, so more speeches, and headlines are sure to be expected. 

#4: She Has Had Success Beyond the Trump Legacy

It’s more or less impossible at this point to shake the legacy of “Donald Trump’s wife,” but Melania has nonetheless had several remarkable accomplishments outside of his political and commercial empire. For one, she’s multi-lingual, with fluency in Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German. And she’s also involved with Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Police Athletic League, and the American Red Cross. Most notably perhaps, is her 2010 jewelry line with QVC, which focused more so on affordability than exclusivity, and sold like rapid-fire upon its initial release. This was allegedly done without her husband’s aid, which suggests there’s more than just a pretty face. 

#3: Her Modeling Career is Well-Versed & Controversial

It’s impossible to paint an accurate portrait of Melania Trump without highlighting her career as a model, along with the ongoing controversy surrounding it. She started professional modeling at age 16 and has since been featured on Vogue, Glamour, and Vanity Fair among other prominent magazines. Undoubtedly, her most talked about spread took place in British GQ in 2000 and attracted controversy during the presidential election. Melania has since become the first First Lady to have modeled nude prior to their time in the White House. This has brought the debate center-stage regarding expectations of the First Lady, while simultaneously highlighting the hypocrisy of some on the left guilty of “slut-shaming.”

#2: She’s Received Her Fair Share of Unprovoked Backlash

Expanding upon her controversial nature, despite efforts otherwise, Melania has been under enormous scrutiny since Trump announced his plan to build the wall. These include decrying her choice of wearing a “Pussy bow” during the second Presidential Debate, which was coincidentally several days after Donald’s infamous locker room talk tape, and criticism of her anti-bullying speech contrasted with her husband’s social media presence. At its worst, acts of violence have even been suggested by some, which are an indirect result of frustration with Donald’s politics. This has culminated in the lowest First Lady approval rating since 1996, which, ironically enough, was Hillary Clinton. 

#1: It’s Unclear What Kind of First Lady She Will Be

Melania’s legacy has not been written yet, and the controversy surrounding her is largely an aftershock of the controversy surrounding her husband. With very few political statements, a trophy wife aura, and an impressive background, it’s anyone’s guess what type of First Lady she will be. Melania has informed the New York Times that she would be very traditional, comparing herself to a modern day Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. With her stated role models being republican and democratic First Ladies respectively, what shape her time in the White House will take is uncertain. History hasn’t been written yet, and her personal legacy has yet to be decided. 

So did you learn anything new about First Lady Melania Trump? What’s your opinion of the controversies surrounding her? For more bipartisan Top 10s, and insightful Top 5s, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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