Top 10 Most Hilarious Stadium Names Ever

Script written by Tyler Jadah.

There are many funny stadium names around the world – but there are also many hilariously bizarre stadium names. Whether it’s bad because it’s one of the worst corporate stadium names like Tony Macaroni Arena in Scotland or Mitsubishi Forklift Stadion in the Netherlands, or if it’s bad because the words sound funny in English like Kuntz Memorial Soccer Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana or Wankdorf Stadium in Switzerland, there are some poorly named sporting venues around the world. WatchMojo counts down ten sports stadiums with the silliest names.

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Script written by Tyler Jadah.

Top 10 Most Hilariously Bizarre Sports Stadium Names

A stadium by any other name would NOT be as hilarious. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest stadium names.

For this list, we’re looking at sporting venues from around the world, and are choosing those that make us giggle the most. It doesn’t matter if the stadium’s name has since been changed or is officially known as something else – it’s all in good fun!

#10: Gaylord Entertainment Center
Nashville, Tennessee, USA

This sounds like it’s right out of a Ben Stiller movie. Though there’s nothing wrong with the name “Gaylord,” it doesn’t exactly scream “multipurpose” sports complex – in the same way the former stadium of Shrewsbury Town FC – Gay Meadow – was also a questionable name. Home of the NHL’s Nashville Predators, the stadium’s also been called Nashville Arena and Bridgestone Arena. So where’d Gaylord come from? It was actually named for Edward Gaylord, the businessman who started the Gaylord Entertainment Company, which was part owner of the Preds at the time. But even with that knowledge, we’re sure the Gaylord Entertainment Center still prompted some childish chuckles.

#9: Mitsubishi Forklift Stadion
Almere, Netherlands

This one sounds more like a warehouse than a European sports facility… Mitsubishi is a major player in many industries, and they produce many products. One of those products is a forklift. When a football stadium was built in the Netherlands in 2005 to house Almere City FC, using what we can only assume were Mitsubishi forklifts, the arena was branded after one of the team’s main sponsors: you guessed it, Mitsubishi. Unfortunately for fans of this unique stadium moniker, it has since been changed, and today goes by Yanmar Stadion. We have to assume that any chance of seeing forklifts doing 360s at halftime is also gone.

#8: Bargain Booze Stadium
Northwich, England

Cheap alcohol? At a football stadium? Sounds too good to be true… Bargain Booze is a string of stores that sell alcohol, and they earned naming rights for this stadium when they sponsored Witton Albion F.C. The result was, of course, Bargain Booze Stadium, with a capacity of 2,300 – most of whom, we’re assuming, were just looking for discount hooch. This English arena has actually gone through a few names, like Britannia Carpets Stadium for example, but today it’s known as the not-nearly-as-funny The Help for Heroes Stadium and Wincham Park.

#7: Tony Macaroni Arena
Livingston, Scotland

Well, rhyming was inevitable on a list like this. Officially called the Almondvale Stadium, this arena has been home to the Scottish Championship club Livingston since 1995. Like all the stadia on this list, it’s gone through a few nicknames in its history, but it’s hard not to single out Tony Macaroni Arena – which became its name thanks to a sponsorship deal with the Scottish chain of Italian restaurants in 2015. The deal not only got the naming rights for the stadium, but also sees that the team’s shorts and jerseys bear the brand’s logo as well. We have to assume that cost Tony Macaroni a pretty “penne.”

#6: Hunky Dorys Park
Drogheda, Ireland

It may sound silly, but at least it brings good vibes: when you hear the name Hunky Dorys Park, you think that – when it comes to Drogheda United F.C. – everything’s gonna be all right. The Irish association football club surpassed expectations in 2007 to win the League of Ireland, but their good times were short-lived: they endured financial troubles and were soon insolvent, almost folding entirely. Fortunately, a sponsorship deal with Irish potato chip company Hunky Dory helped keep them in the black, and the Drogs’ United Park was rebranded with a name that sounds more like a Saturday morning cartoon show.

#5: The Dripping Pan
Lewes, England

This English football stadium is the grandpa on our list, as it’s been kicking around as the home of Lewes F.C. since 1885 – although its history as a sports venue for cricket, stoolball and more goes back even further. The origins of its greasy name have never been 100% confirmed, but the most popular theory suggests that the site was a saltpan in medieval times. The sports venue has gone through many renovations over its long life, but one thing that’s remained constant is its entertaining – albeit confusing – name.

#4: Bumthang Stadium
Jakar, Bhutan

Bumthang is not only the name of a Bhutanese stadium, but also a district, province, valley, river and kingdom – so this is anything but a random naming choice. There’s some question as to where the word Bumthang comes from: it might refer to the shape of the valley and it might even mean Valley of Beautiful Girls. But to those of us who speak English and don’t happen to know that it’s actually pronounced “poom-tawng,” bums are just funny so it’s hard not to snicker when we hear it. Here’s hoping their number one seller in the snack food department isn’t the Bumthang Burger.

#3: Wankdorf Stadium
Bern, Switzerland

When you look at this word written down, it’s pretty obvious why this Swiss stadium’s name is worthy of a hearty chuckle. But it gets better: opened in 2025, Wankdorf was once home to a football club that goes by the name the Young Boys of Bern. So, to put that all together for you: for decades, the Young Boys played at Wankdorf. Hey, some jokes just write themselves. After a long, successful history, which included hosting both World Cup and European Cup finals, the stadium was demolished in 2001, only to be replaced by the new Stade de Suisse, Wankdorf. Hey, just be glad they didn’t move the arena to their sister city: Fappensberg (just kidding).

#2: Kuntz Memorial Soccer Stadium
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Built to host the soccer tournament at the 1987 Pan Am Games, this Indianapolis Stadium has enjoyed an illustrious career ever since, having played host to numerous championship games, Olympic training sessions and more. But how did that name stick? That Kuntz guy musta been pretty important to the city of Indianapolis… There’s really no question as to why this stadium name triggers some cackles. Okay, to be fair it’s not pronounced the way you think, but when you look at it on paper, well it really looks like that word you’re not supposed to say.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Hotto Motto Field Kobe
Kobe, Japan

- Whataburger Field
Corpus Christi, Texas

- @ St James’ Park
Newcastle upon Tyne, England

#1: Middelfart Stadion
Middelfart, Denmark

We’ve had bums, Kuntz, macaroni and wanks, so don’t be surprised that number one is going to be the most childish of all: Farts. The stadium is named for the town in which it’s located, but we should give Middelfart a break here: that name is actually derived from a term that means, “the water you travel between,” so there’s nothing untoward about it. In fact, it’s a beautiful stadium that seats 4,000 spectators and acts as the home of the Middelfart G&BK Football Club, so we really don’t know what all the fuss is about… Oh, who are we kidding? Farts are always funny!

Do you agree with our list? Which stadium’s name do you think is the funniest? For more entertaining Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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