Top 5 Weird Orgasm Facts

Written by Michael Wynands

Top 5 Weird Orgasm Facts

Well, we've done Top 5 Facts about the porn industry, hentai and the clitoris. So why not orgasms, right? Seriously though, there are some weird and surprising things that you probably don't know about getting off. We're staying adult and scientific here (mostly), but this video is definitely PG.

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Top 5 Weird Facts About Orgasms

Is that your “O - face”... or are you just about to sneeze? Welcome to WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts. In today’s instalment, we’re counting down the top five weird facts about orgasms. Orgasms, are (...hopefully) something every healthy adult gets to enjoy regularly, but like so many other topics of a sexual nature, the in and outs of them are too rarely talked about openly. So let’s all slip into something a little more comfortable and have an open discussion about orgasms.

#5: Scientifically, Orgasms Are Better With A Partner

Teenage boys have typically mastered the home game long before they ever get on to team play. Although female masturbation may not be as openly discussed in pop culture, in most cases, regardless of gender the first time a person climaxes, it’ll be a solo endeavour. As convenient as a night in with Palmela Handerson or Handgelina Jolie might be, recent studies have shown that orgasms resulting from masturbation just don’t pack the same punch as those resulting from sex with a partner. After orgasming, the human body releases a hormone called prolactin. Researchers behind a 2006 study found that both men and women release 400 percent more prolactin after sex compared to a masturbation-induced orgasm.

#4: Almost 75% of Women Can't Achieve Orgasm Through Intercourse Alone
Many have called it a myth, but the vaginal orgasm is... very real. That being said, if you and your partner can’t seem to make it happen, you shouldn’t take it too hard - it’s likely a simple question of anatomy. For years it was believed that women could achieve orgasm internally via the g-spot, but it has now been discovered that vaginal orgasms are actually the result of stimulating the clitoris from inside the vagina. The clitoris is a lot like an iceberg; only a small portion of it is actually visible. So… if it’s all clitoris-based, then aren’t vaginal and clitoral orgasms really one and the same? Apparently not. Using MRI technology, the brain is shown to react very differently to the two.

#3: Orgasms Can Relieve Pain

This song by Peaches probably puts it best… Sure, she likely means it figuratively, but she actually hit the nail on the head with that chorus. Intercourse is a great distraction if you’re experiencing pain, but it has the potential to do a lot more than just distract you. When climax is achieved, the body releases oxytocin, which, among other things, stimulates a sense of relaxation, bonding between sexual partners and other mood boosting effects. As a result, pain is also alleviated. The pain relief orgasms provide is limited in terms of time, usually only lasting some 8 to 10 minutes.

#2: Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms

Most men seem to think of their penis like a Civil War era musket… you fire it once and then, it’s pretty much useless until you can… “reload”. While the ability to have multiple orgasms is usually attributed to women, men are physiologically capable. It just takes a little bit of practice. Climax and ejaculation go hand in hand for most men, but they aren’t technically the same thing. In order to become a “multi-orgasmic man,” one needs to learn how to have an orgasm without ejaculating. By learning to have non-ejaculatory climaxes, you can maintain an erection after orgasm, and go on to experience multiple orgasms in a single sexual encounter. Now that’s a skill everyone in the room can appreciate.

#1: People Can Have Orgasms Without Genital Stimulation

While certainly more difficult to achieve than the conventional orgasm via genital stimulation, people can climax as a result of stimulation in a wide variety of seemingly un-erogenous zones, including the nipples, neck, mouth and even fingers. “Belly button play” can get men and women there, too. If you think that’s hard to imagine, consider that some people can actually climax with no physical contact at all, which some refer to as “thinking off.” Some of the non-genital orgasms may seem hard to achieve for the average person, but most young men achieve a non-genital orgasm at some point during puberty… yep, what else would you call a wet dream?

Did these odd orgasm facts catch you by surprise or did you see them coming? For more un-erogenous top 10s and hand-in-hand Top 5s, be sure to subscribe to

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