Master Chief Vs Samus Aran!

Script written by Nathan Sharp Both have fought aliens - from the Space Pirates & metroids to the Covenant & flood but whose suit of power armor would hold in a battle between the two? Well, we’re about to find out, because is pitting Master Chief versus Samus Aran! Special thanks to our user “DaveVsTheWorld” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool @ http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Duel: Master Chief vs. Samus Aran
What would happen if two of the most ferocious and feared individuals in the galaxy faced off against one another? Welcome to, and in today's duel, we’re pitting “Halo’s” Master Chief against “Metroid’s” Samus Aran.
To determine a winner in this duel, we'll be looking at each character’s individual attributes and abilities, each side will have all available weapons and abilities at their disposal so lets get going.
Round 1: Strength and Endurance
Standing at a towering seven feet and weighing a literal ton in his signature Mjolnir Power Armor, we think it's safe to say that the Chief is a physical force to be reckoned with. It is evident throughout the games that Chief is a very strong man, as he is able to flip large vehicles like warthogs and tanks with a simple flick of the wrist. He can also kill many large enemies simply by smacking them with the butt of his gun, indicating a large amount of force in the simplest of melee actions. As if his physical strength wasn't scary enough, he is also psychologically adept at handling high stakes situations due to his vigorous training. He can easily soldier through high octane action and barely break a sweat.
As formidable as Chief may appear, Samus is certainly no slouch either. She is also one to continue pushing on in her battles and adventures, rarely stopping for a breather or to recuperate. She always has her eyes on the prize, and if that means taking on a towering enemy in Master Chief, then so be it. She also comes equipped with her own set of armor, which would certainly help in the battle against Chief. However, it's evident that Samus may not be as psychologically sound as the ever forward-thinking Chief. As shown in Metroid Other M, it is possible for her to break down at the sight of some emotional reflection.

While both have endurance to spare, Samus is no match against Chief's psychological training, and physical brute force. If he can flip a tank, just imagine what he could do to Samus.
Winner: Master Chief
Master Chief 1 / Samus Aran 0
Round 2: Experience
Taken from his parents at a young age, John-117 has undergone intensive physical and psychological training throughout most of his life, and has even received biological and cybernetic enhancements to become the supersoldier that he is today. The Chief’s most notable achievements was stopping two major genocide events and leading the Earth to victory from near extinction against the Covenant, though in his most recent adventure he and his team were captured by Cortana, and had to be rescued by Fireteam Osiris. Was it his off day?
Samus has a similar backstory in that she lost her parents to Ridley, and was raised by a race of aliens called the Chozo, who infused her with their DNA to resist Planet Zebes’ foreign environments. Like the Chief, she also received intense physical training at a young age to turn her into a formidable soldier. Now a freelance bounty hunter, Samus is a walking path of destruction, taking down the Space Pirates on numerous occasions and wiping out all the Metroid’s in the galaxy singlehandedly. Its not all death and destruction with her though, as she did also save the Luminoth race from an interdimentinal empire called the Ing, again all by herself.
When it comes to taking on Powerful enemies one on one however Samus easily has the upper hand, sure she needed help against Mother Brain but she has other notable kills, including the Metroid Prime, a corrupted Aurora Unit and perhaps most notably; a fully powered version of herself while her suit had most of its components missing. In comparison the most powerful foe the Chief has faced is the Didact, and it was Cortana that did most of the work.

For taking down stronger enemies Samus takes the round.
Winner: Samus Aran
Master Chief 1 / Samus Aran 1
Round 3: Allies
While Chief is a formidable foe by his lonesome, he is even more powerful with his comrades, no matter the time period. During the Covenant Wars, he is often accompanied on his travels by an entire armada of UNSC forces, including Commander Miranda Keyes and the straight-out-of-an-80s-action-movie, cigar-chomping Sergeant Avery Johnson. He is also joined by the Covenant ally; The Arbiter, and most notably; the AI Cortana, who provides him with valuable information regarding installations, enemies, weapon systems, and a whole host of other topics. Even in the current timeline, without the help of those specific allies, Chief leads the Blue Team and is allied with Fireteam Osiris, meaning he is never without some well-trained help.
Samus, being a freelance bounty hunter, tends to work alone, and as such, comes up a little short on the ally front. That's not to say that she doesn't have a few friends who could join her in the mix. She has worked with other soldiers hired by the Galactic Federation, but said federation is filled with corrupted officials whom tend to backstab Samus for their own personal needs. There is also the Baby Metroid who sadly passed on, but not without granting Samus the hyper beam, she also has the assistance of an AI companion whom has the personality of Samus’s deceased Commanding Officer Adam Malkovich, but he’s not as trustworthy since he is also controlled by the corrupted officials in the Federation.

This one really is no contest. No matter the circumstance, Chief always has the help of many other experienced and dedicated soldiers watching his back whenever the time comes. Where as most of Samus’ allies can’t be trusted, thus she tends to work alone.
Winner: Master Chief
Master Chief 2 / Samus Aran 1
Round 4: Versatility
As standard with any Spartan Armor, Master Chief’s suit comes with a wide variety of special abilities. His thruster and jet packs allows him to move to make large leaps along the battlefield, The Bubble Shield is able to protect him from any projectiles while easily being able to move in or out of it, and he is knowledgeable in being able to use any form of vehicle, be it friend or foe.
The Chief also also has access to Active Camouflage and a Hologram decoy buuuuuttt Samus’ Varia suit’s visor has a built in Thermal and X-ray visor allowing her to see clocked enemies and pinpoint fakes, effectively making the Chief’s last two abilities useless.
Said suit also comes loaded with lots of tricks, she can morph into a ball in order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, her Speed Booster can make her run at Mach speed and the Space Jump allows her to stay in the air indefinitely. She can also scan enemies and objects to learn more about how they function and exploit their weaknesses. Finally, she has access to the Gunship, which she can use to call in airstrikes

Samus suit literally runs rings around The Chief here, its faster, more has more useful features, and even when the already powerful breaks apart, Saums is far more nimble and versatile in her Zero Suit.
Winner: Samus Aran

Master Chief 2 / Samus Aran 2

Round 5: Weapons and Powers
Chief has access to an extensive amount of UNSC weaponry, such as the MA5C Assault rifle or more powerful Battle rifle, a high powered shotgun, and the all powerful Spartan Laser which does take a few seconds to charge but deals heavy damage. With the help of his Covenant buddy Arbiter, he can also access alien technology; like plasma grenades which can stick to enemies, and a powerful sword. Chief’s armor undoubtedly helps him in dangerous situations, it can’t take too much fire constantly but it does frequent recharge to full power while in cover. His armor also comes equipped with an array of supplemental features, including a slot for an AI construct, a zooming helmet, and a built-in HUD, which includes a motion tracker.
Unlike the Chief’s weaponry however, Samus comes equipped with her own abilities and weapons all built into her suit. Her beam weapons don’t rely on ammunition and can be charged up at anytime for more power blasts, her Ice Beam can freeze her enemies solid and she can also carry a large supply of missiles that can also lock onto her foes. She also has access to the extremely destructive Power Bombs. (Show Adam explaining how Power Bombs work)
Both have awesome suits, but we have to say, Samus’ is far more powerful, It can take a lot more damage and her built-in beams have unlimited use, whereas Chief has to rely on standard ballistic ammunition, which quickly runs out. Furthermore, Samus’s Wave Beam can pass through solid objects, basically making Chief’s reliance on cover ineffective, Combine this with her X-Ray visor we mentioned earlier and it leaves Master Chief with nowhere to hide.

Chief put up a good fight, but in the end, Samus’s abilities are just too vast and encompassing.
Winner: Samus Aran
Master Chief 2 / Samus Aran 3
While Master Chief is physically imposing and can contact some good, powerful friends, Samus is way too much for him. She’s faster, can take more of a beating and has so many weapons that can end the fight instantly, In the end, Samus comes out the victor!
Do you agree with the outcome? Who do you think should have won? Be sure to debate in the comments and subscribe to


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