Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Sexier with a Beard

Script written by Scott Seiss Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Sexier with a Beard Subscribe: ‪‬‬ These celebrities are hot with or without a beard! Though if we had a choice between beard or no beard, we say beard all the way. We’re talking about Jake Gyllenhaal, Drake, Justin Timberlake, Chris Evans, Tom Hardy, Jamie Dornan, Joe Manganiello, Idris Elba and more! Special thanks to our users Felix_B and yourbestfriend for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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These celebrities make us wish that No Shave November lasted all year! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities who look sexier with a beard.

For this list, we’re taking a look at all those famous hunks who look even better with a little hair on their chinny-chin chins.

#10: Jake Gyllenhaal

Now that Donnie Darko’s all grown up, he can grow a full beard like a man, and boy does it look good. Gyllenhaal found his way into the fantasies of adoring fans with his boyish charm, winning smile, and incredible performances, like his Oscar-nominated turn in “Brokeback Mountain.” But his facial hair only sweetens the deal. Whether a 5 o’clock shadow or a big mountain man “Everest” beard, Gyllenhaal never fails to impress. Of course, he looks great clean shaven, butwith some facial hair, Gyllenhaal looks less like the “Nightcrawler” creep and more like the endearing, good-natured actor we all know and love.

#9: Drake

Well, you only live once, and you might as well do it looking good. This Grammy Award-winning rapper has a mighty fine, nicely trimmed beard. With that facial hair, he could hit us up for a hotline bling anytime. He first charmed audiences as a young actor, and moved quickly into the rap game, leading Billboard charts with his singles and collaborating with superstars like Rihanna and Beyonce. So even if his dancing skills are questionable, at least he’s got incredible song-writing skills, a great sense of humor and a good-looking beard. Remember, clean-shaven Drake equals “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” but bearded Drake equals sexy.

#8: Justin Timberlake

Just when you think the pop star with the beautiful falsetto and insanely great sense of humor couldn’t get any more attractive, he grows a beard. Now that’s bringing Sexy Back. Once Justin Timberlake moved from the *NSYNC and Mickey Mouse Club baby face to a full, rugged beard, he achieved a whole new level of attractive and his fans just Can’t Stop The Feeling. This is the ultimate Renaissance man; JT can sing, dance, act, and now he’s a pro at growing facial hair. Say Bye Bye Bye to your razors, Justin, because that beard should never leave your adorable face.

#7: David Beckham

Whether rocking a goatee or some simple stubble, David Beckham’s facial hair is always stunning. This all-star athlete heartthrob has women swooning the world over not only due to his chiseled physique, but also with his stylish, yet manly beard. Those tattoos don’t hurt either. According to the Mirror, men in Britain have paid thousands of pounds for facial hair transplants to even come close to Beckham’s signature look, and we definitely get it. The retired English footballer not only maintains an immaculate beard, he also gives to charity and is quite the family man. Forget bending; we want to beard it like Beckham.

#6: Chris Evans

When he’s taking a break from being everyone’s favorite patriotic superhero, Chris Evans goes full bad boy with a smoking hot beard. Evans is known for his gentle nature, family values, and funny bone, but his scruff gives him a distinguished allure and goes perfectly with his combed coif. This Avenger is already overflowing with charisma and muscles, so adding some sexy scruff is just some icing on this already delicious cake. Though the lumberjack makes him look more rugged, don’t worry – Evans still retains his boyish charm and infectious smile. With that lumberjack look down, all he needs to do is put on a plaid shirt and cut some firewood. Or something like this.

#5: Chris Hemsworth

Next to the hammer, Thor’s beard is his most powerful weapon; he rarely leaves home without it. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is a tall drink of water and basically looks like the physically ideal version of a man, but a good beard just takes that look to the next level. Clearly, the man is still gorgeous and physically imposing without the stubble. Let’s just say that a clean-shaven Hemsworth looks like a heck of a man, but when he has the beard, he looks like a god. Hemsworth and his beard radiate masculinity, making this Odinson irresistible.

#4: Idris Elba

Whether he’s playing a Baltimore drug lord or a ruthless British cop, Idris Elba’s got a presence that exudes power, intensity, and an irresistible quiet confidence, with facial hair to match. Sure his beard is salt and pepper as it grows, but that just adds maturity to the rugged and gritty bad boy aura that makes him so attractive in the first place. Without the full scruff, Idris Elba looks like a rule follower, but with it grown out over his chiseled chin, he looks like someone you do not want to mess with… and we like it.

#3: Joe Manganiello

The six-pack on this “Magic Mike” star isn’t the only nice thing to look at – check out that glorious beard. Joe Manganiello has a body that just won’t quit and his lightly trimmed shadow only emphasizes his magnetic masculinity. We’ve danced to Backstreet Boys in our sweats once or twice, but Joe makes us CERTAINLY want it that way. As the years go by, his beard gets hints of grey, but like a fine wine, he’s just getting better with age. Move over, Taylor Lautner: this is the only sexy werewolf we want.

#2: Jamie Dornan

You may know him best for bringing the iconic, clean-shaven sex god Christian Grey to life on screen, but elsewhere Jamie Dornan positively rocks a full beard that accentuates his perfect facial features. As if this former model nicknamed “The Golden Torso” couldn’t get any more attractive, he can pull off anything from a cute, light shadow to a lush, grizzly beard. Obviously, Dornan looks great minus the fuzz, but there’s something about the beard that makes him look more approachable. In an interview with The Guardian, Dornan said “I don’t like myself without a beard.” You keep that sexy scruff forever, Jamie; we’re not complaining.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Zayn Malik
- Oscar Isaac
- Jason Momoa

#1: Tom Hardy

The man’s facial hair is just as versatile as his acting. Known for wild and brave character choices, Tom Hardy applies that same philosophy to his own grooming. The handsome devil is usually always sporting a bit of stubble, but he’s been known to take his facial hair to the limit, experimenting with unkempt bushy beards, long goatees, and even pointy moustaches. Whether rough or trimmed, each beard points to a different facet of Hardy’s never-ending sex appeal. The man can pull off cute, sexy, or badass, all depending on how he wants to shave that day. If he were to hide that face with anything else, it would be the “Bane” of our existence.

Do you agree with our list? Who’s your favorite bearded celebrity? For more rugged Top 10s every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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