Sonic Vs Crash: Who Would Win?

Duel: Crash Bandicoot vs Sonic the Hedgehog

Who’s better, Crash Bandicoot or Sonic the Hedgehog – more importantly, who would win in a fight? Join us at WatchMojo as we pit these two mascots against each other in a 1 on 1 brawl to find out who would come out on top. Will it be that wily brown bandicoot who represents Sony and Naughty Dog, or the Sega’s blue ring collecting blur? Only one way to find out: watch the video!

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Duel: Sonic the Hedgehog vs Crash Bandicoot

In one corner, we have speedy; in the other, kooky. Welcome to, and in today’s video game duel, we’re pitting Sonic the Hedgehog against Crash Bandicoot.
For this video, we’re looking for one thing: who would win in a fight between these two characters. Forget their status as gaming icons, forget the quality of the series, we will be taking into account everything these two anthropomorphic dudes have at their disposal when it comes to facing down an enemy. It’s five rounds; winner takes all, so get ready to see if wumpa fruits or gold rings give the edge.

Round 1: Strength and Endurance

Both of these guys have saved the day countless times, so there’s no lack of strength or endurance in either, but we have to choose a winner! Sonic’s is able to run at supersonic speeds, bashing through enemies and obstacles with fantastic force. There’s not a lot that can slow him down as he blows through levels, bosses, and entire worlds. It takes quite a bit of strength to bash your head against most everything in your path.
On the other side, we have our favorite Australian rodent: Crash. He’s able to knock his enemies away with a simple spin attack, slide, belly flop, or by jumping on their heads. Though he exhibits a pretty significant amount of strength, his endurance leaves a bit to be desired, as he gets sent back to the last checkpoint after getting hit by one enemy attack. We considered comparing their equipment against one another, but it felt that fell under this category.

Though the two are pretty evenly matched when it comes to strength, Sonic certainly has much more endurance, as he essentially spends the entire game running nonstop. Gotta Go Fast!

Winner: Sonic
Sonic: 1 / Crash: 0

Round 2: Versatility

Being around for more than two decades, these animals have had to learn quite a few more skills to stay relevant. While Sonic initially just ran and rolled around, he has since adopted various other abilities, most notably his now trademark spin dash and homing attack. He can also snowboard down mountains or “totally not San Francisco streets” just to retain his cool factor. Of course the ability he is best known for is his Super Sonic form, which required the rather tedious task of collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds.
Crash, on the other hand, has displayed his variety of skills time and time again. These include driving various vehicles, like trucks, planes, submarines, and mechs. He seems to get along with other animals pretty well, since he often rides them to get to his destination. Though he has an aversion to swimming, he can survive levels of many extremes, including lava, snow, forbidden temples, and being chased by a giant boulder. Sorry, Sonic, but our friend down under has to win this round for his well-roundedness.

Winner: Crash
Sonic: 1 / Crash: 1

Round 3: Intelligence

Sonic may not be known for his intelligence, though he has a very quick wit and is usually the voice of reason in his group. As the most experienced in his group of good guys, his course of action is usually the one that proves to get the job done and foil Dr. Eggman. Although this serves as a weakness at times, since his confidence and hot-headedness can sometimes get the best of him, but he always comes out on top.
Meanwhile, Crash is...well...not the brains of his operation. As a silent protagonist, he doesn’t speak beyond just a few words and sound effects, and he appears to be entertained my relatively simple tasks. Though it should be noted that his arch-nemesis, Cortex, is a self-proclaimed evil genius, but Crash is always able to take him down without too much anguish, so maybe smarts don’t get you so far in this world. Sonic nabs a pretty easy win in this round.

Winner: Sonic
Sonic: 2 / Crash: 1

Round 4: Allies

Both the Sonic and Crash franchises feature large casts of characters, but only one can come out on top here. Sonic’s most common allies are Tails and Knuckles, but also has some lesser-known friends. These include Amy, the obsessed stalker of Sonic; Cream the Rabbit, a caring young bunny; Blaze the Cat, a highly disciplined princess from another dimension, and...ugh...Big the Cat. The character lineup essentially changes up in almost every game, and at times the new faces go into rather unsettling territories. Sexy Bat anyone?

Crash has also seen his group of allies grow with nearly every entry in the series. First and foremost is his intelligent sister, Coco; and Aku Aku, the spirit of a witch doctor captured in a mask (who also serves as a collectible that gives Crash more chances). Though Crunch began as an enemy, upon his defeat, he became a member of the Bandicoot family but perhaps the biggest shock came when Crash ended up teaming up with his arch nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex for the entirety of Crash Twinsanity.

Both characters have a great team behind them, but we have to give this round to Crash because his group has a large variety of skills that are far more useful than what Sonic’s friends bring to the table.

Winner: Crash
Sonic: 2 / Crash: 2

Round 5: Determination

Saving the world is definitely no easy task. What exactly does it take to accomplish this? For Sonic, it’s his substantial determination. Highly moralistic, he’s willing to do whatever it takes for the greater good. This usually means tracking down and defeating Dr. Eggman, no matter where he flees to, even if that’s space. Taking that into account, and considering the fact that he really never stops running, his determination is as much of a skill as his speed.

Crash lies at the other end of the spectrum. As a considerably more silly and frivolous character, he just kind of embarks on his missions incidentally. He never really does this of his own accord, rather he is motivated by Aku Aku or Coco. Still, his big-heartedness makes this a priority for him, so he is determined to fulfill his duties to those he’s loyal to.
Still, loyalty doesn’t necessarily equate to determination. When all is said and done, we have to give Sonic the clear win here for his pure determination in his adventures.

Winner: Sonic
Sonic: 3/ Crash: 2

There you have it folks, in this battle of endurance, determination and intelligence: Sonic the Hedgehog wins it all with a score of 3 to 2, proving himself to be just as powerful as he is quick.

Do you agree with our outcome? How do you think Crash might have overcome Sonic? For more zany videos published every day be sure to subscribe to

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