Trevor Philips Vs Vaas Montenegro

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Do you know the definition of insanity? These two sure do. Welcome to’s Video Game Duel series, and for this fight, we’ll be pitting Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor Philips against Far Cry 3’s Vaas Montenegro.

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Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Video Game Duel: Trevor Philips vs. Vaas Montenegro

Do you know the definition of insanity? These two sure do. Welcome to’s Video Game Duel series, and for this fight, we’ll be pitting Grand Theft
Auto V’s Trevor Philips against Far Cry 3’s Vaas Montenegro.

Round 1: Determination

When it comes to pulling heists and generally anything involving violence, Trevor is up for it. He happily played a part in several high stakes thefts, and as his sanity has deteriorated over the years has become fearless in the face of death. He’s taken on droves of thugs, cops and hired killers all by himself with nothing but a gun and a hell of a lot rage to keep him going. Needless to say it worked out in his favour. Have you ever seen a guy in a dress do that much damage before?

Vaas is a broken man on the inside, and that makes him extremely dangerous. His warped philosophy on life and the mental games he plays with his victims shows that despite his obvious insanity he can find a way under people’s skin, and that’s even without resorting to weapons. The rivalry he forms with Jason Brody became his obsession up until the end, even willing to let himself be killed just to push his nemesis over the edge, showing him what men can be driven to when pressured enough.
Showing no remorse for his family, allies and even himself, Vaas’ unrelenting madness just about pushes him ahead, definitely beyond that of any sane man.

WINNER: Vaas Montenegro
Trevor: 0 / Vaas: 1

Round 2: Weapons, Powers and Equipment

Welcome to Las Santos, where any gun shop can provide you will an entire arsenal capable of decimating even the most well-equipped police forces. Trevor makes full use of this during his violent outings with his motley crew. Michael and Franklin, he also has a special ability, which when activated allows him to take and deal double the damage, which is very handy when you’re constantly thrown into gunfights. Oh, and did we mention he once had access to body armour and a mini gun?

For Vaas; It’s his intimidation, traps and mind games that serve as his greatest strength. Pushing Jason Brody towards the morally reprehensible was his crowning achievement in this light, but make no mistake he’s quite handy with a gun. After all he did manage to nail Grant Brody in the neck. As opposed to open combat, Vaas likes to keep the odds in his favour, so instead of battling mano a mano you’re more likely to end up bound, gagged and either left to roast or pushed into a gorge.

Not to say that Vaas’ methods aren’t effective, but his arsenal just doesn’t compare to Trevor’s, who more than likely would mow down all of Rook Island with bullets just to land the killing blow.

WINNER: Trevor Philips
Trevor: 1 / Vaas: 1

Round 3: Allies

Trevor’s companions may not have as many sociopathic attributes as he does, but together they can pull off some of the most thrilling and creative heists you can imagine. Michael is incredibly wealthy and a veteran thief. Franklin may be young but he is a natural when it comes to stealing cars and committing assassinations. The trio have managed to hold off waves after wave of law enforcement while also taking out antagonists who thought themselves untouchable.

Aside from the legions of men he has at his command, the only true ally Vaas has is his superior, Hoyt Volker. Ruthless and without remorse, he commands both the drug trade and human trafficking in and out of the Rook Islands. Essentially he’s the man with the money who’s providing all the firepower that Vaas and his men need to impose domination over anyone who gets in their way. Definitely a guy you would want on your side.

While Volk can fund an army, the combined smarts and skills of Trevor, Franklin and Michael have bested forces of similar sizes repeatedly. For them it would just be another day at the office.

WINNER: Trevor Philips
Trevor: 2 / Vaas: 1

Round 4: Exploitable Weaknesses…

As much as his psychotic outbursts have served him well in a gunfight, the depths of Trevor’s shattered psyche are quite evident. He falls in love with the wife of a kingpin and is left devastated when she leaves. When his mother confronts him, he all but breaks down before her, showing the scars of an abusive childhood that still haven’t healed. His anger often blinds him as well, evident from when he discovered Michael’s past betrayals. All in all, Trevor is a ticking time bomb.

Vaas’ madness appears to be a double edged sword. While it leads him to make some awesome speeches, his casual approach to death and murder led to his own undoing at the hands of Jason just so he could nail his point home. Throw in the fact he’s clearly got issues with his rebellious sister Citra, he’s essentially Hoyt’s attack dog and is on a lot of drugs, and it’s quite a shock that he is still able to make all those anecdotes.
Mind games are what Vaas specialises in, and if he managed to get inside Trevor’s head we’re certain that he could make him unravel pretty quickly. It’d be one heck of a surreal conversation that’s for sure.

WINNER: Vaas Montenegro
Trevor: 2 / Vaas: 2

Round 5: Intelligence

Despite initial appearances, Trevor isn’t a mindless maniac. He may not be the sharpest, but his knowledge of planes, weaponry and heists can’t be dissuaded. He was part of the military for a brief time, after which used his piloting skills to become a smuggler. Securing and delivering packages via air isn’t something that can be easily taught, not to mention the forethought needed to commit a covert assassination at a funfair. Sure he’s a sociopath, but he’s far from a moron.

Hoyt may be the one’s calling the shots but Vaas is the uncrowned king of Far Cry 3. Essentially the acting commander of the hired goons, he’s shown to be able to coordinate successful attacks and kidnapping as shown in the case of the Brody family. He’s also rather creative with his tortures, and since his home has danger lurking around every corner, he’s got a lot to work with. He may be more into taking drugs that selling them, but no one knows the hellish paradise of the Rook Islands quite like he does.
Their psychotic tendencies may often impede their judgment, but Trevor has shown that not only is he talented when it comes to his illegal affairs, but has managed to blend back into civilisation rather easily. We doubt Vaas could.

WINNER: Trevor Philips

Trevor: 3 / Vaas: 2

A battle between these two would be a sluggish one riddled with gunfire and plenty of barking mad quotes, but ironically enough its Trevor’s added rationality and actual human connection that wins him the day!
WINNER: Trevor Philips

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