Top 10 Movie Tank Scenes

Script written by Susan Faile Make tracks to the armory! Join as we count down our choices for the Top 10 Movie Tank Scenes. For this list, we're keeping the criteria pretty wide open: any movie scene that features a tank prominently is eligible. As you've probably guessed, there will be a few spoilers ahead so a SPOILER ALERT is probably in order. Now let's get tanked. Special thanks to our users Ruston BlackBatman Henry for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Movie Tank Scenes

Make tracks to the armory! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our choices for the top 10 movie tank scenes.

For this list, we’re keeping the criteria pretty wide open: any movie scene that features a tank prominently is eligible. As you’ve probably guessed, there will be a few spoilers ahead so a SPOILER ALERT is probably in order. Now let’s get tanked.

#10: Making a Deal
“Kelly’s Heroes” (1970)

Who says enemies can’t put aside their differences and cooperate, even during wartime? Here, a group of U.S. soldiers that includes Donald Sutherland, Telly Savalas and Clint Eastwood proves that they’re able to come to an agreement with a German tank commander that they encounter in Nazi-occupied France. With a bit of smooth talking the soldiers convince the German to turn the firepower of his Tiger tank away from them and toward the doors of a bank he is unwittingly defending – but only after promising to cut him in for a share of the gold stashed away inside.

#9: Male Bonding
“The Interview” (2014)

What do singer Katy Perry and a tank have in common? In this case, both hold the dubious distinction of having captured the affection of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. The gleefully absurd depiction of one of the most reviled heads of state in the entire world riding around in a tank and blowing things up while grooving to “Firework” is priceless. Of course, this gift from Stalin comes in handy later when Dave and Aaron have to escape. Coupled with the poetic justice eventually tied to both the song and the tank, the movie tank easily earns its place on this list.

#8: City Chase
“GoldenEye” (1995)

Everyone knows that James Bond is not someone to trifle with, and in this film 007 also proves that he has the ability to drive literally anything during a chase. Instead of a sleek British sports car, Bond steers a clunky Russian tank through the streets of St. Petersburg in pursuit of the corrupt head of Russian Space Division. While not as quite as refined or nimble as any of his Aston Martins, the tank more than makes up for any speed or aerodynamic shortcomings with sheer durability.

#7: Bloodshed
“Stalingrad” (1993)

When it comes to great tank scenes, sometimes – at least in terms of impact – more is actually more. From its use of multiple tanks, to the pristine snow that becomes increasingly stained with blood, to the scores of soldiers who perish in fire and ice, this segment from the 1993 war film “Stalingrad” showcases the horrors of war in a stunningly stark and ominous fashion. Looking away is almost impossible, and because of the fact that the scene is based on a real battle occurring during World War II, it is unforgettable.

#6: Intoxicated Driver
“Buffalo Soldiers” (2001)

What’s more dangerous than encountering a group of well-trained military personnel drving a tank? Running into a group of well-trained military personnel who are hopped up on smack while driving a tank – obviously. The chaos and destruction that ensues during this late Cold War era yarn is both amusing and alarming. After injecting heroin, a group of military men take a tank on a joyride to places it was never meant to go. The results are literally explosive.

#5: Monkey Mischief
“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (2014)

In all of the “Planet of the Apes” movies, a major component of the story is that the apes become more intelligent and begin to more closely resemble their human relatives. In this case, one of the apes, Koba, shows that in addition to mirroring many positive human behaviors, some of the apes have also acquired a very human propensity for negative traits like hatred. Koba is proof that hatred can lead to war when he hijacks a tank and uses it in battle against its human creators.

#4: Hanging Tough
“Fury” (2014)

You know that a tank is something special when it’s the title character in a movie, as is the case in “Fury.” In fact, not only does the tank have the title role, it has top billing over mega-star Brad Pitt. Living up to its name, the awe-inspiring machine helps Allied troops fight against the Third Reich, even battling a superior Tiger tank, until it can fight no longer. The inspiring scene is a David and Goliath story… but with tanks, and we can’t get enough.

#3: Road Menace
“Fast & Furious 6” (2013)

It’s muscle cars versus military might as the good guys chase the bad guys on a crowded highway. Even for some of the best drivers in the world, getting the job done is a challenge. The sight of a tank bearing down on unsuspecting travelers from behind is enough to make movie viewers gasp, and the effect is even more harrowing when the chase moves to the wrong side of the road. Tanks versus cars? That hardly seems fair.

#2: Tank Face-Down
“Saving Private Ryan” (1998)

When you have not one but two important goals in battle, you can’t be intimidated by the opposition’s heavy artillery. In this film, Army Rangers Captain John Miller is tasked not only with fighting the Nazis in France, but also with safely bringing home the last surviving son of an American family that’s received more than its fair share of bad news recently. With so much and so many counting on him, Captain Miller unflinchingly gives his all, in spite of the odds, as a huge tank rolls menacingly toward him.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Flying Tank

“The A-Team” (2010)

- Rock Star Pursuit

“Help!” (1965)

- Tons of Tanks

“Battle of Neretva” (1969)

- Strong-Arm Tank

“Hulk” (2003)

#1: The Rescue
“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989)

Even a tank of angry Nazis is no match for a man on a horse, if that man happens to be Indiana Jones, that is. A nail-biter to the end, this scene sees Indy with his father’s life and the fate of the entire world resting on his shoulders. With Marcus, his father, and the senior Jones’ map to the Holy Grail in enemy hands Indy must do everything possible to rescue them, including take on a tank, take on its driver, and take the serious risk of being launched off a cliff.

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