Top 10 Battlefield Maps

Script Written by Nathan Sharp Ready to cause some carnage? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Battlefield Maps. For this list, we're looking at our favourite multiplayer maps throughout the entire Battlefield series, from 2002's “Battlefield 1942” to 2015's “Battlefield Hardline.” We're basing our picks on what the map has to offer in terms of gameplay, their stunning locations, and simply how fun they are to play on. Special thanks to our users AppleWasMyIdea, McKe30213, Jesse Lawrence Austing, lemonyboar, and PotatoeReach for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script Written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Battlefield Maps

Ready to cause some carnage? Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten Battlefield maps.

For this list, we're looking at our favourite multiplayer maps throughout the entire Battlefield series, from 2002's “Battlefield 1942” to 2015's “Battlefield Hardline.” We're basing our picks on what the map has to offer in terms of gameplay, their stunning locations, and simply how fun they are to play on.

#10: Caspian Border

“Battlefield 3” (2011)

Starting off our list is Caspian Border, a checkpoint located on the Turkmen-Iranian border line. The map consists of a wooded, natural area, making for some breathtaking vistas to go along with the carnage. It's an extremely vehicle-heavy map, and as we all know, vehicle combat can produce some amazing and eye-popping results. But then again, if you’re up on the hill by the river, vehicles won’t be anywhere near as dangerous as all the sniper fire coming from the woods. If you’re really lucky, you might catch that big antenna crashing down onto the border fence – but you’ll probably be too concerned with not dying to see it.

#9: El Alamein

“Battlefield 1942” (2002)

A famous desert map from the first “Battlefield” game, El Alamein proved to be the standout and favourite for players that still holds up miraculously to this day. Fought between the British Empire and Nazi Germany, this battle proved to be a major turning point for the war as Allied forces crucially defend El Alamein, Egypt. It's easily one of the largest maps of the game, allowing for variation in your approach. It also hosts tanks and aircraft, so naturally, many of the games become an exercise in astonishing tank warfare.

#8: Operation Metro

“Battlefield 3” (2011)

Sometimes, you get tired of the tanks, jets and wide open spaces and wish you could just hunkey down in a corner and shoot dudes for hours. While this itch is certainly scratched in the Operation Locker certainly scratches this itch, everyone knows that Operation Metro from BF3 is the true grindfest of choice. While it is certainly set in Paris, most of your time will be spent bellow the ground in the titular metro, hunkered down with a wad of your teammates, spamming grenades and hiding from the non-stop incoming fire. If you need a good place to level up that new machine gun, find yourself a good spot and try to not get blown up.

#7: Paracel Storm

“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Battlefield 4 touted it’s fancy new water effects when it came out, and Paracel storm was probably the best place to experience them. The focus of this map is a combined effort of aerial and naval warfare, and it's littered with anti-aircraft weaponry, attack boats, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. It's cluttered fun, but perhaps most notable is the tropical storm that rages through halfway thru the match, causing violent winds to whip through the islands and sickeningly large waves offshore. Best to try to get one of those fancy attack boats early on, and be careful for that ship that crashes into the island.

#6: Gulf of Oman

“Battlefield 2” (2005)

If wake Island showed off the best of Battlefield 1942 (more on that later), then Gulf of Oman showed of the best of Battlefield 2. The best part about this map, especially for those who were loading up for the first time, was that the US forces deployed from an Aircraft carrier just off shore – really giving you the sense of a full on invasion. On second though, nah, the best part was all the toys they give you to play with in this huge map – pretty much every vehicle in the game makes an appearance. Unsurprisingly, the map was updated for appearances in both Battlefield 3 and 4, I suppose you don’t need anymore convincing than that…

#5: Panama Canal

“Battlefield: Bad Company 2” (2010)

Panama Canal sees the United States facing off against the Russian army, and what makes this map so notable is that it has the largest number of Conquest bases throughout the entire game, meaning that its breadth and scope is something to behold. It's not as beautiful as some of the others, as it's cluttered with destroyed equipment and demolished buildings, but that doesn't make it any less memorable. In fact, the city in rubble adds a realistic, modern warfare touch, and it actually makes you feel like you're in the middle of a battlefield. It's large, it's loud, and it's intense.

#4: Strike at Karkand

“Battlefield 2” (2005)

Another map that's featured heavily throughout the series, Strike at Karkand is obviously very popular, and there's a good reason for that. Based on Kuwait City, Kuwait, “Battlefield 2's” iteration sees the Marine Corps and the Middle Eastern Coalition battling it out in the industrial city. While snipers dominate the outskirts of the town, on the inner streets there can be viscious fighting as the tight streets create some heavy bottlenecks. If you ever needed proof of this map’s popularity, you’d just have to look at it’s other appearances in future battlefield games with 2142 and Battlefield 3.

#3: Siege of Shanghai

“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Complain all you want about how broken “Battlefield 4” was at launch, but there's no denying that the game came with some real kickass maps. As map that was displayed in the beta, Shanghai does one thing the best: verticality. Sure there are boats and tanks and all that, but it’s that big tower in the middle that creates the most organic fun. And, while it is tempting, please do not go all levolution on everyone and destroy that tower: experienced players generally frown upon it as fighting thru the ruble the dusty ruble 9/11 style is definitely a lot less fun.

#2: Grand Bazaar

“Battlefield 3” (2011)

Perhaps one of the most cinematic “Battlefield” maps, Grand Bazaar transitions from wide open spaces to intimate quarters, but the combat remains intense and thrilling. While it’s really easy to get bogged down fighting over the central alleyway, circling the blocks with an LAV is also an extremely viable option for those that don’t like to spend their time playing tennis with grenades. Those looking for a Battlefield 3 map with tense small arms combat with just a light sprinkling of vehicles with find plenty to work with at the Bazaar.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Arica Harbor
“Battlefield: Bad Company 2” (2010)

Flood Zone
“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Daqing Oilfields
“Battlefield 2” (2005)

Operation Shanghai
“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Noshahr Canals
“Battlefield 3” (2011)

#1: Wake Island

“Battlefield 1942” (2002)

Wake Island is without a doubt the series' most popular map. From those that waited for hours to download the demo to the original 1942 all the way to those got their first taste with Battlefield 3, wake island has been a central pillar to the franchise for years. It makes sense though, cause it’s got it all: planes, tanks, boats, all the fun stuff BF is known for is on display in this tainted tropical paradise. Fun Fact, the actual wake island, the site of a real world defeat of American forces by the Japanese during WW2, is actually shaped almost exactly the same way as the in game map. Too close to home or amazing historical accuracy? Who cares, I’m waiting for a plane to spawn…

Do you agree with our list? What's your favourite Battlefield map? For more destructible top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to


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