Top 10 Kings Of Leon Songs

Script written by Q.V. Hough Royal and loyal to the cause. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Kings of Leon Songs. For this list, we've chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist's fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. Special thanks to our users Vishal Chopra, William Rogne, sebastianleon5, iamnotarobot, Camryn Jensen and John MasterFall for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Kings of Leon Songs

Royal and loyal to the cause. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Kings of Leon Songs.

For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs.

#10: “Radioactive”
Come Around Sundown (2010)

Channeling their Southern roots, Kings of Leon produced an existential lead single in support of their fifth studio album. While the music video didn’t necessarily stun critics, the song itself earned the band two Grammy nominations and found its way into another pop culture phenomenon, Richard Linklater’s 2014 film “Boyhood”. Written by the trio of Followill brothers and cousin Matt, “Radioactive” offers a healthy dose of down-home rock with an electric sense of urgency that reintroduced the band to the Billboard charts.

#9: “Trani”
Youth & Young Manhood (2003)

Believe it or not, this early Kings of Leon release is often misinterpreted due to its unique title, and while the true meaning is still up in the air, many believe the titular Trani to be a transistor radio. Given the wailing and sometimes incomprehensible vocals of Caleb Followill, it’s not difficult to envision the hectic sounds of a Trani on a ten. While the song was never released as a single, it’s a deep cut that fans just can’t get enough of and is electrifying to see them play live.

#8: “Taper Jean Girl”
Aha Shake Heartbreak (2004)

A little more cryptic than most Kings of Leon tracks, this gritty production boasts a raw musical vibe reflective of one-night stands that just may provide a little sexual healing while thoroughly breaking your heart. With a slow buildup, the band captures the feeling of a sexual release or perhaps the despair of a failed romance. Whatever the case, “Taper Jean Girl” holds a special significance for the band, as the lyrics were adopted for the album’s title, and the song was even used in a few movies.

#7: “King of the Rodeo”
Aha Shake Heartbreak (2004)

The lead in to our last entry, this track speeds things up and adds some killer guitar to the mix. With a music video inspired by the band’s country roots,Kings of Leon finds more musical inspiration from bands like The Black Keys and The Strokes. Filthy and just plain fantastic, “King of the Rodeo” exemplifies the raw intensity of a modern-rock sound, charting in the UK. It’s punchy, it’s fun and it will get you rocking out on the dance floor in no time.

#6: “Use Somebody”
Only by the Night (2008)

For their fourth studio album, Kings of Leon took a more commercial approach with this alt-rock ballad of self-awareness and debilitating insecurity. In other words, the lyrics of “Use Somebody” highlight a creative soul that simply can’t share his or her artistic endeavors with just anyone, it must be somebody that takes pleasure in the same type of beautiful war. If Kings of Leon were vaguely in the minds of music fans before this release, they became a staple of pop culture due to the insane popularity of “Use Somebody”, which earned the band three Grammy Awards.

#5: “Fans”
Because of the Times (2007)

An ode to the band’s loyal fans, most notably those of the United Kingdom, this laid-back composition arrived just when the Kings of Leon were about to explode. Touching on blue-collar themes and rock star stylings, the scratchy voice of Caleb Followill howls away until the final nod to the British fans, who, by this time, had paid more attention to the band’s artistry than their American counterparts. Perhaps it was because of the times, but nevertheless, “Fans” marked a transitional phase for the group.

#4: “Closer”
Only by the Night (2008)

With the opening instrumental setting a stage of paranoia, Kings of Leon embarked on an existential quest with this visceral gem. Kicking off an album loaded with commercial hits, it was “Closer” that produced a hypnotic tone through timeless lyrics focusing on the concept of being completely lost in love. When Caleb Followill references a 2,000-year journey, you can feel his pain and how an unknown lady “shimmy-shook” his boat. Lyrically and musicallywas , it’s one of the band’s finest tracks, as it will haunt your soul and rattle your mind.

#3: “Sex on Fire”
Only by the Night (2008)

Arguably the most identifiable Kings of Leon single, the collective artistry of this track is often overlooked due to its massive success. With knockin’ boots as the central theme, “Sex on Fire” can be interpreted in a variety of ways, however it’s perfectly acceptable to view the song as a literal celebration of intercourse, whether it be public, outdoors or just your classic backseat special. After all, “it’s not forever, it’s just for tonight,” and the song brilliant expresses the utter excitement of losing yourself in that moment of pleasure. As one of the most acclaimed singles of modern times, “Sex on Fire” oozes pure rock and roll.

#2: “Knocked Up”
Because of the Times (2007)

Through seven minutes of ecstasy for renegade lovers, this epic strips away the pleasantries of love by focusing on the feeling of having nowhere to go. Even so, this sense of the unknown typically fuels turbulent relationships, whether it's one for the ages or one for the tabloids. At the heart of the matter, however, is a new life - a baby - and when such a special moment arrives, nothing will ever be the same, even if it’s the greatest gift of all. In “Knocked Up,” Kings of Leon celebrate life in a most unorthodox way, yet they still manage to deliver an important message.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- “Beautiful War”
Mechanical Bull (2013)

- “On Call”
Because of the Times (2007)

- “Molly’s Chambers”
Youth & Young Manhood (2003)

- “Cold Desert”
Only by the Night (2008)

- “Crawl”
Only by the Night (2008)

- “Notion”
Only by the Night (2008)

#1: “The Bucket”
Aha Shake Heartbreak (2004)

For a band forever connected by blood and family bonds, there’s nothing more important than taking care of your own, and “The Bucket” serves as the senior Kings of Leon’s light-hearted approach to protecting their young bassist, Jared Followill, who was only a teenager when he joined the band. With lyrical jabs sprinkled throughout, “The Bucket” is bookended by a touching message, surely a crucial component of the band’s formative years and certainly a musical document representative of their enduring success.

So, do you agree with our selections? What is your favorite Kings of Leon song? For more mind-blowing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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