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Script written by Clayton Martino Hello and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer. They say don't fix what ain't broken, so today we’re returning to the well and counting down Another Top 10 Hottest Women YouTubers. Hello and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer. They say don't fix what ain't broken, so today we're returning to the well and counting down Another Top 10 Hottest Women YouTubers. Special thanks to our users yourbestfriend and Daniel Fong for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Clayton Martino

Another Top 10 Hottest Women Youtubers

Hello and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer. They say don’t fix what ain’t broken, so today we’re returning to the well and counting down Another Top 10 Hottest Women YouTubers.

Just like last time, we are ranking our picks based mostly on subscriber numbers, views, votes from our users and our own personal preference. Again, we’re not ranking these ladies based on their looks alone, because it’s still weird. Instead, these ladies need to have at least 1.5 million subscribers on their channel and have a strong personality to go with their looks. If you didn’t see a channel you thought should be on this list, be sure to check out our first video of the Top 10 Hottest Women on YouTube.

#10: Nicole Guerriero

We begin our list with Nicole Guerriero, who began her YouTube career five years ago by providing makeup and beauty tutorials. She has transformed her channel into a mixed bag of beauty tips and tricks along with lifestyle videos and vlogs about her daily life. Her videos are a massive success and quickly rack up views, with her most successful video showcasing how to change your hair from brown to red without bleaching currently sitting at over 3.5 million views. Nicole is funny, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous. We’d definitely vote for her as Miss Argentina.

#9: Dulce Candy

There’s just something about girls with accents. Dulce Candy hails from Mexico and moved to the United States when she was six years old. Before getting into YouTube, however, she served in the army and spent time in Iraq. Her channel revolves around fashion and beauty, but she offers a wide variety of videos, including how-to guides, reviews, tutorials, and personal vlogs. Outside of YouTube, she has published a book titled ‘The Sweet Life” and is married with a son. A military vet, YouTube star, and a stunning Latina beauty? Her husband is a lucky man.

#8: MadeuLook Lex

We’re not sure what the greatest day in history is, but in the running has to be the time when hot girls decided to put their time and effort into cosplay– right, guys? Comic book characters are just one of the many tutorials Lex provides on her channel “Madeyewlook”. A self taught makeup artist and body paint expert, Lex has some truly incredible videos, including one on how to become Jack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which has over two million views. What we like most about Lex is that while she is beautiful, she doesn’t go for cheap views by showing off her body, and instead lets her art be the center of attention.

#7: Lindsey Stirling

Of course, not every successful female YouTuber is a makeup artist or fashion blogger. Lindsey Stirling is a violinist with an impressive seven million subscribers. Clearly an expert at her instrument, Lindsey is also extremely creative, and often incorporates cosplay into her videos, such as Zelda and Assassin’s Creed, which makes her even cuter, if that was possible. She has teamed up with several famous artists over the years, including John Legend and Pentatonix, with the latter collaboration passing over 100 million views. The violin hasn’t been this cool since Mozart, and it’s never been this hot.

#6: Blair Fowler

Created in her bedroom back in 2008 when she was 15 (as if you couldn’t tell from the name), Blair’s channel juicystar07 now has over 1.5 million subscribers. Her channel contains a little bit of everything, with hair tutorials, skin care routines, fashion advice, and even recipes. Not only is she good-looking but also she’s got great energy and a positive attitude– another huge plus in our books. She also will be appearing with her father on The Amazing Race, which is reason enough alone for us to watch the show.

#5: Colleen Ballinger

Having one YouTube channel with over three million subscribers is impressive enough, but how about two?! You may know Colleen best as the talent behind Miranda Sings, her famous Internet character. Thankfully, Colleen is nothing like her other personality, as she is talented, beautiful, and hilarious. She is also extremely open about her life, as her channel “PsychoSoprano” has many hilarious personal vlogs, like for example, there’s one about a very awkward massage she got while on her honeymoon. This honesty only makes her more attractive, although we have to admit her wedding video, while incredibly romantic, is also a little heartbreaking considering she’s officially off the market.

#4: Rosanna Pansino

If you needed more proof that “Frozen” sells, consider this – a tutorial on how to make a Frozen Princess Cake has nearly 90 million views on YouTube. Of course, a lot of the credit has to go to Rosanna Pansino and her extremely popular cooking show. Best known for her “Nerdy Nummies” segment, Rosanna has a ton of different recipes for creative cakes. She also isn’t afraid of a challenge, having participated in the Donut Challenge, Chicken Nugget Challenge, and Pizza Challenge, among numerous others. Rosanna has a charming personality, which makes her even cuter, and you can’t find a video of hers where she isn’t smiling and laughing.

#3: Ingrid Nilsen

Her channel description says “a place for curious minds and adventurous hearts”, and Ingrid sure has our minds captivated and our hearts won. Better known by her YouTube name Missglamorazzi, Ingrid began her channel as a challenge to overcome her fear of public speaking. Her videos cover a range of topics, including makeup tutorials, beauty essentials, and life advice. She also recently came out as gay; a video that currently has over 13 million views. While she is certainly beautiful, it is Ingrid’s courage and bravery that make her even more attractive.

#2: Lauren Curtis

The term blonde bombshell doesn’t quite do Lauren Curtis justice. We always knew the Australian accent was attractive, but Lauren takes it to a whole new level. The Australian YouTuber specializes in makeup and skincare tutorials, both of which are clearly working for her. She also does a ton of Q&As where she reveals a lot of personal information about her beliefs and philosophies. What makes Lauren so great, however, is her emphasis on the importance of self-confidence and how to ignore the criticism of others, both of which are powerful messages for young people around the world.

There are so many lovely women on YouTube; it’s impossible to give them all the credit they deserve, but here are a few honorable mentions.

HM1: Tara Babcock

HM2: Jeana (PrankvsPrank, BFvsGF)

HM3: Megan Nicole

HM4: Hannah Hart

HM5: LisBug

#1: SSSniperWolf

Lia aka SSSniperWolf is every boy’s dream. Seriously, she is drop dead gorgeous, she’s funny, and she’s been playing video games since she was 6 years old. The only downside is she would probably kick your ass, regardless of the game. Naturally, her channel focuses on gaming, although she also uploads a ton of Q&A sessions, that she calls “Ask Wolf,” and some sexy, sexy cosplay. Plus, her subscribers are called the Wolf Pack. How cool is that? Her channel is worth visiting just to see the stunning stills on her videos, although we strongly recommend watching them to discover how awesome this girl really is.

That’s it for our countdown, please try to remain gentlemanly in the comments. Be sure to check us our on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, vote for new lists on our suggest page, and for more sexy top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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